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Dec 19, 2012, 11:08 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
Yeah, I'll join with Al in saying Merry Christmas to everyone! It's gonna get real busy over the next couple of weeks and the New Year's is going to bring on some serious changes for me.

Watching White Christmas right now with my dog. He loves Bing Crosby. Personally I'm more than a little intrigued with Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen. They don't build babydolls like those chicks anymore.

I have two serious New Year's resolutions that are gonna be REAL hard to do but it's time. Upside is that one of the best ways to accomplish theses goals is going to involve keeping my busy little hands occupied. No better way to do that than to build, build, build.
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Dec 19, 2012, 11:10 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
Originally Posted by alstrahm
Russian Armadillos......................., ?

just saying!

Alpha Kilo.
Dec 19, 2012, 11:29 PM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar
I saw the car today. Wow! Fs like something right out of a driver's ed class. The door is pushed in halfway into the driver's seat. I'm not allowed to take pictures there, it's the police evidence lot. But I'll see about getting shots if they move it. But it's not worth salvaging. Not at all.

In happier news, I was going through some really old photo albums, and I found this cutie:

No wonder I picked him. <3
Dec 19, 2012, 11:37 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
That;s awesome Katie!

Maybe you should just let the car go if there is nothing of value. I've dealt with plenty of grief and turning loose sometimes really helps a lot!

Please don't take that wrong. I'm really trying to help.
Dec 19, 2012, 11:54 PM
dwells's Avatar
Sean got an assault rifle! Sweet! Need pics! Better buy your high capacity mags while you can. So, a 47, 101, 102? What?
Dec 20, 2012, 12:39 AM
who has rabbit ears down
Captain Canardly's Avatar
Maybe a 58 Cal Springfield like I had back in the civil war!
Dec 20, 2012, 01:40 AM
Egads! It's a GIRL!
Lil Stinkpot's Avatar
Sean, that's what I'm going to have to do. There is no value left in it, not even scavenge.

They tell me that total losses get sent to the fire department for rescue practice. What a noble way to go!
Dec 20, 2012, 01:59 AM
Be an organ donor
Originally Posted by dwells
Sean got an assault rifle! Sweet! Need pics! Better buy your high capacity mags while you can. So, a 47, 101, 102? What?
Well, I was going to say an assault rifle, but I thought they came with some form of compound/metal stock, not hardwood. Unless I'm totally missing the boat.
Dec 20, 2012, 08:33 AM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
OK guys, let's get off the fireams discussion before the mods nail me. My fault and I apologize. DonW, I'll go to PMs.

Oh, and there is no such thing as an assault rifle. "Assault" is a situation not a piece of equipment.
Dec 20, 2012, 11:06 AM
Master Procrastinator
Tango Juliet's Avatar
Originally Posted by seanpcola
Oh, and there is no such thing as an assault rifle. "Assault" is a situation not a piece of equipment.
Dec 20, 2012, 05:53 PM
Suspended Account
Did you hear what happened to the two peanuts walking through the park last night?
- They were assalted.

Us two penauts did go for a bike ride around the neighborhood last night though, checking out all the christmas light setups on peoples properties, a few of them put the Clarke Griswalds to shame gee people are competitive in this form of mad suburban art, the planning and prep must take a month at least, nice to see, but I'd never do it, you can almost hear their electricity meters humming with the load,drawing mega watts.

Also been flying again up the local slope, and it feels great! I'll take Patches the technicolor O3 up their as soon as I've familiarised myself with it's radio programming again. Just yesterday we flew the 2.65m Discus CS and it was really wonderful to see it in the air again, flown in a scale manner it is a real peach. The fuse is glass but the flying surfaces are all wood and rebuilt by yours truly so it is kinda a half woody. Did away with the flaps and just use + ali reflex for landings. Gotta love scaleys. So, the B-100, getting there with perusing the plans only just now, been to busy getting the rest of the fleet service ready. Then there is fitting out the new MiniVec for slope hotrodding, a day of work in that.
As builders, if you want a laugh, go and read the confusion of strong opinions over in this thread; https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...218400&page=64 The online slope fraternity can be a strange breed of cattle, many raised on ARF logic; makes me glad we have the thermal and real building sections!

My Sunfrau had a fly of the Bee epp wing yesterday and she did well, too well.. So, I am going to refit my fathers crusty old and super bendy EZG for her to learn how to fly, we can buddy box. So when she starts getting too good at it, I can cut in and save the situation for all...

Have a good Friday folks, we have noted here on the far side that the world has not ended yet and it's already 9am, so you have at least until 9am your time over there to survive the calamity.
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Dec 20, 2012, 06:45 PM
Be an organ donor
Did you hear about the lady that called the police saying she had been graped. The officer said, "Don't you mean raped?" She replied, "No, there was a bunch of them."

I don't know what the above has to do with this forum (it doesn't, just matching assalted peanuts), so to keep in the "woodies" theme, here goes. I have a Mystery ship kit that I may start this coming year and thought that as slick as it looked I would get a pair of "scale type spoilers" from HobbyKing. These are the motorized ones. After waiting a god awful long time for them to arrive, I got my servo tester (thanks Sean) and checked out their operation. First one was great. Second one kimd of worked for about 7 seconds and died. My first purchase from HobbyKing with 50-50- success.
Last edited by kwmtrubrit; Dec 20, 2012 at 06:55 PM.
Dec 20, 2012, 07:28 PM
life long racing nut & modeler
granada don's Avatar
Hi Steve

This guy 6 blocks up from me lives on a corner and covers every square foot and fence with lights - displays etc, and on his garage door it says ' need more power '

Merry christmas to you Steve and your new lady!! and everybody else on this great woody thread we all like soo much.

G Don
Dec 20, 2012, 07:50 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
I got voted to play Santa at our company Christmas party this year. Here's a shot (not a good one, can't see my face) and the ladies I picked to be my little helpers this year.
Dec 20, 2012, 07:59 PM
AMA 3959
alstrahm's Avatar
Originally Posted by seanpcola
i got voted to play santa at our company christmas party this year. Here's a shot (not a good one, can't see my face) and the ladies i picked to be my little helpers this year.

oh my!

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