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May 02, 2008, 12:38 AM
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Beevolution Build Thread + Predator's NEW STUFF

I'm tired of these $2000 F3F planes!!! Its time for some FOAM BABY.

My XR is shredded and I managed to score a Beevolution proto (?) kit from The Predator (Karl) - with his current burly mods and - most tantalizingly - his selection of the NEW STUFF - a heavy plastic covering that is just starting to get out there and get some field testing.

I know Goop works but the Toluene fumes are really not worth it, and it gets sucked up by the foam which can be heavy. And I already have a 50 oz thruster wing (with ballast)

Right now I have to clear my bench.
Clear bench, clear mind.
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May 02, 2008, 10:31 AM
The Predator
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I know I went BIG on this post Steve, I am leaving for an the event tonight so, I will not be pestering your build for a few days!
Have fun and enjoy! Take it DSing!!!! and keep it light if you want that floater. Mine wanted to be tail heavy compared to a classic Bee build if that helps?
Any other comments from builders would be GREAT and helpful! Ming made and AWESOME mold, let's make the MOST of that!

I have built 3 of these so far, 2 in quite different styles. I have only had limited testing so far, under a month, so please consider all comments, "preliminary." My first Beevolution was 20.5 OZS in new stuff. It is faster/more efficient then the classic Bees in most any decent wind conditions and much faster DSing. In light lift you can see where the Bevo traded some handling and recovery for its higher speed performance. This ship's build came out about 1/2 OZs nose heavy.
After seeing these results I altered my build to make the most of that trade-off (top end speed VS low air speed handling) and the nose heavy situation while actually increasing nose armor.

I used a 2/3 4 X AAA battery pack, 350 mA, to lighten up the nose considerably and also did a classic mono koat build for show at the comp. AND to Zom-beastify it later! I think that'll be SCARY!

To compensate for the large shift in balancing weight I add PLENTY of armor to the nose in the form of 4X strapping tape at the nose proper and LOTS of thinned goop on the LE exterior, especially the nose. The new build balanced within an 1/8" of optimal (compared to the 1st one's optimal CG) and the resultant ship weighs 18Ozs.

I am thinking this new AUW should improve low speed performance and recovery. I very much doubt it wil hurt top end speed much either, espcially DSing. I think the hard pulls DSing simualte higher wing loading and seem to keep my light ships darn fast up to about 80-90MPH, where drag just starts overcoming inertia. Plenty fast for a fighter! I plan to use this ship as my primary fighter for the WCSC. It is unmaidened to this point! I let the goop dry over 5 days to make sure it is TOTALLY cured and hardened for battle!

The 3rd build was for a customer and he requested that I do one in New stuff too as my first Bevo has been a GREAT ship like that and balanced perfect the first time around.

Build 1, has taken HUGE abuse over the last 3 weeks with little sign of wear, some minor nose and LE crumpling from pounding solid rock MANY TIMES and plowed/chopped LOTS of bushes too. The new stuff LOVES trees and bushes, it will only puncture slamming thick sharp branches at high speed. Anything less and it does not care at all!

Other notes, the Beevolution build is EVEN EASIER, the foam seems to be stiffer, there are no mold vent dimples at all on the top surface and few smaller ones on the bottom surface(very sleek ship). The cores are real acurate with sharp corners and a dead straight TE. This makes getting the PERFECT hinge easy! A KEY part of ANY build.

I build these ships as well as all the Rebel fighters I am designing in cut foam to be built flat on the table. It is VERY easy to build like this and just as easy to keep out ANY warping or easier then using wing beds. This process will be covered closely in the instructions as it has improved my personal build results and speeds significantly, and they were darn good before this discovery. Note, the world record speed wing is also built this way by Don Thuren!
I have disovered a couple new build moves along the way to IMPROVE performance and vulerability too. I think I've built more foamies in the last 3 months then anyone in the world, averaging almost 1 per day, 7 days a week! I have leanred LOTS along the way and I am very proud of my results. These new moves will be highlighted in my new instructions of the Windrider Beevolution!
Things like, where your eyes should be focused during critical moves, where exactly your hands or Iron is. The BEST way to cut strapping tape cleanly and easily as well as comprehesive discriptions and uses of applicable new stuff applications. Some theory on combat, DS combat and associated construction moves there too!
I plan on taking my time with this stuff. I want to offer HUGE value added, even more then I did with the Predator Bees! I am also focusing on my own personal high perfoamnce cut foam wing and plank projects, all in the new stuff. So I have a bit of work ahead and will be "on vacation" play with protos. That has been very fun and rewarding for me and I need a break!

I know some have been waiting too long already but, as long as I see improvement in the designs, I think I can best serve my customers by seeing it ALL through till I can not improve further. Things are still improving now significantly so, that just means you'll end up with something even COOLER when all is said and done.
I will have 3 Rebel kits at the comp without instructions for cheaper to gain some opinions. I think thoses are CLOSE to production now!
May 03, 2008, 11:39 PM
Say when.....
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I got one of the prototype kits also. I finished mine tonight. You can see it here...

Sep 06, 2008, 04:12 PM
Registered User
What is a good CG measured from the nose?
May 10, 2009, 10:49 PM
Next time I'll ARTF...
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Originally Posted by affas
What is a good CG measured from the nose?
Also curious. I think the suggested location is too conservative - moving mine back.

Still fine tuning the beevo


whups - found it here:


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