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May 02, 2001, 12:51 AM
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Programming JR 8103 for E powered gliders

Need help programming my JR 8103 radio for my Multiplex Kranich which is electric powered and has been modified to use flaps. One thing I would like to know is if most people put motor control onto a switch or do they use the throttle stick? Another thing is if you use the throttle stick for motor control what is the best way to program camber changing as well as butterfly by use of the three position switch? Also are there any books that help explain programming this radio for E-powered sailplanes or for sailplanes in general? Hopefully someone can help me with these things. Franz
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May 05, 2001, 01:31 AM
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I'm not an expert, the 8103 is my first computer radio. I bought it primarily to use with an electric glider but now rather wish I'd saved up for a more capable radio. I don't think you can have the throttle on the throttle stick and get camber, crow, etc. I ended up using the acro mode, not glider, because I wanted the throttle stick and my glider has only ailerons, no flaps. I put spoilerons on the "landing mode" switch, just
on or off. You may prefer to use the glider mode for crow and adjustable spoilers and put the motor on a switch.

Where in Downey? I used to have relatives on Donovan, just north of Imperial off Lakewood.

May 05, 2001, 02:28 AM
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I've done a lot of head scratching trying to figure out the best way to program the 8103...surely someone must know how to program this radio effectively??? Things that have me to make spoilerons go up a lot without binding the linkage when aileron is input? How to get an on/off motor switch on the left side?
May 06, 2001, 11:48 PM
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Hi Guys,

More stuff here.


That is tough. You need lots of Ail travel, linkage wise. Binding with a mix can be a real problem.