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Feb 05, 2003, 08:13 PM
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Max Amps for a Jeti 30/3

We have a Jeti 30/3 geared 2-1 in a sport aerobatic plane,
We plan to run 12 2400s. Whats the maximum amps we can run ?
anyone have any experience ?

Dick Roberts
Reno NV
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Feb 05, 2003, 08:51 PM
Registered User

Jeti Phasor 30-3 geared or direct

I have one too. I was running it direct with a 9-7 and 10-6, and an 11 -5.5, with ten 1250 SCR cells, as well as 10-1400 AE's and a 12 cell pack too, of crappy 1500 cells, and 2-10 cell 1100HEcell packs in parallel. I ran it in a 4+ lb low wing jobber: the Bimbonic Electronic Airplane. It really ripped with a 10-8, but the flights were around 3 minutes with this big prop at WOT.

There was a pretty good article on the Zone with tables for different props and cell counts, listing amps input and comparing it to the Mega 30, which they suggested you could run at up to 70 amps. I think you're limited here by the speed control and most are 40 amp continuous max. I have a Modelairetech belt drive and will be running it 2.3 to 1 with 15 or 16 cells. I think 35 to 40 amps should be OK with the 12 cells. I suspect that with 16 cells 40 amps might be pushing it. I have been really happy with this motor, and have a Jeti gold label 40 amp optocoupled ESC.

It has no cooling holes, which is actually a blessing where I fly , in that it keeps dirt out on landings. I have pronged it into the ground hard enough to push the backplate off, and just pushed it back together. It is press fit together, I believe.

The url for the article was

The plane I am putting it in now is called "Decameron" (a Citabria). It is about 6 lbs and 60 span, 600 sq inches. I am almost ready to fly it and have a big assortment of props from 12-10 to 13 8's. I was shooting for around 35 amps at 17 volts, which should give me around 500 watts at the prop. I really reccommend a non-BEC ESC to get the best out of this motor by using higher cell counts.
Feb 05, 2003, 08:57 PM
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This link doesn't work. You'll have to search the site yourself. I found the tables quite useful. It would seem the Jeti is a llittle more efficient, but the Mega takes more amps: IE as much as 70. I think they all will say that 16 cells is the upper limit, but you can buy these motors for $100. Go for it!
Feb 06, 2003, 09:22 AM
characters welcome!
Mark Wood's Avatar
Remember the primary issue with Jeti BL motors. Don't run them at more than approximately 20000 rpm. They tend to toss magnets above that which is why many folk have kevlar wrapped the armatures similar to a Mega.
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Feb 06, 2003, 11:51 AM
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Yes , Im aware of that , but I think the safe limit is 15 K on the 30/3 and 45/3.

Dick Roberts
Feb 06, 2003, 04:51 PM
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hrvojekl's Avatar
I run my 30/3 on 12 2000 mAh cells, 1:2 Velkom gearbox, APC 15x10E,
current 39 A, 5500 rpm, with no problem. Efficiency is 79%. Better stay
with lower current (below 35 A), efficiency is better.
Feb 06, 2003, 09:21 PM
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flyguy give us some stats on the plane and a picture

We wanna see what the plane looks like. I am really interested in what kinds of high-powered set ups people are running for e-flight. I will search my laptop, as I have a couple of snaps of the BEA and Decameron. Did you find the E-zone article?? I think there's an error in my transcription, that it's supposed to be a .com and not a /com at the end of the URL. I found it again through google with e zone jeti and mega as search terms.

I put the Jeti 30-3 on a pylon on a 3lb 2 meter glider. It went straight up on a fresh from the charger 10 cell 1250 scr pack with the 11-5.5 APC direct driven. Here's the image. I have to search my diskettes for the other pictures
Feb 06, 2003, 09:23 PM
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files all too large to post

trying again to post pictures
Feb 06, 2003, 09:30 PM
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that was decameron

This should be the Riser. I put 3 different motors on this plane: a 19 turn Team Orion Rush direct with a 7-3.5, a cosmotech 480 with a 2:1 geardrive, and a long can 400 with a 3:1, in addition to the Jeti 30-3, which it shows in the picture, contrary to the caption. I have a Hitec 340 charger that works great. It doesn't have a meter, just a dial to approximately set the charge rate. It is supposed to do up to 25 cell packs from a 12 volt car battery.
Feb 06, 2003, 11:58 PM
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I have this same set up in a World Models ARF J3 Cub 48. Its span is 72" , nearly 700 sq. in. It came out just under 6 lbs with 12X 2400 Cells. It flies very scale like with an APC 12X6 , and a 13X7 turns it into a Super Cub. good rate of climb , loops , rolls.

The new plane is the clip wing version of the same plane. My son built this one, He wants to fly more aggresivlywith the clip wing.
It has 600 sq. in. and with 12X2400 nicads , it weighs about 8 ozs. less.

sorry , no pics yet.
I havent found the URL yet

Dick Roberts
Feb 07, 2003, 08:24 PM
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try this link

I mistyped the url. What type of ESC are you using?

I am waiting for more favorable weather to fly the Decameron. It was scratch built, but sounds about the same size as the clipped wing cub. I bought the motor from Tom Hunt with the beltdrive, but got impatient and took it apart and used it on my other planes that I had already finished building, using ten cell packs and direct drive. I've heard it said that the Jetis will explode at over 15,000 rpms, but you would need no load and ten batteries to do this. I suppose if the prop flew off in mid air....
I have a 15 cell 1700CP pack and a 16 cell 3000 Nimh pack, and the optocoupled ESC means you need a radio battery too.

I'm looking for a photo of the original BEA to attach It is about 4 lbs and 54" span (now only 50")
Feb 08, 2003, 02:41 PM
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Steven Horney's Avatar
For sport flying I would keep the current to 40 amps or less. I've been running 30-3's in the 30 - 40 amp range (10 cells) for quite a while with very good results (I like a 9x7 or 10x8 prop). I ran a 30-3 in a sailplane at 55 amps (14 cells, 11x6 prop), but that was for 5 - 10 second bursts only.

Feb 08, 2003, 07:19 PM
Registered User

Steve is authority here

I seem to recall a couple articles on E-Zone by Mr. Horney as well re these motors. I would defer to his experience. I think he discussed flying a viper with this motor direct driven, as well as the 45-3 with a geardrive (superbox) in another article.

You should maybe look at the 45-3 as well. It has a longer rotor, and perhaps more torque. It also weighs several oz more, but might be a better choice for a big plane like the 6 lb Cub. I might think it would work less hard and perhaps diffuse the heat better, although my Jeti has never even gotten particularly warm on 10 cells, even direct with the 10-8.

In an interesting aside, one Dave Radford informs me that the higher the KV (rpm's per volt), the more power (watts would be a measure of this) you can get from a motor. Operating under this premise, you might get better oomph from the lower wind, like a 45-2 or the 30-2 if they make one He touted the Mega motors as there is a greater selection of winds.

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