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Jun 13, 2008, 09:31 PM
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My First REAL Hobby Grade Car Was ____. What Happened on my First Run was ______.

Heh.. I was cleaning up a car body, from driving in the mud, since I'm a neat freak, and thought of a great little thread? If people want it to be?

So, the statement is:

My first hobby grade car was a ____, and on the first run, I had a crash that was _____.

Eh, makes no sense, but, you'll see what I mean.


My first hobby grade car was a EMaxx, and a Evader EXT. (I drove the EMaxx first, evader about 5 minutes later). With my EMaxx, I slapped on a pair of 3000's, not even 75% charged with a bad charger, and just wanted to drive... I drove it, and man, this thing is fast! I went from full throttle forward, to reverse, and this thing did a front flip like mad.. My mouth was hanging open, so wide, that you could see it from a mile away! (Okay, maybe not that far, but I was AMAZED!) After a crash, another came, a couple seconds later, and repeat... It...was...awesome.....!

Then came the Evader EXT. Slapped on a 1500 25% charged with abad charger, and this thing took off right into my wood door. -.- I didn't know it was that fast! Corrected everything, and set it outside, and BAM, the thing WENT. I was just doing fast runs, and I wanted to use steering now! So, I turned hard left, and this thing went hard left, no joke.. Right into the curb....I drove away nice, then hit the other curb, no steering anymore!? Thinking O CRAP ALREADY BROKEN PART? I'm walking to it, and see two things on the floor. I'm about to burst into tears. I lift it up, see that it's a ball socket, and I'm so relieved, I'm like, sweeeeet... Pop em back in, and the thing drives like nothing even happened.....

My parents, neighbors, some random stranger driving by (it's a small street that I live on, so it's real weird that someone drove up!, well, except on school days, where I live up the street from a high school...) were looking, in jealousy... In fact, a neighbor I've never met, or seen walked out, and started talking to me like I was an old friend... He started asking me, dude, how fast can it go? Where'd you get it? How much? and all the questions.. Then the car driver slowed down, took a good hard look, grinned, and asked the exact same questions, but with a different order...... Just wasting out the battery, I went back inside, grinning, from ear to ear... That was a happy moment, besides today being

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Jun 14, 2008, 12:45 AM
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sounds awesome!!! and to think i avoided doing things yesterday??? lol
if anything does break, then get some rpm replacements, and it will never break again!

ok, my first hobby grade airplane was a freedom flyier, dont use it much anymore, should get it back out... had some mad crashes into a fence when it whent behind a treeline and i couldnt see it but...

car was a traxxas bandit, now converted into a rustler, with mamba and lipo now, lol
no bad crashes, just alot of cartwheeling round...

id be interested to see what everyone else started with...
Jun 14, 2008, 01:02 AM
Heli and Car Addict
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Heh, yup!
RPM is on my checklist, next to getting a full set of new screws... The guy stripped them all on eBay. But eh, $165, ya can't really beat that for RTR besides charger!

I've been wanting to start flying planes.... Helis are stashed in my room!

Yeah, I forgot to mention, when my Evader was going super fast (hehe) and went up my driveway thing, it did 4 cartwheels, one front flip, and landed, and still went... It was insanely awesome.
Jun 14, 2008, 11:44 AM
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My first Real Hobby Grade Car was a Traxxas Rustler Xl-5. On my first run I went on the trainers mode and I did very good, then I went on to the 100% mode and took it on the street, also did fine. A couple weeks later I started to jump it off of a ramp. My first crash was actually my dad's fault and he hit the ramp with only two side tires and did a cartwheel with it. Then I tried it and fliped it over. . But nothing broke.
So that's my story!

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