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Dec 02, 2009, 12:35 AM
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I can not afford more than $15 for a motor
The entire wing and "fuselage" is GOOP-ed and glassed, I use 0.75oz. fiberglass and shoe GOO or GOOP thinned with Xylene or Xylol. Total of three carbon spars, one in each half 2.5" behind the leading edge and third as bridge "A". Very strong ! Building this way I never have broken airplane. Very heavy for it's size 3.6 lb.(with 11.1V 5000mAh LiPo+11.1V 800mAh for the Tx) and I like it better that way.
I do not have pictures in progress, I am sorry
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Jun 01, 2010, 12:41 PM
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Hey folks
Been out of the loop for the last week while on vacation.
The weather was not as great as we had hoped because of a tropical depression . . . first one of the year (alex)
None the less, I had a "learning experience" while brushing up on the short and blustery slopes of the Outer Banks. Corolla NC is where we rented a beach house. The dunes were pretty steep this year as the storms over the winter washed a lot out. Two weeks ago they discovered a new wreck ON THE BEACH . . the beam of the ship was visible with old timey cast and hammered nails still showing and attatching the pieces of the frame to the keel . . . too cool!
The Dune was very steep (70 degrees) and approx 15' tall all along the area in front of our neighborhood, at low tide, the beach was maybe 30' wide and at high tide it was up on the steps rendering the beach unusable as a flying area/landing zone.
Winds were out of control for the first couple of days . . . 40 kts sustained then dropped down into the high 20s and low 30s until wednesday. Thurs through Sat were pretty nice and light winds but the beach was packed since everyone was stuck inside for the first couple of days.
Since the beach was a mess and windy, I had the opportunity to do a lot of flying . . .but with a lot of banging into things until I got the hang of flying with that much turbulance and tight lift zone.
I have to admit, I have never flown in winds anywhere close to these nor with the gusts that were just insane at times. Even the surfers were staying home!
My wife usually comes with me to do the video refused to get out in the torrent so there is no video other than the spycam stuff I will post later which was mounted on the nose of the wings. I felt like the pastor out golfing in Caddy shack while things were blustery!
I flew the starfire mid the most, the MCW 48 and a poor attempt with the mcw36.
The winds were blowing straight at the dune for the first two days then turned more at a 45 degree cut from either side for the rest of the week as the WX passed through.
Of the three planes, the mcw 48 is the heaviest and has the highest loading capability and did the best with the severe winds. I added a 4oz stick of lead on the CG on both 48" wings once I got the hang of things.
The starfire is still relativelyy light but did incredibly well in the wind once it was in the air. The ability to slope was great with both airplanes. They are very different airplanes on the slope when it is really blowing!
The 36 flying was diffferent. It was so light that it just got romped with the gusts.
On the third attempt at launching it, I got hit with a shear at launch and it bounced off the railing of the stairs breaking the prop and the contol arm on the r servo. I was done as I only had one prop for it and no servo arms.
both 48" wings did great in some henious conditions.
The mcw 48 was a trooper, I used it first to learn the slope before I broke out the starfire (mcw48 has the henrys cloth build - bullet proof - and this starfire has the .75oz cloth with water based poly (pretty but not as rugged)
I have to say, I pummelled the pee out of both of them and they just kept on going . . my hats off to Jeff on a great design. . .
Once I started feeling comfy with the mcw48, relearning how to slope soar and consistently turning inside the beach area, I got out the starfire and started flying.
I had the APC E 8X4 on there for the gusts on launch and it did fine. The speed was hurt by the prop pitch choice but the ability to really get in there and get out if there was shear down low was there . . just like the big boys!
I was very impressed by the cornering over the slope and the ability to trim it way down and accellerate out in the slope lift . . The motor was only on for a little while to launch and get back to the slope when I got ripped off by the gusts and severe turbulance.
The hardest part was keeping it in front of the slope with the winds howling and gusting like they were. It was very difficult to get the hang of where the cone of lift would be each time.
I had a blast with both airplanes, the starfire is more agile than the MCW 48 was and the penetration is much better but the weight of the MCW 48 was a big helper with the winds where they were. It was easy to land with the gusts too. I was very suprised how easy it was to land relatively close to where I wanted with the conditions what they were.
I has loving this trip from the flying side. The weather was great at the end and made up for the bad stuff at the start. I was real happy with all three airplanes. I really should have waited until the winds were a little more consistent before I tried the 36 but . . thus is the life on the slope!
Nothing that a trip to the hobby shop wont fix.
When you see the video, there is a lot of time when it is greyed out . .this was a low lying cloud deck that I kept getting bumped up into and had to descend to get out of in the blind at times. . . . .too cool.
Jun 01, 2010, 08:37 PM
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Here is video made Yesterday on board of 82 inch McClain EPP wing with GoPro Hero HD camera and full FPV gear on. Location - Brooklyn NY. The wind was 10-15mph !
..and turn ON your HD!
GoPro Hero HD FPV (7 min 18 sec)
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Jun 01, 2010, 09:51 PM
AMA 1100952
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Great video, nice view.
Like the wing shadow.

Jun 02, 2010, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by MWCores
Great video, nice view.
Like the wing shadow.

Great WING!
Thank you one more time!
I can hang up there hours with 3S 6000mAh, the wing is about 7lb with all video gear + GoPro.
For people who are concerning about that airport , it is an not active airport since WW2 - Floyd Bennett Field, now is museum.
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Jun 03, 2010, 04:13 AM
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Great video. makes me want to fly.

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