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Jun 14, 2008, 05:58 AM
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Bonding with the 90mm FlyFly Mirage 2000

No expert here, but here is a build thread for my new Mirage 90mm FlyFly kit, recently aquired from Mark at Extreme RC.
I have gone with Marks guidance and am fitting the HYK 1600kv chinese motor, Wemotec fan upgrade, 60amp esc, 7.5amp ubec, electric retracts, Elogger with brushless rpm sensor & Scanner ssv-9320 metal gear servos. This combo, apart from retracts, has already proved itself - see video page and wobbys plane. He actually hand launches it! I prefer ROG in a plane this size.
Everything arrived in far north QLD beautifully packed by Mark and after a few days of the package being lost by the couriers (not extremes fault) I went to the courier depot to pick it up. Lesson no 1 - never have something sent to a depot! Have it sent to an address.

This foamy has 6 bits for the fuse - 2 nose halves, 2 halves for the main fuse plus a nose cone and an exhaust outlet. The wings come in 2 pieces with depron panels for the underside of the wing. The wings are not exactly hollow but under the panels there are ribs with small cut outs for servo bays and landing gear. I have already glued these panels on and have no pic of whats underneath however it has made installing servos, extension leads and retracts a bit easier.

Since this is only my 3rd foam plane I find it hard to comment on the quality of the kit, however it is leaps and bounds ahead of my little Miglet/ZPD8 which was sent from Tower Hobbies in the US. Still, foam is delicate stuff and I am still contemplating whether or not to cover it with 1/2 oz glass cloth and water soluble clear polyurethane (Cabots). So far the stock paint finish and foam itself has stood up to some pretty heavy "petting"

Mark advised to cover the individual parts first, however I believe I can cover the closed up fuse, the vertical stab, the ailerons (elevons) and the wing sections as seperate pieces prior to the final "put together". Couple of things re covering that may prove a challenge. Firstly if one was to cover the individual pieces first one would have to be very careful of all the joining lugs on the fuse halves that marry together when glueing. Any mess here or distortion would make the job of joining all the fuse bits together a bugger!
Secondly the fuse and wings have heaps of small detail, like panel lines and rivets that may get lost in the covering process. Dont mind losing the rivets, in fact these will be sanded off in the process but not sure what will happen to all the panel lines in this process - wetting the glass and "peaning" it in during the process should work.

There are a couple of very minor faults which deserve mention. Firstly the supplied undercarriage includes three pre bent metal pieces which anchor into ply in the foam and in turn the suspension struts (by way of grub screws) fit onto these - see pic. The suspension struts are good and the supplied wheels are great however the pre bent bits give up the ghost on the first roll off - this has been confirmed in other forums. If your going to build stock, replace these bits with something stronger! Or hand launch the thing. The electric retracts also have suspension struts and are even better than the FLYFLY ones, however you have to use the stock strut for the nose gear...tis OK you just have to drill it out to fit the retract leg. The FFly wheels fit straight on too.
The other small thing - the tape used for hinges on the elevons was already peeling matter Im a hinge dude anyway. As I said only minor me a kit that doesnt need mods and I'll eat my dog!!

I started by mounting the steering servo for the nose gear inside the fuse before I even glued the two front fuse bits together. The stock kit for fixed undercarriage has the servo half outside the fuse at the bottom....we can do better than that! The electric retracts dictate that the servo be inside the fuse anyway. I'll still be able to service it with a long jewellers phillips head and the servo will conect to the retract unit with a ball joint, the servo arm will have one of Marks "ezy connectors" for ezy servicability and infinite adjustment.....just hope the ball joint stands up to the load, should be OK?
Then I glued the two front fuse halves together.
Next I enlarged the existing hole for the nose retract and fashioned a ply insert for the retract unit. Im not going to glue this piece in until I have the wings joined and the wing retracts in so I can see how the whole plane stands. There is more foam that can be ground out letting the nose wheel sink in even more if need be. There is some adjustment to be had via the grub screws on the struts but I'm being careful here. Someone might like to advise me of what is the norm for static angle of attack?? I know the plane cant have a nose down attitude when standing on its wheels but what is the norm....cupla degrees above level I should think?
Anyways....heres a few pics to wet the appetite. I shall post more later but a mans gotta eat!
PS ignore date on had power drop out and needs to be reset!
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Jun 14, 2008, 07:11 AM
"in thrust we trust"
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Thought I'd post a pic of one I prepared earlier
Thats all for now, I am working on the wings and nearly have the retracts sunk in, will post a pic of the wing halves soon.
Jun 14, 2008, 08:15 AM
ozzi supercub's Avatar
What an awsome looking plane. If you were hesitant to maiden the miglet how you gonna feel when this is ready? Good luck Mike.
Jun 15, 2008, 06:12 PM
"in thrust we trust"
mikepilot's Avatar
Fair point oz, however I'll feel much better about something that rolls off ground!....and after reading your story about Frankenmiglet...well!!
Also there is no club or other fliers here so I have to wait for a mate to chuck it for me, when he gets a day off we will go to the local cricket field and give it a chuck.
Jun 17, 2008, 06:05 PM
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Looking good man,

More pics?
Jun 18, 2008, 09:11 PM
"in thrust we trust"
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THOUGHTS - theres heaps of room to bury your servos and have no protrusion, however I didnt quite go far enuf, the tops of my servo arms have ended up just proud of the depron panels that are now glued on - Tis ok, instead of getting longer servo arms the z bend of the wire control rod at the servo end sits nicely, just have to slightly widen the servo arm hole. Sorry dont have a pic of the raw wing panels.....Mark maybe u could post a pic of whats underneath, My servo positions are different to stock due to the fitting of the epf retracts, hence the 2 servo arm holes - one will get filled before final finish.

Wire extensions are in place with enuf wire to pull thru when I fit the retracts, servos are hidden with extensions. I used a ply mount under the depron panel, recessed and glued into the foam for each servo. Dont trust gluing servos to foam! My servos are screwed to the ply and if I want to get them out I will be able to cut a small "servo size" hole in the depron just in front of the arm and actually be able to unscrew them.
Be careful with hidden extensions - I trust nothing and have used a bit of masking tape around each hidden extension wire plug so they dont become "unplugged" even tho the plugs are the usual nice tight fit! I will have to dremel the foam track out a little too so all the extension wires are eventaully flush and can be taped down - the fuse has to sit on top without any arguements.
Cheers more soon
Mark have u started ur Mirage yet?????

One other the last lot of pics and the esc.....there is not a gr8 deal of thickness in the foam on the duct but the 60amp unit is glued to the roof of the duct with silicon and recessed about 4mm. I chose the roof to keep the wires in a fairly straight line and there seems to be more thickness here. You may be able to sink it in a little more if ur game!
Jun 20, 2008, 04:53 AM
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To service more customer who want to setup for different model.
So the new products that we call length adjustable struts will be released this week.
Jun 20, 2008, 06:32 AM
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Just saw one of these fly last weekend here in Melbourne. It's the one EDF which is just a foamie, that made the biggest impression on me so far.
If you want to know more about it talk to Wobby.
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Jun 20, 2008, 08:00 AM
The best in EDF since 2005
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Wobbys is running the same setup as Mikes Knut, same fan, motor, pack size, everything
Jun 21, 2008, 12:23 AM
"in thrust we trust"
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Originally Posted by Extreme_RC
Wobbys is running the same setup as Mikes Knut, same fan, motor, pack size, everything
wat is "knut"?

Phew! that was a big glue job with 3 glues goin at once!
Silicon for the fan housing - vise grip for the foam and epoxy for the ply wing nut bracing! All had to be done at once - welcome to foamies.
Pics are pretty self exp....I measured and glued in the ply piece with hidden wing nuts to one half of the rear fuse section and waited for it to dry - it located well when I brought the other side together with more epoxy and I screwed in the wing bolts with a pad on the underside of the fuse to clamp it down.
Havent glued the tail cone on yet as it has an appointment with the gallows to reduce its exhaust diameter by 10 mm - that should be fun as I am not good around sharp tools
I have used "paint safe" masking tape to keep it all tight. I tested this before gluing and it doesnt pull the paint off however I am not going to leave it on for more than a couple of hours.
Anyhoo I think I will definately glass this plane and make a decent finish so a bit of "foam frass" will disappear. I have tried to be sparing with the vise grip however the glu lines are less than conspicuous.
Wouldnt mind seeing a coupla close ups of wobbys plane to see how a good stock finish turns out.
Jun 21, 2008, 01:03 AM
ozzi supercub's Avatar
Looks like your doing a great job there Mike. How many cells is it going to be running on? And as for "Mikes Knut", thats a bit personal dont you think.
Jun 21, 2008, 01:48 AM
"in thrust we trust"
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Originally Posted by ozzi supercub
Looks like your doing a great job there Mike. How many cells is it going to be running on? And as for "Mikes Knut", thats a bit personal dont you think.
First of all lets make it clear that I have both "knuts" and both are well thankyou.

6 cell I think ozzi - Im pretty sure that that is what my technical advisor/staff engineer (Mark) wants to put in it......I want what he wants, cause I know then, that the plane will not only fly, but go faster!!!

PS The paint safe masking tape does pull off a bit of paint - do not use unless you are going to paint the model - commited
Last edited by mikepilot; Jun 21, 2008 at 01:49 AM. Reason: misspelt ozzi!

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