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Oct 21, 2009, 08:42 PM
Registered User
Don Stackhouse's Avatar

I had an ulterior motive as well, and one that as a fellow person in this business I believe you can sympathize with.

All too often, folks have a problem, or think they have a problem, and their first action is to come on forums like this one and complain to everyone about the vendor, often to the point of what amounts to vindictive character assassination. I think our society as a whole would run much more smoothly if we all try to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt, and if you have a problem with someone, talk with them first and try to resolve it. If we were more concerned with fixing the problem and less with fixing some assumed blame, and focused more on constructive solutions, our world would be a much more pleasant place for all of us.

Yes, there are a few true scoundrels out there, who richly deserve proper and adequately punitive retribution. However, the vast majority of the time the problem is just an honest mistake, or a simple misunderstanding.

That said, yes, I also agree with your goal of educating the new buyers out there about things to watch out for.

As far as the Tx in your picture, hard to say for sure within the limits of the available resolution, but based on the color and apparent shape (rectangular solid?), I'm guessing an old Kraft or maybe a World Engines Expert.

Somewhere out in our barn is an old 3-channel Kraft, and my first digital radio was a World Engines Blue Max, built by someone from a kit and then rebuilt by the factory (I was in college at the time, and had to watch my pennies). The Blue Max had a pretty awful reliability record (mine had four servo amplifier failures, two servo motor failures, several feedback pot failures, and two transmitter stick assembly failures, all in one flying season, not counting the way the ball joints for the stick pivots would freeze up in cold weather). From what I could tell from my friends using the Expert series, those weren't much better. Overall they were better than the Galloping Ghost systems I started out with, but they still managed to wreck far more than their fair share of airplanes. I traded my Blue Max in on a new Futaba about a year later, and never looked back.

The Krafts had been around longer, and were somewhat big and clunky by the standards of the time, but generally regarded as solid and reliable, the "gold standard" of their day.
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Oct 21, 2009, 09:04 PM
Registered User

OK, who can top this ???


since were turing back the pages ....

My first radio was a Citizenship kit I built in the sixties, flew a Tri Pacer powered with an Olhsen Rice until there was nothing left of the TP.

Sky Bench ... Woodys Forever
Oct 21, 2009, 09:20 PM
Registered User
Don Stackhouse's Avatar

I got started in R/C models in the late sixties. I was familiar with simple and compound escapements, and with reed systems, but my first radio was a Galloping Ghost system using a Royal Tx, Pioneer superhet Rx and a Rand LR-3 actuator. Galloping Ghost was cheap, but terrible. The controls (rudder, elevator and trimmable throttle, all on one servo) interacted badly. When you gave a rudder command, you got a big dose of up elevator with it, and a down elevator command removed all your rudder throw. Changing throttle included a huge dose of up elevator (aout 1 1/2 times the max normal amount of "up") during the half second to one second or so that the throttle was in transit.

The only planes that worked well with this system had very powerful rudder response and extremely weak elevator authority, so you could get all the rudder commands over and done with before the elevator had time to totally mess up the pitch attitude.

I still have that complete system in a box out in the workshop, but it obviously hasn't been flown for decades.

Believe me folks, TODAY is the "good old days" of radio control!
Oct 21, 2009, 09:48 PM
AMA 5285 LSF 8104
Aquila Guy's Avatar
Yes I think the Kraft '76' 3 channel still works, just needs batteries. I wouldn't mind finding some more of the Kraft micro servos (why does KPS-20 pop to mind??). Great radio, campaigned it quite a bit in 2M late 70's thru early '80's. I got started in R/C in the very early 70's with a Futaba single channel (push button) rubber band escapement, then an Ace single channel proportional pulse. My first multichannel radios were a 'square' tx Futaba 6 and a 3 channel (who had the blue transmitters? Hobby Lobby?). Still have both Futaba's and the Ace. Radios today are simply mind boggling...

In fact, as we speak (type?) I am finishing up the install of a 2.4 Spektrum DS5e into a Maurader.

Thank goodness woodies are still around and wonderful people are still kitting them!!

Oct 21, 2009, 10:08 PM
ein flugel schplinterizer
seanpcola's Avatar
Yep, Kraft. We've got a couple around and several single sticks. In fact my boss/flying buddy still flies SS exclusively. Has his gimbles and transmitter cases custom made. I fly them sometimes. I'm actually a better rudder flyer with them.
Oct 22, 2009, 09:09 AM
dwells's Avatar
Originally Posted by GDbot
The air is thicker down there at sea level, and the effect lasts for a couple of days, SO WATCH OUT!

I am almost all here, but part of me is still following me home from the road trip, and I haven't quite caught up on all the posts since I have been out of touch in dial up land. I'll post better tomorrow. Quick catch up for now.

It's good to know that Jack (shrederman) is STILL older than me, condolences all around, I'll buy you as many brews as you can drink if you ever get back to my town, and drink one more than you.

Dwells, I never got around to thanking you for turning me into a domino man a couple months ago when you first pointed that out. I spent a couple hours over a few days trying to track down a set at the thrift stores etc. Found some FINALLY at the local Family Dollar Store on sale! Bought 2 small sets (only double 6's). One for ME, one for the Borg! Thanks for the pointer bud!

I have some stories, (most of them TRUE) but they will have to wait till tomorrow, I am beat from 28 hours on the road driving 1000 miles with a couple of pauses though rush hour traffic in Sacramento and Las Vegas. (Bad Timing)

The Borg should be back in town shortly and we should be able to have a meeting of the minds sometime over the next couple days. (Good Timing)

I am fading now. Later my friends. bot
Welcome back GD, glad to hear you made it back in one piece . I'm not much for driving long distance with my screwed lower back, really starts burning after about 100 miles.

You'll love working with your little 90 blocks . I didn't get as far as I wanted to on vacation with the Oly, you know how it is. I have the base structure of my starboard inner panel to the point of potting the rod tube, will try to get that done tonight. Working 10 hour days at the office Mon-Fri doesn't leave me with much time/energy to get a lot done but if I can achieve a few steps an evenong it keeps me inspired . Still in love with this rather long build, I know it will be the plane meant for me.

Cheers Dude!
Oct 23, 2009, 04:38 AM
Suspended Account
Gee you guys around here are old.... My first AM radio was from Sanwa in the very early 80's, they were action packed and cheap back then. Truth is, they could be a bit crap actually, i would have been better off with Ray's old craft unit for my early RE gliding as a teenager.

Hey Don, getting closer there mate, looking good. Dude, you do work to much, it's a worry...
I just get back from a week away skippering and doing property maintenance for a friend down south Qld, thankfully there is a lot of good stuff to browse here at RCG to help me wind down, its good to be home and able to relax because i'm still a little hyper from the go-go-go work mode.

DS, nice work.

GD and the Borg, good eye cobbers.

Jack.... has been busy being Jack Not surprised to hear of the HH's success JW, a model that looks like a winner, is so often a winner! Still want to scratch a Journey next year, keeping an eye out on blog.

Ray, i'm flying my two skybench woodies tomorrow arv and practicing TD tasks, come hell or high water, or at least a cyclone maybe. its the only thing i can think of that will help me relax after a week of mayhem, mutiny and adventure.
Last edited by atmosteve; Oct 23, 2009 at 11:25 AM. Reason: Houston Hawk, not Yardbird... ;)
Oct 23, 2009, 08:41 AM
dwells's Avatar
Glad to see you made it back also Steve, long time no hear from. Shoot dude, I'm just happy to have a job. It's very stressful dealing with IT managers that have 'd up and lost company data. I get the feeling too often that they have a chip on their shoulder because we have the ability to pull their @ss out of the fire. I've heard it too many times when I call them back with their diagnostic results "Oh, John is no longer with the company". Yup, got their butt fired for not having viable backups of their critical files.

Still moving forward, slowly but surely. Everything is going together very nicely. I savor every minute I get to spend on these beautiful, big @ss wangs. Only last night did I realized the span and the size of this plane when I dry fitted the panels together on the fuse... ! Wifey said "How can you get that in the in the car, better yet, how can you even get it out of the house?" I had to explain to her that it comes apart .

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Come on 5 o'clock!!!

Cheers All
Oct 23, 2009, 09:19 AM
Hot Dawg Glider Pilot
schrederman's Avatar

Buzzards are liars!


It should be also noted that the Houston Hawk won 3rd at TNT, and I helped... Killed a few Avas in the process.

This buzzard, apparently realizing that I'm a woodie pilot, that has descended to the dark side... ... deceived me... We were waiting to launch and he was at tree-top level. He climbed at about 45 degrees and went up about 100' in just a few seconds. I launched and headed to where he was... I know what he was thinking... "gotcha, you traitor!" He booked outa there and left me with nuthin' but sink. I'm sure he looked back and snickered a couple of times. This was my last flight of the unlimited contest and I was poised to make 4th or 5th place overall... and ended up 11th.

So... the moral of this story is... Don't believe the buzzards... I mean, after all, they eat dead stuff and crap on their own legs to cool off!

Darth Hawk Pilot
Oct 23, 2009, 09:30 AM
dwells's Avatar
I read that you had to make a tough call with the power lines, it was the sporting thing to do to follow the guidelines. Congrats on 11th place! Hells bells dude, at least you were there giving it a go, hat's off to you!

Oct 23, 2009, 11:17 AM
Still hanging on the Mt. wave
GDbot's Avatar

Waiting for the Borg.....

......so that we can have a meeting of our RC club, The NARCS (Northern Arizona Radio Control Soarers.) Current membership - 2, all time high membership - 3 ( I don't think we know where that guy is anymore, he was a good friend.)

We plan on discussing the build of our little Woodchuck, maybe starting on one of the wings, his or mine. Would like to take lots of pics of the process. At 30 inch wingspan, it can be left in a vehicle to be flown anywhere, anytime. It will follow me everywhere.

The new bridge across the Colorado River at Hoover Dam is an amazing piece of human ingenuity. In the 8 days between going out to CA. and back, the precast roadway supports on the left of pic one were almost all placed, dropped from above.

About 8 years ago, (the upper bridge construction hadn't started) I had to stop in the dead middle of the Hoover Dam bridge because of a stalled truck on the other side. I got out of the car and looked down over the TALL side. I never really suffered from a fear of heights before then, but that sight and a little maturity (Middle Agedness) did me in. I turned around and got to see the full Moon rising over, and reflecting off of, Lake Mead. I could have sat there for a couple hours but the traffic stared moving about 10 minutes later. What a treat.

Roger the Borg should be showing up soon, so I will quit boring you for a while and try to get some building done with him.
Oct 23, 2009, 11:34 AM
Suspended Account
Lol, Narcs, thats to funny GD, seriously!

Hoover dam, amazing in many ways even today and the new bridge, must be seen to be appreciated hey. Love the photos.
You are so lucky to have shared that building with your dad, GD.

Ok gotta hit the sack now 2:33 am, I'm in big trouble for wandering off and leaving a cold spot, would you believe that, and in my own house!
Oct 23, 2009, 02:51 PM
dwells's Avatar
GD...dude. I can ride in/on anything with wings but I CANNOT look over the edge of that kind of structure. It absolutely gives me the heebie jeebies even thinking about it!
Oct 23, 2009, 04:49 PM
Hot Dawg Glider Pilot
schrederman's Avatar
Don't let that house slide down the hill like the jail house did!

Oct 23, 2009, 07:55 PM
Still hanging on the Mt. wave
GDbot's Avatar
Originally Posted by schrederman
Don't let that house slide down the hill like the jail house did!

I live right next to the Haven Methodist Church, PRObably can't happen, even though there is a fault line down the street right through the church. I'll post a pic tomorrow proving that. Nope, I'll try to do that right now.......Nope, computer and camera are not communicating well enough at the moment....I think I have to reboot.....back soon, probably an hour...........Wait..........(maybe too many programs running simultaneously........Need more Memory)

I will try to be back in a minute or 12 with a more relevant post............

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