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Jan 31, 2013, 02:18 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
A twisted steel strip that secures a rafter to a header plate (wall) better than just nailing.
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Jan 31, 2013, 04:39 PM
Hot Dawg Glider Pilot
schrederman's Avatar
I'm stoked... I'm going to Houston tomorrow to practice a bit so I can fly Saturday in the Lone Star Series... a series of contests put on by some of the Texas clubs... culminating in the TNT. It'll be the second time I've been back there in 7 years since moving away. Did I mention that... I'm STOKED!!!???
Jan 31, 2013, 04:59 PM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by seanpcola
after we bought this house i spoke with my next door neighbor about local damage after hurricane ivan, the one that destroyed my old house. He said the only structure in the whole neighborhood that didn't get a scratch on it was my future man-cave.
Big grin!

All the best and have fun JW, what you taking, Xploder, Journey, Yardbird?
Jan 31, 2013, 05:17 PM
Hot Dawg Glider Pilot
schrederman's Avatar
Since it's just an American-style TD contest, I'll have the Xplorer and the Icon 2 with me...

Thanks Steve for the kind words...
Jan 31, 2013, 06:35 PM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar
Thanks, Sean. We, ahh, don't have those here.
Jan 31, 2013, 08:51 PM
who has rabbit ears down
Captain Canardly's Avatar
WoW Steve! how close is that to you?!
Shreder: we have 15-25 mph sloping winds- but only 6 degrees!
Jan 31, 2013, 08:51 PM
I need some building time in t
scaflock's Avatar
Just when you thought it was safe in the woody thread......

Well I'm back on-line folks and it has been a heck of a time since I left. Sean has been kept up to speed on things as they developed and I'm not sure how much he has passed on to everyone here. I've got about three months of catching up to do on-line with over 1,000 e-mails to sort through. Soon as I get that taken care of tomorrow, I"ll do up a post to fill you all in on just what happened during my absence. All I can say is that I WISH it had been because of a trip like the one Steve did, but I can't. Full details tomorrow.

Jan 31, 2013, 09:07 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
Hey Darth, you goin to the Lone Star meet?

j/k. Have fun and remember, no photos, it didn't happen.

It lives. Hey Jeff, glad you're back up and I apologize for not calling you back the other day. I didn't tell much of what you've been through, just let everyone know you were still alive.
Jan 31, 2013, 10:03 PM
Suspended Account
It lives! Onya Jeff! Welcome back.

I wouldn't know, but I been told those Mexican prisons aren't for sooks, you are one tough old salt.

Nah, Sean didn't tell me that, he's to much the discrete gentleman. So how much can you tell us? You got to tell us something!

Yeah Cap, I used to live right where that tornado spun through, it only missed me by 11 years. Close enough for this old wood duck.
Jan 31, 2013, 11:07 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
Hey folks,

May have something better to share than Dumb Sean Tricks stories. Fox 10 News (Local channel) sent a crew out to work today and did a feature on the Soaring Club. I got to see the rough footage at the field, a lot of it shot with a Go Pro from inside the G103 and the 2-33. It is well done, shows (before edit) a full tow to altitude and release, flying around my stomping grounds, etc. Excellent capture. I think you will enjoy it.

Oh, and for the guys. The main GP camera is mounted on the front panel looking back. I realize the darn reporter is centered in the frame and may be a bit distracting. I apologize ahead of time for her blocking the view.


Hoss, if you read this. I think it will air tomorrow (Friday morning) on F10 around 8:00 AM unless there is a change of plans.

At any rate, after it airs it will be loaded on YouTube so I'll link it as soon as it's available.
Feb 01, 2013, 07:07 AM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar
Cool, Sean!
Feb 01, 2013, 11:51 AM
I need some building time in t
scaflock's Avatar
Ok Folks as promised here is the full story of what happened over the last couple of months.....

After my arrival here in Arizona I ended up getting a job as a personal assistant to an 81 year old lady and her "nephew". Almost right off the bat I started seeing red flags flying all over the place. First off this so called "Nephew" as supposed to be a disabled vet but too many things were not adding up. As a vet myself I was feeling that helping a fellow vet that had not fared as well as I had was a good thing. I was supposed to be paid monthly but after the first month and no pay check I started doing some research into his past as well as the business he said he owned. Well after I had failed to find any articles of incorporation posted within the public records I asked a good friend of mine to see what she could find on this company. She's a para-legal and a wizard at finding out stuff like this. After several days she couldn't find a thing on this company. Yet another red flag to say the least.

Then I started to notice discrepancies in the household finances. Late notices on basic payments, etc etc etc. He told me that they had been victims of identity theft and were still trying to get things straightened out from that. Ok... I can understand that and know of the hassles that go along with having your identity stolen as I've been there myself. So the second month finishes up and still no pay.

Now I'm not one to leave someone in a bind if I can help it at all. Wile the guy was a total jerk, his "Aunt" was a very sweet lady and I came to like her a lot. She reminded me of my own grandmother and she really needed the help. so I stayed if for no other reason than to make sure she received the needed help.

During this time I had family issues going on in San Diego that I really needed to get back there to help with as I could. My Step-Mother had just passed away and I wanted to be there to give my dad some support in his time of need. Well since I hadn't been paid I couldn't afford to make the trip over to do my part. I gave what support I could over the phone and my dad understood my situation and told me that since there was nothing I could do to just stay there and take care of my charge.

So we are all sitting at the house one morning when the local police show up at the door along with Adult Protective Services (APS), my charges son and the new owners of the house which I found out the hard way had been foreclosed on and sold. They end up hauling the "nephew" away siting a laundry list of charges that he is facing and I am asked by APS to stay and continue taking care of my charge and that they will pay me for this service. They just had to get me paperwork to fill out and all would be well. An entire month goes by and after several called to the case worker about the paper work and not getting an answer I called the main office in Phoenix to inquire about it. I get a call back a couple of days later saying that since I am not a "certified" care giver that they won't pay me for my services. I've been a certified EMT for over 25 years but they said that didn't count. Well here is yet another month of work that I ended up getting shafted on when it comes to pay. Her son was sending checks but that had to go towards keeping food in the house and my charges meds.

I need to backtrack a bit here and tell you about the lady I met before the "nephew" was carted away. We had had one date before the fit hit the shan and we got along really well. She's a very sweet lady and has a huge heart. Well she stuck with me through all the hassles of the last few months and helped out as much as she could. I would be a fool to let her get away and we are now living together and are happy as a couple of clams.

Anyway... My charge had what looked to be a stroke and not having any recourse I called 911 and got the paramedics over there to get her to the hospital right away. It turns out that she had a brain tumor that she had been hiding from everyone and it had let go. The damage shown on the CT scan was massive and they gave her 8-72 hours to live. To make a long story short she was able to hang on for the next two weeks before she passed away. This at least gave her and her son time to patch things up between them and to spend some time together before she left us for the next part of the journey. She was a very sweet lady and I felt honored to have had a chance to get to know her before she passed away. After her passing her son asked me to help him take care of clearing out the house. This was about a two week process and trust me it was not an easy job. over 40 years worth of living in that house had to be gone through. As we did this task, we came across stacks of bills that had not been paid by the "nephew" as well as recipients for things he had charged to her credit cards. Between draining her accounts dry as well as taking out cards in her name we estimate that he had ripped her off for well over $100K. He is currently facing charges ranging from elderly abuse to grand theft and grand theft auto since he pawned her car as well. (I didn't even know that she had a car until the cops showed up!) With all the charges he is now facing I doubt he will see the light of day as a free man until sometime around the year 2213. (Which means he will be released in abut 10-15 years given the current state of our prisons) I also found out that this guy is already facing charges for doing the same thing to his own grandmother!!!! Real piece of work.

Soooo...... That's been why I haven't been around lately and am glad that part of my life is now over and I can get back to some form of normal again. (Well as normal as it gets on this thread.) I'll spend the next couple of days going over what I missed an getting myself back up to speed.
Feb 01, 2013, 01:06 PM
Full Scale Piper Cub Driver
Piper J3's Avatar
Feb 01, 2013, 01:47 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
OK, looks like it will be next week after editing before the segment about our field shows so may be then before any links to post.

PJ3: Right near sunset last evening that J3 (Actually it's a Super Cub) that I posted photos of came in for a visit. It's really interesting. The guy brings it down here from Alaska, removed the add-on storage compartment (guess he wanted to cut the drag way down ) but still has the tundra LG setup on it along with the VGs. He took off from where he parked it in about the distance I could jump when I was younger, banked it really hard and flew out of sight behind the hangar (single story building). I get the biggest kick out of watching that thing land and taxi across the field bouncing up and down on those tires. I meant to ask him what pressure he's running in those tires. I'm guessing about 2 PSI.
Feb 01, 2013, 02:36 PM
Full Scale Piper Cub Driver
Piper J3's Avatar
That's got to be a long (real long) trip to fly a cub from AK to FL. I fly the J3 for an hour and I want to get out. Takes several minutes of being crippled-over until I can straighten up. I think people were smaller, or the term "ergonomics" wasn't invented back when that plane was type certificated. It is a fun plane especially in warm weather flying with the door down and window up. Oh got a story…

30 minutes flight west of here is a small group of islands in the western end of Lake Erie. Usually fly there a couple of times each summer. Take the wife, eat breakfast on So. Bass Island, rent a golf cart and have a blast. Year before last we fly up on a Saturday morning. Beautiful Wx to die for. So we do our thing and leave south out of Put-in-Bay (3W2) and I fly right hand traffic around the island at ~ 150 elevation and about 300 ft off the shore line. So we’re hugging the shore line with the island off to our right side and door is down. Talk about fun. Lots of boats down below with people fishing and swimming. They’re waving at us and we’re waving at them. So we circle the island once and climb up to a safe altitude to jump back over to the mainland which is only a few miles. Once over terra firma we set the handheld GPS for home which is a small private grass strip. We trudge home, land, and put the plane in the T hanger and kill a little time talking to the other pilots hanging around. That’s what pilot’s do – they hang around airports. The weather stays nice all weekend and I go back out to fly again on Sunday morning and I’m greeted by one of the guys we talked to on Saturday when we put the plane away. He asks me if I got a phone call. I say no. He proceeds to tell me what happened after I left the airport the day before… Several cars pulled up followed by a sheriff’s car. Everybody gets out and several of the guys ID themselves as DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Holy sh.t Susan! They’re asking if a yellow airplane just landed. Piper J3 is painted original factory yellow with black lightening stripe. They tell the authorities that yes indeed a yellow plane just landed. Not a good idea to fib to the feds. They open the hanger and look over the plane, get the registration out, and write everything down. Wow… So somebody got up the nerve to ask what this was all about. Apparently someone reported a yellow plane flying low over the water and dropped something out the window to a waiting boat near the shore. Yikes. So they must have had me on radar (no electrical system so no transponder) and saw me land. What I don’t know is why they didn’t contact me. That is a mystery. Can’t believe the feds didn’t follow thru. The guys at the airport said they didn’t look real sharp. The DEA guys wanted to know which airplanes had just been flown and the guys suggested to feel the cowling of each airplane to see if it was warm indicating that it would have just landed. Puzzled looks all around. And so I’m still sleeping in my warm bed instead of on a hard bunk with my cute butt up against the wall for safe keeping. All this written at work when I should be doing the King’s labor. End of story…

Last edited by Piper J3; Feb 01, 2013 at 05:34 PM. Reason: Added pics

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