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May 07, 2008, 09:21 AM
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Build Log

Meet Miss Gabrielle! (nesail F3J Gabby 3.2 M assembly)

I have to call her Gabrielle because *somebody* keeps associating "Gabby" with the grizzled old image of Mr. Hayes instead of with the svelte beauty that this gorgeous soarbird's designer obviously intended!

I finally acquired a Gabby 3.3 sailplane from Sal at NSP. Sal has a bit of a checkered rep these days, all I can add is that while my ordering process wasn't exactly a well-oiled machine, I did receive the airplane I wanted for the advertised price and within a reasonable time frame-- so count me happy.

You can get yours here:

The build will take a while to get going, but I hope to provide the information that everyone like me has been looking for on the net and hasn't been able to find.

LnsPilot and others that have Gabby's coming, feel free to chime in with details or reviews from your builds.

On to the first pictures!
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May 07, 2008, 09:27 AM
AMA 353531
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The major players...

Details to come- more pics tonight. (Gotta take the kids to school!)
May 07, 2008, 10:19 AM
AMA 353531
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I also weighed the big parts:

Center wing (with bolts) 16.35oz (464g)
Left wing (with joiner) 8.05oz (229g)
Right Wing (with joiner) 7.92oz (225g)

Fuse (with canopy) 7.26oz
Tail (with bolts) 3.60oz (102g)

Hardware package includes the hook, pushrods, clevises, control horns, and servo well covers.

At first look, the overall quality of the kit is imperfect, but seems OK. The wing and tail holes are pre-drilled and threaded in the fuse, wing, and tail. One of the tail holes doesn't appear to line up with the fuse correctly, some overspray is visible in the wing paint, and one wing tip is missing it's alignment pin. The fuse will require some sanding to smooth out the seams. There are a few surface imperfections in the tail, but the wing is very nice.

I'll need to purchase servo trays for the wings and build/install a tray in the forward fuse- probably fabbed from plywood- and I think I'll make some torque rods for the tail. Included pushrods will need to be installed in the fuse.

If I remember right, there was an instruction file on NSP's site, so I'll have to look at that before going too much further.
May 07, 2008, 11:41 AM
wishes this caption was longe
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Question about Gabrielle's little sister

Cool Robert!

I remember a question from the other Gabby thread about the Gabby 3-meter possibly having the same wings as the 2-meter with a center panel added. Does it look that way to you?

I had a Gabby 2-meter and the tailfins were molded, but in two pieces and the fuselage is one piece unlike the pod/boom on the 3M. The wings look similar, but lack the mounting tabs on the 3M makes me wonder if they are molded differently or just cut differently.

I miss my Gabby 2M. It was the 2-servo wing and flew great. Why did I ever sell it?
May 07, 2008, 12:05 PM
AMA 353531
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Originally Posted by will_newton
I remember a question from the other Gabby thread about the Gabby 3-meter possibly having the same wings as the 2-meter with a center panel added. Does it look that way to you?
I haven't seen a 2m in person, but based on the pictures and the rumors it's certainly feasible. The carbon joiners are shown in the tip panels in the pictures, but the joiners are seperate parts. Use of the 2m wings for tip panels would explain why one ofthe tips is missing the alignment pin near the TE!
May 07, 2008, 12:05 PM
build, launch, rekit...
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Awesome ship! Have fun!
May 07, 2008, 06:07 PM
AMA 353531
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Some more detail shots

The control horns and included hardware are very much like the stuff I've seen for the 2m Gabby. Carbon pushrods for the fuse, and threaded rod, clevis, and flat horns for the wings.

That's perfectly adequate- and the included servo well covers are molded to protect the servo arm and linkage below the wing- but fnwizard's Shadow build thread has rather inspired me to see if I can do better.
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May 07, 2008, 06:27 PM
AMA 353531
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And a couple of fuse shots, too, then it's off to Cub Scouts. Akela's work is never done!
May 07, 2008, 07:34 PM
Stealth Plane Works
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Looks like a molded version of the Aegea. The wing appears to have a perfectly straight trailing edge, which gives it a fair amount of rearward sweep. It may be an optical illusion, but the joiners look like they are very far forward on the tips, which will also mean that the spar is far forward, which makes me suspect the spar doesn't have any sweep. This planform and configuration will tend to twist under high loads. This isn't necessarily bad, because it means that the wing unloads if you push it hard. But it does mean that it will not launch as hard and high as a Supra. The Supra has the sweep taken out, otherwise it uses the same airfoils and similar planform.

Another Aegea clue is the V tail. Fairly late in the Aegea run Phil moved to X tails, which are lighter and aerodynamically more efficient than V tails.

For the price it seems to be a great value.

What are the skins made from? Glass or Kevlar, and can you see whether it is on the bias?

May 07, 2008, 08:33 PM
AMA 353531
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Originally Posted by Anker
Looks like a molded version of the Aegea. ... But it does mean that it will not launch as hard and high as a Supra. The Supra has the sweep taken out, otherwise it uses the same airfoils and similar planform.
Agree. The sweep should reduce cruise drag a little bit and soften the stall as well, both things that I'm willing to trade a bit of launch height to get. The V vs X is a complex debate that can swing either way depending on a lot of things including setup and flying style.

I think V's are prettier, so I tend to lean that way.

The fuse is carbon woven with something else. Kevlar, I think. The pod and boom were molded separately but are similar material. Not sure on the wings, I'll try to take a look inside.
May 07, 2008, 10:10 PM
Proud member of LISF and ESL
This is copied directly from the NESail description of the Gabby 3.2 moldie

Skill Level INT/ADV
Wingspan 132 in.
Wingarea 1048 in²
Weight 55-62 oz.
Wingloading 8.5-9 oz/ft²
Airfoil Drela AG 40-43

Doesn't seem to say what the wings are made from.

[I]The Gabby 3.2ME takes soaring performance to another level! Designed after the Gabby 2M the Gabby 3.2M is a whole new step up from the smaller Gabby and is a breakthrough in performance in a larger ship. For a molded sailplane the Gabby 3.2 is very light but the lay-up and spar design give it the strength to take hard launches with ease. The gabby is right up there with the best of the TD/F3B competition sailplanes and due to its careful design is one of the lightest too!

The Kevlar/Carbon Fiber fuselage and Carbon/Kevlar boom come fully assembled and are very light and strong. The fuselage has a canopy for easy access to electronics and the fuselage comes drilled and fitted for the 3-piece wing.

All components are fully molded, finished and painted. The parts are prefitted so all that is left for the modeler is to install the radio gear and go flying. The V-tail is fully molded and removable. The pushrods are supplied and are ready for installation, so after pushrods are installed, simply bolt on the V-tail and install the servos. The fuselage while quite streamlined is long and roomy enough for the electronics. Due to the long nose moment you will need little or no noseweight to balance this model resulting in a very low flying weight. All hardware is included and this is an extremely performance oriented sailplane designed to do the best in thermal seeking and turning.

The 3 piece wings are hollow molded and have pre-set servo bays ready for servo installation and come complete with matching streamlined servo covers. Special carbon fiber rectangular joiners mates the outer panels to the main wing panel are very easily removed and installed. The Gabby 3.2 breaks down flat for transportation. The wingtips on the Gabby 3.2 elliptically curved for minimum drag. The wings and V-tails are fully gel-coated white or yellow on top and a deep red or blue on the bottom with blue or red trim on the leading edge. Overall the Gabby is a unique looking sailplane!I]
May 08, 2008, 08:39 AM
AMA 353531
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Originally Posted by Anker
What are the skins made from? Glass or Kevlar, and can you see whether it is on the bias?
Ok, I saw it better in the sun this morning. I'm pretty sure it's kevlar. The weave on the layer I can see on the inside is span-wise/chord-wise.

Spar is swept in both the center and tips. Joiner is set behind the center spar and ahead of the tip spar.

Areas of carbon cloth can be seen showing through the white paint on top near the panel breaks and over the spar. Ailerons are faced with balsa stick.
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May 14, 2008, 10:14 AM
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what's about the flaps and aileron are the in line? I had some problems with the 2m Gabby. If one side of the flaps was straightaway (? "im Strack" on German) the other side looks in the sky (2-3mm twisted).
Is this a problem on the big "Gabrielle"

May 14, 2008, 10:41 AM
AMA 353531
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I haven't checked it carefully yet. The ends of the flaps and ailerons matched up with everything correctly, but I thought I saw some twist near the middle of one of them. I'll take a closer look tonight and try to post some pictures.

I have ordered servo frames, a ballast system, tow hook, skeg, and brass control horns (the included ones were ply and plastic/carbon) and I am waiting for those parts before proceeding with the assembly.

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