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Aug 15, 2008, 01:59 PM
Go ahead... Build it to crash!
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Originally Posted by MikeMayberry
I have stuffed it a few times and with CA and a little hot water it goes back together with no ill affects. In my experience having you burst amperage below the continous current rating will not heat up the batteries or do any damage. It's overdischarging them that typically kills them. I'll always figure out how long they can run in a particular application before they drop off and set my timer for a minute or two less.

Yes, having Martin Muller fly in the video makes it look really good, but this plane even makes me look good!!! It's the best 3D foamy I've ever flown... very forgiving and stable.


Sounds pretty good. I agree about over discharging the packs. I've been guilty of it a few times, either forgetting to start the timer, or using a partially discharged pack because I mixed up which was the one fresh off the charger. As far as C ratings go, I completely throw out the burst rating, and use only the max continuous rating, and then try to keep bursts below that. With the way our ESC's and motors work, they will actually be seeing the peak current all the time with each pulse to the motor. The ESC just chops it up so the motor is receiving that full current for less time each second. The ESC has to chop it up more and more to do lower throttle. But each pulse is basically the same peak current. Our wattmeters only show an average. Anyway, you probably knew all that. As long as it's working, then it is all good. Cheers.

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