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Aug 01, 2008, 03:16 PM
Rave heaven
Build Log

Guru-Z 300 class Neon and Xeon Series Conversion Kit!!!! FP build

Hey everyone,

I'm lucky to be one of the 1st to recieve this Guru-Z Conversion kit from Anyway, kudos to them cus i got the package in about 3 days from HK to here in the US. This build will use a Esky Honeybee FP head and not a CP head. The instructions now are available via heli-fever's website but I only briefly glanced at it so i went along and started the build.

My setup for my FP 300 belt drive:

-Guru-Z Belt drive conversion frame
-2x Towerpro SG90 Servos on the cyclic
-E-flight G110 HH gyro
-E-flight Digital Tail servo
-HDX300 3800kv motor with a 9T pinion
-Turnegy 18A ESC
-Full Honeybee Fixed pitch head with Xtreme metal blade grips
-Helifever Fixed pitch wood rotorblades
-Trex flybar and 7.11g Trex paddles

So the build begins:

I opened up the box to find a very attractive smoked black box with a Guru-Z Logo on the bottom right corner and a small label stating what's in the box.

The sleeve taken off to reveal a brown box with the conversion parts inside:

Inside the box:

Inside the big box reveals 2 smaller boxes and a side hideaway for the longer items like the tail boom, tail control pushrod, and a very good screwdriver that can be used to put the whole kit together:

Box 1:

Box 2:


1st Step:

Put the boom block on with 3 of the screws(most of the frame will use the most abundent screws included in the kit, if any other screw is used...I will specify or assume they are all these screws, pic shows 4 but only the 3 corners needed to be screwed on)

Step 2:

Now you have to prepare the main bearing blocks. The kit has 2 bearings in the box that the frame came in and those are the ones you need to press in the bearing blocks. On the lower bearing blocks, you will now need to install the belt pullies. There are 2 holes you can screw in for the pullies but use the outer most hole for enough clearance.

Step 3:

Install the motor mount. Use the 3 screws on each side of the frame to secure it.

Step 4:

Prepare the lower frame plate to be installed. The longer and bigger plastic piece will go in the front and the two smaller plastic pieces will be secured from the bottom of the lower frame piece using the smaller screws as used in all the other parts. The front long plastic piece will be using different screws. There are longer countersunk screws included in the kit and you will be going from the top to bottom using the long countersunk screws since you will need to use those longer screws to secure the skids. The skids will be installed in this step as well. In the same package as the plastic pieces, you will also have 2 plastic frame spacers for the front of the frame to give the battery tray a little more support. Installation for the top is using a longer phillips head screw and the lower is the using the same small screws. The lower half screws into the big plastic piece that the front skid is also secured onto.

Step 5:

Install the anti-rotation bracket onto the top bearing block.

Step 6:

The main gear needs to be put together. You need to put in the metal piece into the main gear. Then there are 4 metal spacers you need to put in the holes on the metal piece that goes into the main gear. The assembly of the pulley is straightforward but you will need to use the LONG countersunk screws to screw everything together. So the main gear is screwed onto the pulley with the 4 metal spacers inbetween the main gear and the pulley.

Step 7:

Next is the installation of the tail assembly. 1st you take out the tail boom and install the tail servo mounts(I decided to go with trex alloy ones instead of the stock plastic ones as they flex a tiny bit but perfectly acceptable, i just like the bling) Once those are in place thread the tail drive belt into the tail boom. Then you slide the tail boom into the frame and put on the belt onto the pulley on the main gear. Then you make sure there is no twists in the belt. Then you start putting together the tail assembly. 1st you put together the tail slider system and that goes together very easily. Next you install the tail pulley on the tail shaft, there is a small pin that goes into the tail pulley to keep it from rotating and 2 bearings go on either side of the tail pulley. Next, install the tail case onto the frame by putting in the assembled tail shaft and use the 3 short screws to secure the tail case onto the tail boom and use two long screws in the package with the vertical fin and now is the time to screw on the vertical fin right onto the tail case. Then you put together the tail blade grips. It is just 2 bearings that go into each grip and you slide each of the grips onto the tail hub and there are 2 screws that screw into the tail hub. Make SURE to use loctite on this part. Now you can install the tail grip assembly onto the tail shaft. Make sure to have the tail slider assembly on the tail shaft 1st. Now you can tighten down the grub screw to hold the tail grips onto the tail shaft(use loctite!). Then you snap on the ball links from the tail slider to the balls on the tail grips(those balls need to be screwed on yourself). Now you can also install the tail blades. Now you can install the ball onto the tail control arm. Now, you have to put together the tail pushrod. I have a picture laying out the order you put the parts together. The 2 plastic pieces need to be CA'd (super glued) onto the carbon rod and the links just need to go on the threads and threaded into the plastic pieces you CA'd before.

NOTE: In this step, make sure your tail is rotating the right direction, the tail blades should be spinning up into the downwash of the main blades!

Step 8:

The canopy mounting rods will now be installed. I'll be using the Esky King V2 canopy for my build. I just decided to use one of the mounts because it is a FP bird and i won't be doing any flips, so i won't have to worry about the canopy getting loose or anything. I just used a piece of small nitro fuel tubing to keep the rod from sliding around. I didnt' want to CA this piece on as I probably will be replacing it in a hard crash.


It should looks something like this:

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Aug 01, 2008, 03:18 PM
Rave heaven
Build of the Fixed Pitch head

I got all the parts seprately to build up a FP head because i didn't have a FP before so here it goes

Put the bearings onto the center hub. I chose to use the esky center hub because i wanted to use it with the Xtreme Metal blade grips.

Get the Blade grips ready

Snap the Rotorhead/blade grips onto the center hub. make sure the bearings are seated inside the rotorhead securely. Now, you can also snap on the little link that goes down to the paddle control frame.

Install the paddle control frame and the yoke. Now is the time to install the main shaft also. The kit does not come with a main shaft so this has to be provided by yourself. Snap on the short ball link onto the paddle control frame and the longer ball links onto the other smaller ball's on the paddle control frame.

Now, put on the swashplate and snap on the balls to the inner swash. Also, now is the time I chose to install the flybar and paddles just so it wouldn't interfere with me while i put the rest of the head together. You can go ahead and use the stock flybar and paddles as in the stock esky FP heli but I didn't want to be throwing paddles or anything so I decided to go with the Trex steel flybar and the Trex 7.11g Paddles. The picture above is the full head assembly completed!

Now you are done with the head and can put it onto the frame. It is pretty straight forward and just slide the main shaft into the bearings and put the pin on the bottom of the main shaft and pull up till the pin clicks into the main gear. Tighten down the main shaft collar(i forgot to get one so i had to make do for now by using a piece of fuel tubing)

The blades I will be using are 2 different ones. The 1st is the dynam FP blades and the 2nd is the Heli-Fever Fixed pitch wood blades. I will doing a compare and contrast on these blades later when I get the heli flying.

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Aug 01, 2008, 03:19 PM
Rave heaven
Installation of Electronics!

Motor installation:

The motor I will be using the the HDX300 3800kv motor with the 2.3mm shaft. I used a 9T steel pinion. I had to shave the motor mount a bit to get the motor and the pinion to mesh right. This motor comes with no screws so i had to find my own screws to use. I found the Align 430L motor screws fit right in the two holes that are closer to each other. I installed the pinion upside down since the pinion would rub onto the top of the main gear where there is the grub screw. This worked out perfect as the grub screw had something still to grab onto and a tight fit.

Esc installation:

I wanted the esc to be as far up as possible so i had it right under the frame Works out well and I just zip tied it to the bottom of the frame.CG worked out well with the esc in the middle and not playing a huge role.

Gyro and Tail Servo Installation:

I'm using the E-flight G110 HH gyro with the E-flight DS75 digital servo for the tail. The guru-z frame has a perfect mount for the gyro on the back of the heli. I just used double sided foam tape to secure the gyro onto the frame and the tail servo was installed just like any other.

Cyclic Servo Installation:

There isnt' really much to do but to put the servos in the holes and screw on the screws so it's secure. Just have one servo on one side and the other on the other side so the cg for side to side is good.

Reciever Installation:

I'm using the AR6100 V1.6 reciever. I decided on the non end pin version due to the fact that i knew that this wasn't gonna fit in many places but on the side of the frame. So i put it in the back frame. Seems to fit perfectly there and wires and everything will reach it fine.

Finished electronics installation:

Center of Gravity is perfect after the canopy is put on:

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Aug 01, 2008, 03:20 PM
Rave heaven
Pics and last notes of the Finished Heli!!!
(Without electronics for now, I will update the finished pics when the servos and other items are installed)

Nice bright dayglo paint with the canopy painted black.

Next to my Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325

On its biggest brother, my Thunder Tiger E620SE

Finished Maiden video!

Guru Z FP BD Maiden (4 min 53 sec)

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Aug 01, 2008, 03:21 PM
Rave heaven
Xeon Frame!!!!!!!!!!

It's done. vid will be up once i get the pinion.
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Aug 02, 2008, 12:37 AM
Rave heaven
Hey guys,

Well, I finished the actual frame build including the Honeybee head. I will do the electronics once they arrive from Hong Kong. Overall, the build went smoothly but a cuple of the screws stripped really easy. I started adding pictures and the instructions to my build but it's getting late here so I will finish off the rest of the thread tomorrow

Aug 02, 2008, 01:00 AM
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modelpilotx's Avatar
Very well done Eric and nice pictures, too.

How are you going to mount your battery on that short bottom plate?
Aug 02, 2008, 01:13 AM
Heli Addict & Not Ashamed
how do i reserve one? i have lots of big helis and do a lot of builds. this looks like fun!
Aug 02, 2008, 01:43 AM
My other addiction!
norcalheli's Avatar
I just got my kit yesterday. Unfortunately the side frames and the lower frame/battery holder were missing when I opened it up. Emailed Heli-Fever and got a response within just a few minutes, so the parts should be on the way shortly. Going to use my HB CP2 head on this one. Probably upgrade power to a King brushless and esc. Want to keep it inexpensive if I can, but will be nice to get rid of the tail motor. The T-Rex has spoiled me.
Aug 02, 2008, 01:47 AM
Google 'Blade 400 bible'
Slyster's Avatar
I JUST finished my Compy FP BD... I will be watching this build closely! Too see the differences etc...

BUT.. I STRONGLY recommend you use the forum attachment utility instead of your own hosting for images.. if you use your own hosting... it really messes up the thread for us and is really bad for people with low speed internet!
Aug 02, 2008, 11:34 PM
Rave heaven
Originally Posted by modelpilotx
Very well done Eric and nice pictures, too.

How are you going to mount your battery on that short bottom plate?
I am not sure yet. My lipos have not arrived but should be here early next week. I will update as i install the electronics step by step

Aug 02, 2008, 11:50 PM
Rave heaven
Originally Posted by chez143
how do i reserve one? i have lots of big helis and do a lot of builds. this looks like fun!
It can be purchased at They have limited stock at a special price now so hurry!
Aug 02, 2008, 11:51 PM
Rave heaven
Originally Posted by Slyster
I JUST finished my Compy FP BD... I will be watching this build closely! Too see the differences etc...

BUT.. I STRONGLY recommend you use the forum attachment utility instead of your own hosting for images.. if you use your own hosting... it really messes up the thread for us and is really bad for people with low speed internet!
Sorry man, for some reason, my computer won't let me do those posts in bulk. If i do the advanced uploader my comp freezes up EVERY time. If you can bear with the slow times, it will just be the 1st page with all those pictures.

Aug 03, 2008, 08:47 AM
Rave heaven
Hey guys,

I finished up the build pics and instructions yesterday night. Pics and all updated. Just waiting for the rest of my electronics to show up so I can continue the build.

If you guys have one too, feel free to post pics, setups, etc

Aug 03, 2008, 09:15 AM
Rave heaven
Finished the heli! Just waiting for the rest of the electronics to show up Will update once the electronics show up. Pics and instructions updated now!


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