Are Vtail's more effected by crosswind than R/E? - RC Groups
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Jan 19, 2003, 01:45 PM
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Are Vtail's more effected by crosswind than R/E?

I just flew my very first Vtail and it did fine, but it seemed like crosswinds were really making it squirly (10-15 mph against a sub 12oz plane). The plane I was flying is a self built clone of another self built plane that had R/E and that one always seemed to do better. There are other factors I can blame this on, but I thought I would check this first. As it was going by I got a real good look at the profile and noticed there is a lot of vertical surface for the wind to abuse.
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Jan 19, 2003, 02:05 PM
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The (any) plane ALWAYS ignores the wind, unless you disturb it.
Holding a constant heading off the wind direction;
slipping to a landing..
The (any) plane has no idea about crosswind. It's carried IN the wind, and until you reference the flight path to a fixed point on the ground, the plane will fly quite happily "aligned" with the flight path.
"other factors" include the determination of the surface areas and vee of the new tail. Surface throws, moment arms..
And a light plane in turbulence isn't all that much fun.