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Mar 25, 2009, 06:41 AM
Suspended Account
Wow, my hat don't fit no more....

Last pic before lights out, its been a long day.
Inner wing panels joined with all due care and a prayer as the epoxy sets.... you know the feeling.
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Mar 25, 2009, 08:50 AM
Silent Wings
Oldcoot2's Avatar
And now, on to those beautiful, distinctive outer panels.
Lookin' good Steve, hope you are recovering okay.

Mar 25, 2009, 11:30 AM
dwells's Avatar
You rock Steve, best thread on the forum. Wooden models, wooden sailplanes, is what brought me here. I wanted to build from the start but bought the little ARF Spirit to learn to fly. I feel like it was the perfect start. From here on out, I WILL build what I fly and can't imagine it any other way. It's the remembering the childhood building I guess that makes it comforting...just a kid at heart still...hope that never fades.

The pics are worth the preverbial thousands words. It is NOT redundant and is NOT basic. These many pages of ideas and techniques in this thread will be around for a long long time and will be rifled through by many yet to come. You started a great thing here .

P.S. You can wash your hair off with acetone, oops I meant wash your hair out .
Mar 25, 2009, 12:21 PM
Suspended Account
WD-40 is also excellent for removing wet epoxy. Though yer head smells a bit funny for a while.

Gerald, I think it is the pure lines of the Bird gliders you have to love, the tailplanes elliptical lines remind me of the spitfire WW2 fighter, and the flowing wing lines if plotted into my computer would yield very nice maths equations to describe their lines on a 2D grid. The whole thing looks right and every airborne picture of the BB i see has a classic quality. I did want less dihedral for this one but organising the new braces was to difficult, so stock it is.
Our friend GD can't be far away from a post of some activity.
Mar 25, 2009, 07:55 PM
Silent Wings
Oldcoot2's Avatar
Absolutely correct Steve. There's nothing like the lines of the Bird series in my mind also. You mentioned another love of my life....the Spit. That old bird sets my heart to flutterin' when I see it. Love to watch it perform over and over....like in "The Battle of Britain." That engine is smooth as silk.

Went flying yesterday afternoon with David. The JDSP needed some tinkering after I had to rebuild the rudder control. The first flight was about 8 minutes and it gave me enough time to plan the adjustments upon landing. I fine tuned the nose weight, elevator, and rudder then hit it again. Beautiful!
No problem with the rudder horn. Should have done that in the beginning.

Bad news is headed our way Friday. BLIZZARD WARNING! It really makes no difference, we need the moisture so badly. It will be hard on the range cattle but it is "supposed" to be short lived. My peaches and apricots will go the way of my IRA.

Don & Jack
I'm going to leave the barbed wire fence down so we can share this with you.

Mar 25, 2009, 10:15 PM
dwells's Avatar
Yeah that's what I hear Gerald. Bring it on, gives me an excuse to hang at the bench . We got a good soaking today...wish I could share it some how, I know you need it. I missed your rudder control problem, I'll read back...
Mar 25, 2009, 11:12 PM
Registered User
I know it's too late now, but white vinegar works really well to remove wet epoxy. Sounds weird, but works great.
Mar 25, 2009, 11:27 PM
Silent Wings
Oldcoot2's Avatar
I'll save you some time Don.
I made my rudder control horn out of thin 3 ply. I did this because I wanted the control rod close to the rudder itself...small movement for the rod, lots of movement for the rudder. For thermalling, the pressure on the rudder, in my mind, is not monstrous. Anyway, I CA'd the horn to strenghten it, but the weeds took it out and I didn't see it. Replaced it with a standard horn modified to connect close to the rudder. Works fine now, and strong. If I were using the horns that came with the kit it would be fine for a standard positioning of the control rod. Just a dumb@ssed mistake on my part.
Lucky to get it back.

Mar 26, 2009, 04:43 AM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by Oldcoot2
I hope you are jesting about wax. Yes it helps surfboards, but a light waxing slicks the devil out of the gliders' surfaces. Plus, it helps keep them cleaner.
Much easier to dust off.

I think renaming the Oly there to Patches may hurt its feelings.
Have a friend who has a mutt named Patches. Good dog. One of my older gliders is named Joseph's Coat.

Today I noticed Patches on the rack, getting a layer of dust on it, a most forlorn sight so I promised it a good fly in about two weeks. On closer inspection it was also accomodating little household spiders and their webs, not on...

So, I've taken Geralds advice with the wax, but not so it can be a slippery sky slueth, but in the hope that the spray-on wax means the spiders can find no purchase on Patches' film coverings and will have to move on somewhere else to set up shop. Gerald, what wax product do you prefer, I've never done the wax treatment to any of my models, not even the speedy moulded slope soarers but I might give it a go out of curiosity.
Mar 26, 2009, 05:10 AM
Suspended Account
We finished with the inner-wing panel joiners and sheer webs today. All thats left for the inner panels is some internal bolstering between the ribs with light balsa stringers and cross braces and extra forward ribs between the full length ribs, and the mounting of ply stuff for supporting the wing bolts at the join. The top sheeting is much later after the outer panels are joined.

Tomorrow morning, I'm sitting at the bench pondering the exact method i'm going to use for supporting the wing bolts as they pass thru the wing into yon fuse. Might even have a beer later to stimulate the creative powers.

Vinegar removes wet epoxy hey.. I'll give it a go soon.
Last edited by atmosteve; Mar 26, 2009 at 07:48 AM.
Mar 26, 2009, 08:44 AM
Silent Wings
Oldcoot2's Avatar
I don't use spray wax for sure. Auto wax is what I have used, and the thinner the coat you can use, so much the better. Over here, Turtle wax has a "Easy on, Easy off" product that I have been using.
Your build is looking good. I'm still thankful that I picked up on your hint of using the two hacksaw blades for cutting the ribs for the ply braces. Works like a champ.
Have another brew and try to forget the pain of the crash. You know that dang Roo is still hurting too.

Mar 26, 2009, 09:57 AM
dwells's Avatar
Dang Gerald, I'm glad JDSP made it back to you safe and sound. If you smash that Oly after what Steve's been through, I'll know for sure "It's a Sign!". Ray, you don't have little O3 Voodoo planes do you ?

Steve, after I fly, my plane is always mucky so I just towel it down with an IPA and water mix then give a spritz of good ole Lemon Pledge. Makes it like Gerald says "slicker than a third grader's sleeve" .

You probably just got those stinkin little tiny cob spiders. We damn sure got 'em here. I had 'em so bad a couple years ago, I used those Raid bombs. Didn't see any webs for a year and half but I grew another toe on my left foot .
Mar 26, 2009, 11:08 AM
Hot Dawg Glider Pilot
schrederman's Avatar
I tried those bombs so I could maybe grow a third eye and be a better pilot... It worked but the third eye is in my armpit... so it's more of a distraction than anything...
Mar 26, 2009, 06:51 PM
Suspended Account
Yes I can't get rid of the wildlife no matter what I do, so we tend to give up a bit 'cause you can't hold back the tides. Being semi-rural it's impossible. In fact, my whole house is a teeming ecosystem a never ending battle between gecko's, a continuous march of spiders (little and big, and I MEAN DARN BIG) centipede's, the odd mamal or bird or possums and turkeys and a complete range of other insects, it's truly diabolical and unstoppable.
You just don't don a piece of clothing here without checking it first, it becomes an unconscious act and for those that grow up outside of cities, second nature.

Heck, I even found a dead spider in my mowers fuel tank recently, now how the heck did it get in there!!!

Gerald, I'm doing much better, thanks. The bike is ready to go again too. We will be flying again in no time at all down the local flying field. Don, no voodoo required, you'll be fine as you probably have more common sense than me, I tend to really fly my planes more than I should, out of curiosity.
Mar 26, 2009, 06:58 PM
Still hanging on the Mt. wave
GDbot's Avatar

A couple quick pics for the gang

I will attach the ply root rib and the balsa sanding guide to the panel ends with double sticky tape, and use them to help get a uniform leading edge. I checked the trailing edge inch or so with the ply root ribs and it was so close I will probably just finish sand and not bother checking again. Making that balsa piece only took maybe 10 minutes and is worth it to me to help with the L.E. forming. I will probably also clamp the root rib and the balsa guide to the wing panel ends to help keep them secure during sanding with a scary big 36" heavy metal Pony clamp.

It was a little too windy yesterday to spray paint the fuse after it was done fiberglassing (w/ epoxy) and wet/dry sandpapering (wet) with 400, 600. and 1500. It ain't prefect, but you won't be able to see it under the paint

Hopefully a little more progress over the next few days. (Work is threatening to pick up soon with the economy, I hope this plane build does not come to a screeching halt.)

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