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Jan 15, 2003, 12:42 PM
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Andromeda 2m elec, brushless or not??

Building an Andromeda 2m elec Lmr glider from Arthobby(target 25-28oz auw). It's a real beauty. Was going to econo power it with my recycled wattage cobalt400, mpj3:1gb, 11x6 camprop, 7/8-1100 hecells but I'm contemplating a mega brushless instead. Low AUW/wing load is critical but brushless climbout would be nice. Should I use my gearbox and prop for better eff on the mega, and which motor and esc for a little versatility in the event of a change in planes?? I'm guessing mega 16/15/4 or 6. Andre (who knows these planes very well) at feels the cobalt is the best trade off.
Have electicalc but can't figure my plane and brushless with much real world accuracy. Ah..... lt. wt. -vs- speed
All input is appreciated.
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Feb 05, 2003, 03:11 PM
Gator's here to see you:)
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Cobalt 400 success

no opinions from others so....... I tried 7 1000mah hecells on 11x6..bearly climbs out. (12x8 would work @15+amp)
Tried 8cells and it came to life at 11.5amp, 20oz thrust and 30degree climb.
Checking out 10cells tonight and will post results. I expect around 15-16amp and30oz of thrust, hopeing for 60 degree climbout.
AUW at 32oz. So far this plane is a jewel. It's fast, turns great, thermals very well and the wing load is around 9oz.
I love that cat scream sound it makes on a fast fly-by.

The finished product:
Feb 05, 2003, 09:59 PM
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Hi Gator,
Seems to me that my Astro 020 geared will be a nice motor to use with Andromeda. My only concern is the space in the fuse. Can you tell if 1100 Nimeh from Wattage will fit in it and ballance without adding weihgt to the tail? Love your use of silicon hinges, I dit it couple years ago for my HLG but somehow forgot it.
How Andromeda flies? I am more interested of using it as "Wanna be F5B" than as a thermal plane. Do you think it will work?
Thanks for any advice!
Feb 06, 2003, 09:05 AM
Gator's here to see you:)
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Andromeda power plant

My wattage cobalt 400 and mpjet 3.33:1 fit fine, with room to spare in the nose. I only cut a min amount from the fuse in front and left the tail boom full length for perfect balance at the factory spec. with 10-1000maxxcells or 10-1100 Hecells (5x2 flat pack) It's getting a little tight inside. Cobalt400 pulls very well, I couldn't be happier for recycled stuff.
A friend has put a hacker b20 12L (I think) in his and says it'll go vertcal. If I were buying new It would be brushless w/gearbox.
I can't speak to the size of your packs or motor but Hobby People should have the size specs for you to compare.
Andre at Arthobby sent me the plan/drawing which may help.
I cut too much from the top fuse opening and needed to reinforce it escepically at the front wing connection, but otherwise consider any abuse and compensate with a little extra strength where needed. The tail feathers seem very light weight/ vulnerable If you're an animal like me.
It flys very well but is a little tender on a rough landing and seems to glide level forever at speed. Great plane!

pix of interior looking fwd w/ batt. (needs some house cleaning, hey I'm an animal):

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