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Jun 05, 2001, 11:01 AM
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Electric R/c planes- magnets for kooks

Yes, living in New Jersey is great, we have more wierdos here then anywhere else..
Last weekend my buddy got to fly his new plane and first r/c flight ever...he never flew an r/c plane before...went to the field with nobody in sight. Hooked up his plane and got it flying...real smooth and gentle, a real great flight , especially for a first attempt.And just as he was enjoying the magic moments, some old wierdo comes running up from out of nowhere screaming," You can't fly that thing ! You don't have an FCC license ! I'm calling the cops !,etc, on and on....blah-blah-blah... Eventualy my buddy had to tell him to shutup and go away. A few minutes later the cops came and there he was having to explain himself. After checking,the cops said there was nothing wrong and to keep flying.... but the magic moments of his first r/c flight got spoiled by this old kook... seems like here in NJ you wish you were invisable because you know that there are too many people watching you, butting into your business and you know the plane will be a magnet for kooks and any number of assorted pestering people looking for to make you trouble!
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