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Jul 27, 2008, 05:10 PM
352nd FG Association
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"Park Zone Warbird Challenge Finals"

All right Folks!!


Please DO NOT post comments or non entries here. This is where all the entries are going for review.

So here's the skinny:

Judging will be in 4 (four) categories for each plane. Each category is ranked from 1 - 10. 1 being marginal, 10 being outstanding, then everything between. The categories are:

1. Paint scheme accuracy. How close it is to the original plane you are replicating will determine the points.

2. Markings. Accuracy of the markings, (country, squadron, pilot's personal markings, etc.) will determine points.

3. Historical data. This is the main reason for this contest! Getting to learn something about an historic aircraft and then replicating it is very rewarding. As you now have a bird you can tell folks about!! The more history you provide the better your points. If there's not much documented out there about your plane, just get as much as you can. I'm fully aware of the limitations and adjust for that. How? You ask. Example:

The only thing you can find for your plane is the squadron, pilots name, and where it was based, and there's absolutely nothing else you can find, it's going to score well. So don't worry. BUT, say you've done George Preddy's P-51 and all you include is, "he was in the 487th & 328th FS's of the 352nd FG, you are going to score LOW. Why, because there is PLENTY of info on Preddy to tell you probably more than you could want to know!
NOW, you don't need to send me a book full of info, just say who flew it, where it was located, the squadron, and add a few extras like, he shot down 4 planes on such-and-such mission only to be shot down and captured..... so on. A nice solid paragraph will do the trick here.

4. Details. Weathering, panel lines, oil streaks, etc. will give you good marks here. If you are adding bombs, rockets, drop tanks, wing cannons and such, MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACCURATE TO WHAT THAT PLANE CARRIED!! If you put a P-51 style drop tank on a 190, no points will be gained. If the bombs on your T-28 are the kind they actually carried, you did a great job!!
SO, no fictitious add ons!! If I see a modern day smart bomb on a 190, I'll just over look it as far as points.
Another example: You put the correct type of tank buster wing cannons on your 190, (should you choose to do so) but put a modern day F-15 external drop tank on, you'll only get points for the cannons, not the drop tank.

Everyone clear? If not, PLEASE PM me!!!

4th place prize will be a "viewer's choice" award. Yes, you all that are IN THE CONTEST will vote for your favorite as well!!

And now, the entries!!!!
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Jul 27, 2008, 05:20 PM
352nd FG Association
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The Belgian

This is my entry

After some funny sidesteps(posting a crashed spit)here is my final entry.

Spitfires don't leave much room for creativety in oposit to the P-51
but since we where already working on a repaint of our spit into a real-
life Belgian flewn WWII spit,we speeded up things and looked for those
little changes that makes it look even more real.Here's the result!

The plane was flown by a friend of my grandfather(J.Lochs)who flew
a Beaufighter during WWII.

It's a Spitfire Mk2A from the Belgian 350 Squadron code "MN-A"
Serial number P7279 flewn by Sqdrn-Leader Guillaume in 1941.
The location is Valley in Wales(GB) during training in No 11 Group.

The changes we made are listed on the pictures.About the inflight
shot,i only had trouble to make a clear shot with my camera.
Sorry for that.
Since the original parkzone paint scheme was accepted we did not change
that.But we worked hard to find as much as possible information
on the bird to make a "as-close-as-possible"recreation of the original.

the B/W photo's are 2 of my entry plus the original,as if those pics are found in an old box.
The only photograph of the original is the top left of the first picture!

Here is a list of all visible changes;
-Belgian flag on both sides of the fuselage
-actual serial number(left;M-NA.right;MN-A)
-actual code
-rosted exhoustion pipes with burnmarks behind them on fuselage
-metalic white spinner
-red tape on the wings where the guns are located(2 on each wing)
-paintloss on all moving structures
-paintloss on frontside of the wings and tailrudder trough inflight debris
-paintloss on windscreen troug inflight debris
-paintloss on top of the wings and windscreen trough maitenance
-paintloss on sidedoor and fuselage trough handling and opening door
-pilot in RAF color uniform
-first letter of code on underside of nose cowl
-actual position and size of roundel under the wings(both wings)
-bulletshell releases with burnmarks trail(2 on each wing)
Jul 27, 2008, 05:26 PM
352nd FG Association
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Douglas C

T-28 entry

Here is the documentation for my T-28

info on the T-28

The 606 Special Operations Squadron was based at Nakhon Phanom Thailand in 1960 and there were many pilots who flew the planes and they did not have there own plane all the time. The one man that I know of was N. Taylor who was a member of that squadron. The planes flew there until about 1972.

Parkzone t-28 in 606 squadron markings (2 min 31 sec)
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Jul 27, 2008, 05:30 PM
352nd FG Association
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This is my entry

Stock Parkzone FW-190 - just got tired of the stock, um, paint scheme (cough-cough, no offense intended... ). The only mods are a GWS receiver and ESC (so I can use my JR radio), and 3s1p Lipo battery.

Still flies great and looks cool in the air.

The real plane (I never found an actual photo): FW 190A-7, Jagdgeschwader (JG) 1, Serien Nummer 6 - Werk Nummer 340283, Rhein, Germany, February 1944

Jul 28, 2008, 02:25 PM
Checking CG is for NERDS!
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sorry for the off-topic post!!
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Jul 29, 2008, 08:51 AM
352nd FG Association
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No problem.
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Jul 31, 2008, 03:14 AM
352nd FG Association
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ploesti B24

This is my entry

I have depicted an FW 190 A8 as flown by Gefr. Walter Wagner during Operation Bodenplatte on January 1, 1945. Wagner was from gruppe V of Jagdgeschwader 4. This gruppe was equipped with a modified and heavily armourd FW 190 that was effective against Allied bombers but vulnerable to their escort fighters, and suffered heavy losses, some missions near 50% losses. Wagners rank of Gefreiter is equivalent to a private first class. His plane, White 11, was apparently weary at the start of the mission, as sections of its cowl were clearly scavenged from another aircraft. Its yellow chin was absent and the panel with the JG crest was a clear mismatch. The 13mm guns were deleted, and although the plane had a radio, its moraine antenna was missing. The areas surrounding the pilot had steel armour panels bolted on and the bolts were covered with a primer called pinking. The balkenkreuz (cross) on the sides were white outlined filled with grey instead of the typical black, while the hakenkreuz, or hooked cross (swastika) was the standard black and white. The black and white bands at the rear of the fuse indicated JG 4, the horizontal white bar was for gruppe V, ahead of the balkenkreuz would be symbols indicating the pilots rank, but Wagners was too low to be indicated. The camo paint scheme was pretty standard Luftwaffe, blue grey, grey violett and grey green. RLM 74, 75 and 76. On this mission Wagner attacked the wrong target, was shot down by allied AA and made an emergency landing near an Allied airbase in Belgium. The Americans quickly captured the plane, and began to return it to airworthy condition for research, but the war ended before it ever flew, and it was abandoned. I have included photos taken by its captors, and it is clearly heavily weathered.

Moonbeam/ Whiz. If the pictures are here please ignore my entry on RC Universe. I had trouble figuring out how to post pics. Sorry for any inconvenience
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Aug 01, 2008, 11:23 AM
352nd FG Association
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This Is My Entry

Feldwebel Peter Bremer
Jagdgeschwader 1/.54 "Grünherz" ‘White 3’

32 year old Feldwebel (Sergeant) Peter Bremer (nicknamed ‘Fox’) flew this Fw190A-4 with 1. Gruppe of JG 54 – the ‘Grünherz’ or ‘Green Hearts’. His unit was based in Orel on the Russian front in July 1943. Bremer was by this time a 40-victory ace, having transitioned from BF-109’s into the new Fw’s in December 1942.

During a mission on July 13, 1943, Bremer was shot down in ‘White 3’ by a Yak-7 flown by Petr Pokryshev* - the commander of the 159 IAP in the Leningrad area. Bremer managed to crash land behind enemy lines during the battle of Orel-Kursk, but the Russian army captured him and his Fw190 ‘White 3’. I have been unable to find out what happened to Bremer after this date, but if anyone knows I would love to find out.

*Pokryshev was at that time a 31-kill ace with the VVS and had been awarded the Golden Star of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin (he survived the war with a total of 38 personal and 8 shared victories claimed on more than 300 missions).

About the Plane
I have had this 190 for about 2 1/2 years, and must have had about 300 flights on it by now, plus 2 major crashes that resulted in major fuselage reconstructive surgery!

Running gear is stock, apart from a very recent switch to a 3S 2200 Lipo, and DX6 radio gear.

Plane has a detailed cockpit, with scratch built pilot seat and instrument panel, repainted pilot, thousands of hand pressed rivets with accurate positioning from 3 views, and every marking is hand painted – no stickers here!

This was my very first RC plane, and it took to the skies after I had about 10 flights on a sim with a joystick (it survived for about a year before the two major crashes). It still flies really well and is still one of my very favourite planes. Fingers crossed eh!?

A big thanks to James Norton at James Norton Design and photography for the photos! www.jamesnorton.com.au
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Aug 01, 2008, 09:58 PM
352nd FG Association
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Heres My Entry

parkzone spitfire converted to a MK-Vb .. this was flown from mount farm near oxford,.england.,the USAAF used these all natural metal spitfires to convert from their F5 P38 lightnings onto the MK11 PR spitfires..these unarmed & fast spits were used for deep penettrations into enemy airspace to obtain target assessment photographs,.,.While not as comfortable as the lightning,the spitfire impressed with its low mechanical failure rate.,they also only required only a third of the serviceing time needed for the F5 lighnings!.the VB seen here is one of red flights machines.,its a EX RAF machine that was war weary.,it was returned to the RAF then scraped when the 7th PR squdron shipped back home...book referance "spitfires in blue" also the mighty eighth in colour "roger freeman",.ISBN number 0-933424-57-4
Aug 06, 2008, 02:00 PM
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Great Warbird Challenge

Hi Moonbeam.

Hopefully I can now get the Red 1 photos to you here.
Aug 06, 2008, 02:10 PM
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Warbird challange

These are the final photos for the Red 1 submission. I apologise for the 'split' entry but hope you recieved it all okay.


Aug 06, 2008, 03:56 PM
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Warbird Challenge - Red 1

Moonbeam & all,

Apologies for my messy entry... first time using either RCGroups or RCUniverse sites. My pal saw the photo entries and told me to re-submit the History side of things v.v. the Pilot and the a/c. Here goes...

Red 1 flown by Oberleutnant Klaus Bretschneider, Staffelkapitan 5./JG300

Bretschneider came to 5./JG300, a Sturmgruppe in April '44. Previously he had served in the Wilde Sau squadron II./JG300, a Night-fighter unit. He already had his first 'victory' obtained in an attack on the night of 5th/6th September '43. In II./JG300 he would add a further 14 'victories' during 20 combat flights.

On 19th July '44 Bretschneider was appointed Staffelkapitan of 5./JG300, the unit being based at Lobnitz . From this time he went on to score a further 17 daylight 'victories' against the American four-engined (vier-mots) bombers that were constantly invading deeper and deeper into German airspace.

He was awarded the Knight's Cross by Hitler on the 18th November '44 for his (then) 31 'victories'. Bretschneider was killed on the 24th December '44 by a P-51 escort fighter, after an attack upon an American bomber wave, whilst flying Red 1.

Red 1, Wk-Nr 682204.
An 'un-blinkered' Sturmbock (Battering Ram) A8. The personalised name roughly translates to Tough Guy or Street Fighter. The colour profile, taken from the book Focke-Wulf, Fw190 Aces of the Western Front was used as the starting point for this project with other references taken from Ken Merrick's book Luftwaffe Camouflage & Markings, 1935-1945.

The Sturmbock aircraft, at the express order of Hermann Goering, were punished very hard in the Luftwaffe's attempts to stop the ever increasing waves of daylight bombing raids of the American Airforce. No pilot was allowed to land with any ammunition left in his guns. Once the guns were empty the pilots were expected to ram the enemy aircraft to bring them down! With this, little time for maintenance or cleaning was afforded. I've tried to reflect this in the model from the paint worn leading edges of the prop blades to the filthy under belly of the aircraft, from the 'oil/fuel/grime' covered Drop-tank to the faded out grey upper surfaces.

All the mods on the model are there to reflect how the real thing looked. The 'extras' are all scratch-built using materials like Balsa, tissue paper and Carbon Fibre rods.

Hope you all like the final result - it's been fun putting it all together!

Aug 06, 2008, 04:50 PM
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Aug 06, 2008, 11:04 PM
352nd FG Association
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This is my entry!

This is PETIE 3RD (HO-M) of the 352nd Fighter Group (The Blue Nosed B*stards of Bodney), and successor of PETIE 2ND (which was damaged in a ground handling accident).
It was flown by Lt Col John C. Meyer who commanded the 487th fighter squadron, based in Bodney England and Asch Belgium.
He was most famous for his role in the Battle of Y-29 (Asch, Belgium Jan 1st 1945), banning his pilots from any New Years Eve festivities, anticipating a German surprise attack. The next morning, the Luftwaffe launched a massive last ditch effort attack on the forward air bases (Operation Bodenplatte). Meyer and his squadron were ready, and took off under fire, straight into the oncoming armada. He shot down a FW-190 seconds after taking off while his undercarriage was still retracting, and full wing tanks still attatched. Meyer then latched on to a second Focke Wulf fighter and chased it all the way to Liege before shooting it down.This action earnned Meyer his third D.S.C, and his squadron received a Distinguished Unit Citation (the only one awarded to a fighter group in Northern Europe).
Just after this battle, Meyer was badly injured in a road accident when a ammunition carrier overturned on snowy roads, and he was sent home before the war was over.
His final kill tally was 24 aerial victories (including an Arado 234 jet bomber), and a further 13 kills by ground strafing, making him the 8th Air Force's leading Ace of WW2.

The model

I have had this model for just over 3 weeks, and managed to finish it and test fly it in 20mph wind just before the competition deadline. Two minutes into its maiden flight, the spinner came loose but somehow stayed on the
plane, so i kept flying to get the required pictures (talk about pressure!!!) until it finally flew off on landing.
The plane is mostly covered in aluminium tape, which has been dulled down using different tecniques masking out each separate panel, trying to acheive an authentic 'patchwork of metal' look, and giving the plane a different appearance as light reflects off different panels. (I can elaborate on the different techniques used, on request). WW2 aircraft were not painted silver like many airshow Mustangs today (as the 2 pictures below) and its difficult to get a silver paint that looks authentic.
Scratch built reflector gunsight, pilots head rest and radio in the cockpit made from foam and perspex.
Receiver aeriel moved to head rest and through canopy (as the real thing).
Rivets apllied.
Antenna mast made from an ice lolly stick.
Hand painted authentic serial numbers on the tail.
Identification letters made from solar trim.
Squadron badge, swastika kills, cockpit dials and nose art, are templates made on the computer to correct size and then I hand painted over the top of them.
External drop tanks are scratch built from blue foam.
The whole thing has been weathered with an airbrush and by hand to emphasize gun smoke, exhaust staines, oil streaks and dirt in between panels and chipped paint, to give it an after the battle look.
Aug 07, 2008, 10:55 PM
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Here is my entry...

I’ve had my Parkzone Fw190 for almost two years and it has taken a beating with several crashes and lots of hangar rash. I decided it needed a makeover so I chose to finish the plane using the Fw 190 A-5 (WNr.7237) of JG26 flown by Major Josef ‘Pips’ Priller while based in France during 1943. Priller eventually moved on to become Kommodore of JG 26 on 11 January 1943. He flew 1,307 combat missions to achieve 101 victories. All his victories were recorded over the Western Front and include 11 four-engine bombers. He was the most succesful pilot in battles with Spitfires claiming at least 68 of them.

I had to do some major repair to the right and left fuselage side finish due to a crash where it broke in half. I used standard RLM 74/75/76 colors for the camouflage, painted the rudder and cowling underside with RLM 04 Yellow, and RLM 70 (black green) for the spinner and prop. The black wings on the fuselage were airbrushed and elliptical exhaust shields added above the cooling fins. The “13” fuselage decals were custom-made with my computer since I couldn’t find a #3 that matched the actual “Priller” Fw190A-5 photo. All the decals (except aircraft serial number and fuel tank capacity) were printed on white inkjet decal paper and hand cut to show white borders. Trim tabs were painted in red on all flight control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, rudder).

I outfitted the model with the full gun armament:
2 x fuselage mounted 7.92mm MG17 machine guns
2 x wing root 20mm MG 151/20E cannons
2 x outboard wing 20mm MG FF cannons (optional).

Some other details include:
Revi C12/D gunsight placed on the right side of the instrument shroud
Larger bullet-proof headrest with single support bracket used on the A-5 version
Instrument shroud with edge padding
Actual Fw190 instrument panel
Antenna post modification on the tail
Antenna exit routed through the canopy
Priller’s “Jutta” wife logo added to the fuselage sides
Fuselage german cross painted in RLM74 (dark gray)
Fuselage extension fillet details were added due to the A-5 engine & cowling being moved forward 6 inches on the real planes
Paint wear marks were applied to the prop, engine fan, rear left side fillet where pilot climbs into the cockpit, gun barrels, armament hatch edges, and canopy frame
Weathering was added to the engine exhaust areas (fuselage sides, fuselage bottom), behind wing cannons and cannon hatches, in front of fuselage gun barrels.
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