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Jan 23, 2003, 04:24 AM
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Where have all the "young" slopers gone?...

We'll, its 1:30 am and I still don't feel like working on my darn humanities core essay at the moment.

Anyways, i was just thinking about how there aren't many younger people involved with sailplanes. I know that combat has been of great assistance, and that is how I usually meet others around or younger than my ripe age of eighteen Even so, it seems to me that most children and adolescents are less enamored with the ideas behind thermal and slope soaring, instead preferring glow or electric (not to say that those are bad choices). I think its up to those who are currently involved with soaring like us, to help aspiring young slope and thermal nuts get involved.
I've been lucky to have had the help of older and wiser flying buddies, who've helped me from initial setups to even giving me old, crashed and unused airframes to help me along! I thank them all. On a funny note, my dad, upon seeing the people I fly with, remarked to my mom that all my flying friends were all a bunch of old guys!
I just wish some more younger folk would get involved.

Just my ramblings and ruminations for the night...any opinions or thoughts? Also, anyone here reading this on the "younger side"? pardon the " older" people!

You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.

Godspeed and see you on the flipside,
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Jan 23, 2003, 10:21 AM
No fuse too fat
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Well... I had my second 18th birthday 4 years ago! (But I'm still laughin'). I don't consider my buddies to be a bunch of old guys. We are all kids at heart. We still love our toys. That's why we love this hobby so much.

Jan 23, 2003, 10:42 AM
David Cairns
dcairns's Avatar
I see quite a variety of ages out at Glider Point in Chino Hills. Everything from kids with beat up hand-me-down wings (because they can't afford anything else) to middle aged folks like me that have the money for relatively fancy radios and planes. And lots of other combinations. I just bought a foam wing for my 7 year old nephew, so I can take him out there and teach him to fly.

Actually, it is at the glow power field in El Toro, that I never see kids flying. Only middle aged to retired guys, with enough money for the expensive planes and expensive runway privileges.

When I was a kid, RC was too expensive for me, so I did control line. It was glow powered, because no one had invented control line slope soaring yet... (hmmm... might be an interesting way to DS on a budget...).
Jan 23, 2003, 11:29 AM
RIP Maharushie
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What do ya mean , no young guys? Jes there's you guys!

Jan 23, 2003, 11:45 AM
Registered User
shoe's Avatar
started at age 13 still flying today (with an 8 year hiatus) at age 26.
Jan 23, 2003, 12:42 PM

Getting kids started

I got my 11 year old hooked last year on a XR wing. We both just finished off another wing to hook his friends with. He thought it was goofy flying with a bunch of dads and older guys. I'm just waiting for the wind.... I'm hoping to start another dozen kids and dads this spring... Temple hill is a half hour door to hill from Pasadena.... We can only play so much soccer and baseball!
Jan 23, 2003, 02:37 PM
Registered User
well I certainly aint gone nowhere and especially not to glow powered after a small 0.049 was responsible for me almost losing my finger.

Im 13 and can afford realtively reasonable RC gear (laser 4) and a large collection of planes

And I thought that I might be the youngest sloper in NZ. and then I went 40min drive across the harbour to Mt Victoria and suddenly I was of the oldest there and apparently every saturday the crowds are like this
Jan 23, 2003, 02:59 PM
Thread OP
Duke 58, LOL you got that right!

Slopeking, how are the slopes in NZ, I love the scenery, might even go for education abroad there (along with a plane or two )

dcairs, hmm, control line DSing..there's an interesting idea
I haven't been out to Glider Point yet (I've only mountain biked in the state park so far), but I've heard its pretty good..,maybe I'll head up sometime and see you there..BTW, if that's a Prodij on your little pic under your name, I'd love to see that thing fly. I plan on buying one to replace my Filip. I held one and fell in love!
Money, now there's the problem! But what are parents and part time jobs for?

Russ, I completely agree. It's just amazing to see a bunch of people young and old all elated over rc flight! There is no real age difference, its amazing how everyone is treated and helped. I feel at ease hanging out with guys twice to three times my age!

Waxer, gimme a holler if you're over at Temple Hill, I'll bust out my XR plus some other planes and we'll be sure to reel a couple o' new pilots in

Bad thing about this hobby when you're young; school gets in the way.

Bad thing about this hobby when you're older; work and family gets in the way.

Bad thing about this hobby when you're retired; planes get harder to see and walking up that hill is a bit of a chore

I do not play with toys because I have the mind of a child, I play with toys because I have the heart of one.

procrastinating essays, the story of my life.
Jan 23, 2003, 03:18 PM
Registered User
im 14 . it is kinda hard with school an all. for my sloper, i just stick a 600 mah rx battery in my zagi 400x. dont have enough money to get all sorts of planes, but most of my money goes into glow. i will also soon have my gl out at the "slope". me an one other guy try using this big hill in a state park because its the only thing around here to use.
Jan 23, 2003, 03:38 PM
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McGrrr's Avatar
At 32, I don't consider myself old. But, when I was 18 I thought 32 was old. 18 seems like it was just yesterday.
Jan 23, 2003, 08:05 PM
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Mattebox's Avatar

Times are changing

I fly both power planes and sailplanes and from my experience (in the Los Angeles Basin at least) about 95% of all RC flyers are middle aged or retired males. I was at the IMS show in Pasadena last Friday and I was one of probably a dozen people who were less than 25 years old. Even more rare is a girl!

The problem is, these days there are so many other things for kids to do with their time. You've got malls, movies,video games, TV, internet, skateboarding, RC cars...blah! etc. These all provide "instant gratification" so having to go through the trouble of building and then learning to fly an airplane isn't going to sit well with most kids.

Besides, young people these days aren't interested in airplanes or aviation in general anymore. I guess it doesn't help that airplanes are being used as weapons, airports are fenced off like fortresses, and you can get arrested for just watching airplanes takeoff and land.

I wonder if people even know that December 17 of this year marks the 100th anniversary of powered flight.
Jan 24, 2003, 02:55 AM
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Jan 24, 2003, 07:06 AM
de-registered abuser
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Originally posted by SD-Flyer
At 32, I don't consider myself old. But, when I was 18 I thought 32 was old. 18 seems like it was just yesterday.
How true!, at 34 I too feel younger than I ever the mind anyway. The body, well it dosen't bounce as good as it used to!! If i go to a glow club 99% of the guys there are over 50, But the slope guys i met last week were all in there mid 20s
and 1 kid there was 12 and flying pretty darn good already.

Not every one wants to take on an engineering degree to fly some of the more complex glows but a slope or foam elec. will be the way to get young people into the sport.

Jan 25, 2003, 03:31 AM
Registered User
The primary problem with this sport for adolescents is that it's just not compelling enough to compare with what this time in a person's life offers from within, never mind what's around teenagers at school and so on. Most kids don't have the attention span. And for both, let's face it, most flying sites are quite far from home, and not even near mass-transit routes. This last point for me is a real pain in the neck for me, and I have a car! GRRR! There's a perfectly good field down the street, but I have to drive for almost an hour to get to one I can legally fly off of

Jan 25, 2003, 08:15 PM
Thread OP
Rick,Mattebox others
you're totally right. Most "young" people are more entranced with the latest fashions, cars (not that that's bad) girls() or guys, etc etc. Most do not have the patience and interest in such hobbies that demand that special feel for flight. Add to the fact that is seems "childish" or "uncool" or too "scientific" to some. The travel thing is pretty true. Sometimes I even don't feel like driving the distance! Ah well. At least there's the small percentage of us that are into it. Plus the "old" flyers are easy to relate to!

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