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Kyosho Minium Micro Piper Cherokee 4 Channel RTF Review

Mike Llewellyn reviews the new Kyosho Minium Micro Piper Cherokee 4 channel RTF model. This small box has everything you need for indoor 4 channel flight!



Wing Area:~47 sq”
Wing type:Foam - under cambered
AUW weight:27g (advertised)
Wing Loading:3oz/sq ft
Servos:4 proportional ultra micro - Included
Transmitter:PERFEX KT-20 2.4GHz 4-channel MINIUM R/C System with LCD - Included
Receiver:channel with integrated ESC - Included
Battery:3.7v 70 mAh LiPoly - Included
Motor:Brushed - Included
ESC:Integrated ESC - Included
FlyZone Cessna 182 ARF:Kyosho USA
ARF Price:$149.99

Kyosho has released this impressive all new 4 channel micro Cherokee. This is a full house airplane that weighs less than 1 ounce ready to fly and flies very well. These new micro aircraft are truly remarkable, and prices have really come down.

The Minium AD Piper Cherokee comes in two colors: red and blue. Both models are extremely attractive and really look sharp in the air. They come fully assembled by the factory and are ready to fly with no construction.

The shipment arrived double boxed and safe and sound from Kyosho USA. The models come in boxes that can also be used for storage and transporting of these delicate airplanes, perfect! Inside the box you will find the model, battery, transmitter with a built in charger and instructions.

Kit Contents

These models are completely assembled - no work for you! Just charge and fly.

RTF Kit includes:

  • Fuselage, wing and tail surfaces – ready to fly
  • Open battery hatch on the bottom for quick battery access
  • Factory hinged flight surfaces
  • Factory installed radio system
  • Landing gear and wheels
  • Fixed nose wheel
  • PERFEX KT-20 2.4GHz 4-channel MINIUM R/C System with voltage LCD
  • 4 channel RX
  • Charger built into the transmitter – too cool!
  • Authentic Piper markings factory installed
  • Picture guide and text instructions


  • 4 – Dry or NiMh cells for Transmitter/charger

Transmitter with built in charger

The transmitter is a 2.4GHz system with no channels or crystals to worry about. The 2.4GHz band is shared space, and the systems are designed not to interfere with one another. This all new system is not compatible with older Minium 2.4GHz systems.

Another brilliant addition to the all new transmitter is the built in charger. The single cell LiPoly airborne battery actually charges right from the transmitter. The transmitter does not have to be on in order to charge the battery.

This is a brilliant feature that makes for one less item (the charger) to carry in the box. Hats off to Minium!

A small LED light on the transmitter face indicates battery charge and completion. The LED is lit during the charge and turns off when the charge is complete.

Transmitter setup

The included 4 channel transmitter requires 4 "AA" type batteries for use. These cells power both the Transmitter and the LiPoly charger. I used rechargeable batteries.

The transmitter also has a large and easy to read LCD display. This display clearly shows the voltage and what "mode" you have set for the transmitter, which in my case was Mode 2.

The instructions clearly outline how to change the system from Mode 1 to Mode 2. I was a bit confused by the process initially, but eventually figured out the stick procedure to change the system from Mode 1 (default) to Mode 2.

An item of significant note: The transmitter has a spring loaded left stick. When you change from one mode to another and let go of the spring loaded throttle stick, it drops quickly to zero. This proved to be quite a challenge when flying the Cherokee. It was especially hard to use the very effective rudder; I was spending time holding the throttle at the desired power level. It took a while to get used to. I would much rather see systems without the spring loaded throttle. I eventually adjusted, but it made using the rudder very difficult. It would be a welcome upgrade to dedicate a mode 2 transmitter system and use a standard ratcheted throttle stick.


This Kyosho Minium Cherokee has an EPS foam fuselage and a thin foam wing and tail surfaces. The wing is actually under cambered, which is helpful for the desired slow flight characteristics of an indoor model.

Power system

The Kyosho Minium Piper Cherokee is powered with the included tiny brushed motor and gearbox which is all factory installed and ready to run. It provided good power for the model with full throttle only being used for take off or speed runs.


Included is the small Minium single cell LiPoly battery. It is uses the standard connector for models of this size. Charge times are generally about 20 minutes.


The red or blue Cherokee includes authentic door panel lines, the Cherokee indicator near the nose and "N" numbers. They look very attractive.


The Minium Piper Cherokee is a fantastic looking model – very nice!

The Cherokee has a recessed battery area in the nose on the underside of the plane. There is no internal hatch. Instead, the battery is right out in the air. The tray allows for slight battery placement adjustment for the user to set the desired CG. I used a rearward placement for slower flight.

The Minium Cherokee is a bit heavier (the extra servo) than some of the other models I have flown, so I was not too sure how that would work out in flight. The Cherokee gladly carried the weight with style and was a real in flight performer. In fact it will really move out at full throttle!

Takeoff and Landing

The Cherokee liked full power for takeoff, a common feature for these small models. It tracks well with rudder input even without a steerable nose wheel. It lifted off with a quick nudge of up. Power can be dropped after climb out.

Landings were easy if I kept a small amount of power on. Nice!

Special Flight Characteristics

The ailerons worked wonderfully and are very effective for yank and bank turns. The throttle spring loading takes some getting used to, and it also makes coordinated turns nearly impossible. The rudder was extremely effective but the aileron and elevator turns work just fine. In fact, it turned on a dime and gave 9 cents change. Very responsive.

All of you will want to know about loops and rolls. The model will loop with full power and a nose down for additional speed. It did tend to slide out so make sure you have plenty of altitude: it needs a bunch for recovery! Rolls are pretty challenging, but those maneuvers are not really the forte of this scale model.

I snapped these pictures while Doug took a turn at the sticks.

Recommended power system

The stock power system provides good sport power. I did most of my flying at around 50-60% throttle settings.

Is this plane for a beginner?

Experienced pilots will find the Cherokee very easy to fly once they have mastered the spring loaded throttle. It is not hard to fly but some experience is welcome. With that said it is certainly easy enough for a beginner to fly.

Flight Video



The Minium Piper was ready to fly out of the box. Simply charge the battery and you are ready to take on the indoor arenas. Outdoor flight is possible but only with near still conditions.

A full house 4 channel system just brings an element of ultra cool to indoor flight. The extra servo weighs a bit more but the Cherokee does not mind a bit. It was great having rudder and aileron, but coordinated turns are hard with the spring loaded throttle. The rudder and ailerons were both very effective.

The included charger is built into the transmitter so nothing to carry but the TX battery and airplane. I also really liked the large LCD display with voltage, trim and mode information displayed. It will burn through batteries pretty quickly so some capable NiMh cells are welcome.

The brushed power system keeps this bird in the air with style. It has adequate sport power and flights are right above half throttle. The little Cherokee is a speed demon too: At full power it really moved out!

The model looks wonderful with the factory stickers and markings. Hats off to the design crew!


  • True ready to fly
  • Full RTF setup including radio, charger, battery and power system
  • Fantastic looks


  • Spring loaded throttle just stinks!

The micro market is simply exploding, and we have a number of great choices. I have a special love for general aviation aircraft, and the Cherokee is a staple of that market. The Minium Piper Cherokee looks and flies great. Check it out the hobby shop.

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Apr 08, 2009, 06:27 PM
ARF Hater Club
tommyeflight89's Avatar
Nice review.
It wouldn't be that hard to get into the TX and remove the spring right?
Apr 08, 2009, 06:45 PM
Registered User
wrcsti's Avatar
Shouldn't be, he didn't remove it mostly due to being a RTF review.
Apr 08, 2009, 08:12 PM
Suspended Account
Anyone know where to buy replacement parts for the Cherokee?????

Thanks for any help given
Apr 08, 2009, 09:47 PM
Slow Flyer
Bombay's Avatar
Nice review. Pretty bird.

The PZ micros are notorious for signal loss (doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason). Between my brother and I, we own 4...and they all experience loss.

Have you tested this model outside?
Have you experienced any signal loss or glitching?

Apr 08, 2009, 10:15 PM
Registered User
pda4you's Avatar
Originally Posted by tommyeflight89
Nice review.
It wouldn't be that hard to get into the TX and remove the spring right?
Thanks guys.....

Sadly the spring is not accessible by opening the case. The Cherokee thread has a couple of guys that have done it with a fair bit of work.

No problems signal loss or glitches inside or outside.

Apr 09, 2009, 02:50 AM
Registered User

TX Mod

Originally Posted by pda4you
Thanks guys.....

Sadly the spring is not accessible by opening the case. The Cherokee thread has a couple of guys that have done it with a fair bit of work.

No problems signal loss or glitches inside or outside.


Here it is for those brave enough to try
I would not recommend this mod unless you have good soldering skills or at least a back-up Tx. It worked out great for me and really transformed the flying experience of my Cherokee and Caliber 120 which I was really not to happy with because of the spring throttle and zero throttle at mid stick. Check that thread for others experience with this mod. With that said the Piper Cherokee is a Great Airplane.

Apr 09, 2009, 09:41 AM
Registered User

Great review! Come fly it with us at the Boys Ranch some Thursday.

Apr 09, 2009, 12:04 PM
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pda4you's Avatar
Thanks Rich for the link!

Thanks Rod...will do!

Apr 09, 2009, 10:03 PM
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lavochkin's Avatar
I have the new su-26 from horizon coming soon. It can do pretty much all the aerobatics. Inverted and etc... I doubt it can hover though. Kysoho makes an edge like the horizon sukhoi. But its heavier. I was gonna get one of these kyosho cherokee's until I seen horizon with the su. Those 70 mah packs are ok. But if ya use the e-flite 110 mah or any other 130-138mah lipo its the same size as the 70 and you will not only have more power, but a LOT more flight time. Just a note for those who were wondering.
Apr 09, 2009, 11:55 PM
Aerobatic Fanatic
HugoCraft's Avatar
I stopped flying indoor's when the weather got good outside but the SU-26 looks so sweet and will definatly be very popular the next indoor season(winter)
Apr 10, 2009, 01:01 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by termite
Anyone know where to buy replacement parts for the Cherokee?????

Thanks for any help given


This is all I could find No electronics yet

Apr 10, 2009, 01:16 AM
Suspended Account
Thanks brother!

Apr 10, 2009, 05:40 PM
To be a great Astro Boy
edoc's Avatar
I have flown and taken apart the plane. Other than the beauty of the plane, the experiance was mostly negative!

The spring/mid throttle really ruins the flying experiance, making stall turns and good throttle control much harder than they should be. This alone makes this plane much less fun to fly than PZ models.

In addition, during our first attempts at flying there was not enough power. The motor gearbox was inspected under magnification. A tiny piece of solder was stuck in the gear. With this removed and some Radio Shack gear lube, Power was good. Loops were easy , but but it fell out in rolls and could ideally use more power. I made a brief attempt at change to 7mm gear drive, but room was limitted. With more work it probably could be done.

Our plane was unstable to elevator with excess elevator control even with the control rod moved to the outside hole on the control surface. This was partly due to rearward CG. Balance and power was better with a 110 or 130mah battery. Elevator sensitivity improved some with more forward CG.

The plane I was flying had a severe problem with the elevator control surface gyrating up and down. When I took the top off the plane, I was surprised to find that the reciever/servo brick is not the same as the Park Zone planes. The servos are of a worm gear type like Falcons. The Brick was larger( I assume heavier) than a Parkzone brick with the same funtionality. Our elevator servo would sometimes work and sometimes spin 360 degrees over and over, giving the elevator gyrations. I have not yet found away to fix this. This has made most flights end in a crash...

Kyosho really screwed it Up
1. Terrible throttle destroys most of the fun.
2. The plane could use more power for ideal flying (probably can be fixed)
3. CG may be a little rearward. Power and stability is better with a 110 battery. Why didn't come this way to begin with?
4. Overly sensitive elevator only partially fixed with CG changed.
5. One of the servos on our model doesn't work correctly and I suspect many others will have this problem.
6. It is a greating looking model and would be great flying model if the above were fixed.

The only thing I like better than PZ/ old kyosho design is the more standard servo type could make aileron setup easier on a custom model.

My conclusion:
Stay with the Parkzone stuff until Kyosho fixes this mess. This plane was one big frustration for me.

Apr 10, 2009, 08:14 PM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by FlyHeli?

This is all I could find No electronics yet

The whole set is same cost as a couple parts; I don't think they'll be selling me much of anything with prices like that


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