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Dec 22, 2012, 12:16 PM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar
Yeah, it was coming down hard earlier, huh? Right now, in north SJ, it's just raining, I think the big T storm moved down south. I bet Dad has it now in Fresno. Morning, Dad! LOL

I'm not too sure about tomorrow. Maybe a HS, or just a Radian. Tape up the hatch REAL good.

Now that I'm UP, I'd like to watch another boomer come through. One can always hope!
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Dec 22, 2012, 01:32 PM
who has rabbit ears down
Captain Canardly's Avatar
Let's try full page- I thought it should have been blue!
Dec 22, 2012, 03:39 PM
Good, fast or cheap, pick two
robh's Avatar
Katie and Al, same here! At 2:00 a.m. a massive (for CA that is) thunderstorm rolled through here and some of the thunder claps were the loudest I think I've ever heard. The house shook quite nicely on one of them. It almost started to feel like the Northridge earthquake did when I lived in Glendale years ago!

Having lived on the east cost I also miss the thunderstorms that we had and when one rolls through here it's a treat - yep, I'm one of those who appreciates a little natural pyrotechnics!

Sean - too bad that part of Santa's helpers costumes were misplaced, darn

Lastly, a blind man walks into a department store, right into the middle, with his seeing eye dog and stops. He then proceeds to start swinging his dog on its leash around over his head in circles, the dog's neck getting squeezed by the centrifugal force - faster, faster, round and round it goes. A manager comes running up and says "Sir, what are you doing!?!". The blind man says, "oh, nothing much, just looking around".

Merry Christmas to all!

Dec 22, 2012, 04:11 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
Yeah Rob, we do get some awesome thunderstorms here. I got caught out in one this past summer while I was doing some tractor work about a mile from any cover. My fault, I saw it building but thought I could finish and be back before it hit. It was almost like being on the receiving end of a mortar barrage. I truly got a bit concerned. A Pecan tree near me took a direct hit and it literally blew the squirrels out of it. They were scattered around like a battlefield.

At least we don't get snow or really cold temps. I CANNOT handle that.
Dec 22, 2012, 04:36 PM
Good, fast or cheap, pick two
robh's Avatar
Originally Posted by seanpcola
Yeah Rob, we do get some awesome thunderstorms here. I got caught out in one this past summer while I was doing some tractor work about a mile from any cover. My fault, I saw it building but thought I could finish and be back before it hit. It was almost like being on the receiving end of a mortar barrage. I truly got a bit concerned. A Pecan tree near me took a direct hit and it literally blew the squirrels out of it. They were scattered around like a battlefield.

At least we don't get snow or really cold temps. I CANNOT handle that.
"Scattered around like a battlefield" - hilarious!! What a mental movie that caused .

I was in Orlando for a conference a few years ago, and a few of us decided to go have some fun one day and went go-kart racing. After a series of great races, the weather moved in and just as we were inside getting ready to pay the bill and wrap things up a huuuuuge storm hit. Thunder, rain, the works. Since I was driving, I told the others to give me about a 20 yard head start to the car so that I could get in and have the doors unlocked for them by the time they got there. Cool idea.

In a driving rain, I start sprinting to the car. There was probably a good inch or more of rain on the ground, it was coming down so hard. Keys in hand at the ready, Rob booking it, and as I'm about halfway to the car a bolt of lightning hits in the parking lot about 15 yards to my right, you know, so close that there was no delay between the lightning and the thunder! I hear my friends howling at how close it was to me, and I look over while running and notice that about a 20 foot circular area of pavement was bone dry and steaming. I remember thinking... wow, that's odd.

I get into the car, my friends pile in after me, and they were howling at the fact that I didn't get hit. Apparently, there are quite a few people who are struck by lightning every year in Florida, and I almost became one of the "statistics".

I think I'll take earthquakes thanks. , but I do appreciate a good thunderstorm, only at a bit of a distance thanks!


Dec 22, 2012, 04:56 PM
Master Procrastinator
Tango Juliet's Avatar
I grew up at the northern end of Tornado Alley near Ft. Wayne, IN, and I've been all over this country; North, South, East, and West. Like Sean, I can't handle the cold anymore. Too many days/nights spent working outside on B-52's in North Dakota. I worked for several years at the airport in Moss Point, MS, and let me tell you, we get some of the most powerful thunderstorms I have ever witnessed along the Gulf Coast! I absolutely love a good thunderstorm! An ex-girlfriend of mine (I have several) and her son are from Greece and according to them, they don't get weather like this at all there. They were terified by our weather patterns.
Dec 22, 2012, 05:08 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
I was holed up in a steel ag building with a dude from up north once while a storm came through. I sat on a plastic 5 gallon bucket right in the middle of the room and he was leaning against one of the metal walls. I warned him but he didn't listen. A bolt hit the tree next to us and jumped over to the wall. Took him about 10 seconds to come around. He was certainly not a Rhodes scholar before the incident but I think it rattled his brain permanently.

One of the coolest sights I have ever witnessed and I would do anything to have gotten it on film (or disk I guess nowadays) happened a couple of years ago. The FS soaring club is known for pushing it to the edge on flying in bad weather. More than once I've seen someone scream into the pattern and land at the moment all hell breaks loose. This time a Grob G-103 came over the fence and touched down at the exact moment that two bolts came down and hit trees on both sides of the runway. It was perfectly timed. Of course there was cockpit cleaning and laundry to do afterwards.
Dec 22, 2012, 07:19 PM
Registered User
Don Stackhouse's Avatar
I learned to fly full-scale sailplanes with the Soaring Society of Dayton, which at that time operated out of the Richmond, IN airport.

One hazy day I was up in one of the club's Schweitzer 2-22E's with an instructor, a few miles from the airport, when we saw a cu-nim materializing from the other clouds about the same distance on the far side of the airport. The crew back on the ground was feverishly packing everything up and getting the gliders safely back into the hangars. The instructor and I set up a LOONNNGGG straight-in for the taxiway in front of this 2-22's T-hangar. The storm was headed straight for the airport, and we were in a mad dash to see who would get there first!

Of course if any of you are familiar with 2-22's, "mad dash" in the same paragraph with it is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Not a good airplane to have to race with against one of Mother Nature's finest.

We touched down on the taxiway as "long" as we dared, let it roll till we got close to the T-hangar, and we both leaped from the plane, each grabbed a wingtip, and we began a sprint for the T-hangar. We had just pulled up in front of the hangar when the gust front hit. Fortunately the plane was pointed into the wind, but it reared five feet into the air, and it was only me managing to grab the nose handle that kept it from ending up on its back a hundred feet or so downwind.

Fortunately the wind died down behind the gust front long enough to get the plane safely stuffed into the hangar. However, that whole experience really clarified the old advice that you are responsible for "flying the plane" from the moment the plane is out of the hangar or untied from the tie downs, until it is again safely tied down or otherwise restrained.
Dec 22, 2012, 08:34 PM
Full Scale Better! UOHHHH!
Phoebusflyer's Avatar
Great stories guys and gal! Growing up in Texas, west, central and etc., I can surely identify with alot of what you are sharing! Some of my earliest memories of storms include lightning so frequent, it was like someone taking the room light switch and flicking it up and down as fast as they could! The clouds would actually ROAR at you, not just a boom now and then!
Thanks for sharing! TJ, I currently work with a lot of guys from Moss Point. How long ago was that?
By the way, Merry Christmas to all, and wishing you all the Joy of the Season!
Dec 22, 2012, 08:54 PM
Registered User
Don Stackhouse's Avatar
My eighth grade math and science teacher (the one who got me off of plastic models and into building balsa flying models) had flown B-17's during the war. He talked about flying through thunderstorms with lightning so intense it would blind them from seeing the instruments. They flew with one eye shut, one open. After each flash they would switch eyes. By the next flash, the first eye had recovered, and they would switch again.
Dec 22, 2012, 09:09 PM
life long racing nut & modeler
granada don's Avatar
Hi Rob

You missed all the fun of the Northridge jiggler living over in Glendale, here in Granada Hills 2 miles from the center she was quite a E ticket ride.

Been through 4 of them from now on someone else can have all the fun, at 4 in the morning it sure does scare the hell out of ya when your bed is going up & down about 2 feet.

G Don
Dec 22, 2012, 09:35 PM
Registered User
Several years ago (7-11-96), I was flying an LS-4 at Minden when several over developed areas were rapidly going south (deteriorating, not compass direction). My buddy had ventured NE on a XC & was many miles out (in CAVU conditions) & couldn't radio Minden directly for Wx updates, so I stayed airborn & hung out over the Sierras to relay info of the Wx in and around the Carson Valley. Well several cells were headed for Minden from the east, so I thought that I had better high-tail it the 5nm to the runway before the black skies turned the whole valley IFR. I had plenty of altitude & put the nose down to make a bee-line dash at maneuvering speed for the RW. Normally we land 30, but I had to stay pointed due east to track north for RW 34 (winds reported at the time as 06 25G45, vis 1/4 mile). For a while with full spoilers & 80kts, I was going up at 400 FPM. I touched down in a heavy downpour, and rolled out to the side of the RW, got out & pushed my plane onto the Sierra desert sand alongside the RW, so that any other AC could use the RW as I climbed back in the cockpit to try & stay dry while waiting for the golf cart to come get me. I heard a C-130 firefighter announce downwind for 34. I radioed "be advised a sailplane is clear of 34 off the left side". I don't know if he saw me or not, but heard him say on short final that he was going around. Maybe the winds were too much.

I never saw him, but just about the time I was touching down 34, a DG 400 went sreaming by from NE to SW over Minden, trying to make 34. As he turned around for 34, he was too low to make the RW & "landed" short in a ditch, breaking the tail off. Luckily he was OK.

By the time the golf cart reached me, my LS-4 had sunk up to the axle in the desert sand. Got her free & ran the wing as we towed her back. I got soaked to the bone, my feet going squish-squash-squish-squash with every step along the way as I ran the wing back in. Must have looked lke a drowned rat.

60 minutes later my friend landed with sunny skies & a wet RW wondering what all the hub bub was about. :-)
Dec 22, 2012, 10:33 PM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar
What's CAVU?
Dec 22, 2012, 10:37 PM
Registered User
Don Stackhouse's Avatar
Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited, otherwise known as "severe clear"
Dec 22, 2012, 10:57 PM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar

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