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Feb 05, 2003, 04:05 PM
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Best "big plane" (bomber, cargo...) for a beginner?

I'm looking at getting my first non-RTF aircraft in the near future...I'm learning to fly (as weather allows) as much as possible on a friends Slow-Stik and my Skywave.

I've always liked the BIG slow planes from WWII/Vietnam eras...the bombers, cargo haulers, that sort of thing.

What would all you EXPERTS recommend for a first multi-engine r/c aircraft? I've been looking at the Multiplex Cargo, seems pretty cool and ***relatively*** simple. Also I have an interest in C-130's, as I am in the U.S. Coast Guard, stationed at Air Station Kodiak...and I get to fly in the real Herc's as much as I want to.

There are just too many choices out there...ALL the different bombers, cargos...!!! Someone help me narrow things down, please?

Is the Multiplex Cargo a scale model of a real cargo hauler? If not, what other cargo haulers are out there?

Thanks so much for the help. This forum is an INVALUABLE TOOL for an FNG (if you don't know what that is, just ask!) like myself.'s to good weather!

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Feb 05, 2003, 04:53 PM
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Hi Andy, nice to talk to you again. I guess the answer kinda depends on what your looking for. The Cargo is fun because of the built in bomb bay, dropping parachute guys from it is a ball! But its big and flies like a bomber, nothing wrong with that if thats what you want. If your looking for something that looks like a cargo plane but is kind of acrobatic and really fun to fly take a look at the Multiplex Twinstar. Thats what I would suggest if your moving up from a slowstick. The Twinstar flies like a trainer but is very acrobatic, slap a kewl paint job on it and off ya go! I would not recomend the Cargo if all your stick time is on a skywave and a SS. makes a foamie C-130, and they have a few others to look at but I'd say go with the Twinstar. You would not be dissapointed.

Feb 05, 2003, 05:09 PM
No, Cargo is not a scale plane.
Well heavy metal / simple construction options:

-Lancaster (plans found at Q&EFI magazine)

-Hercules kit from IMA:

-Beautifull B-24 from Esprit Models :

-B-36 from Dangelmaier:

-Outstanding beautifull ozie Hercules:

-Grumman Albatross, B-24 or C47 From PAF :

-Simpler Hercules from Modelhauss (flies well):

Super Constellation from Airworld:

Well, that's all folks!
Feb 05, 2003, 05:18 PM
Visitor from Reality
Hi Andy

You want heavy metal and four props - how's about Chris Golds' Blackburn Beverley? Four 7.2V S400s, on direct with Gunther props and a single 8 x 2000 nimh. 72" span, weighs around 78oz. Loosely described in the March 2002 QEFI, plan # MW 2963

Website for QEFI is somewhere around not sure if they do online ordering or what. The issue quotes a US price of $33.00 shipped.

Structure is basic wood, with some foam for the few roundy bits - probably skinned with brown paper, Chris wrote the article, if not the book, on that technique.

If you don't know the type, it is BIG! Fixed gear too - so you get realism in flight for free, no retracts to buy or wheels to put up with. Unlike the roundy-fuselage'd C-130, there's lots of slab side areas on the Beverley - much easier to build.

Chris also did a Tupolev ANT-6 - a 1920's Russian bomber! Same motors, 80" span, 84 oz. April 02 QEFI, plan # - not sure, but I know they do one - email the editor off the website.

Very unlikely you'd go a big e-meet and see two of either of those models.

We've had a couple of Cargos through these parts - let's say that they do not come almost ready to fly. The successfull ones usually have motors pointing in much different directions to the kits ... Twinstar is nowhere near as bad. I had one for a while, until doing wheel-less touch and goes paled. It would be a good jump-off point for where you want to go.

Scale is always far more of a PITA, regardless of how far you have to stand off!

Hope that helps

Feb 05, 2003, 08:17 PM
Live to fly!
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I'm surprised no one mentioned the Hobby-Lobby Parternavia. It's a 59' wingspan GREAT FLYING semi-scale bird on a pair of sp480s. Check it out at
Feb 06, 2003, 11:59 AM
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My twinstar
Feb 06, 2003, 03:18 PM
U.S. Coast Guard
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Thanks guys...!!!

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm looking at the Twinstar to begin with, then move up to a quad engine scale after that.

dorysch1 - very nice plane! That's what I'm thinking about doing, pretty much exactly what you've got there (regarding the colors and decals).

Thanks everyone!

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