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Apr 28, 2008, 03:46 PM
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New 4ch Copter Setup - Wasp v3

I know, not another "how do I get my copter to fly correctly" thread. My apologies if this has been done to death but needing some help with this specific copter.

Just got my Skyartec Wasp v3. Other than the eggshell-thin canopy being cracked on the bottom, it arrived in good shape.

Came with a little hex wrench, nice touch..tightened up what I could, moved the rear servo level and tightened it up.

When I try to hover it, it wants to pull to the left a lot.

1. Is this just ground effect or an adjustment issue?

2. Are the blade holders supposed to be level to each other (eyeball)? One of mine is slightly "turned" from the other one..I guess I have to remove the blade to access the screw, loosen it then physically turn the blade holder so it is like the opposite one?

3. I could see no way to disconnect the motor once the lipo is plugged in..anyone know how to do this on the wasp? possible?

4. When I turned it on, my copter played "Oh Susana"...honest!!
I prefer classical bagpipes, anyone know how to reprogram this? (just kidding hehe)

5. The tail was jigging back and fourth a little bit, what does this mean?

6. When powered on but not running, something in the rear makes an odd sound..I cannot tell if it's the servo or the gyro..does the gyro run when the throttle is not on?

7. The ESC/BEC gets really hot, even just messing around a little this normal?

Thanks in Advance. I wonder if there is any online video that shows how to prep a 4ch copter?

Wanting to go fly this puppy but am unsure what adjustments it needs exactly, the manual was not precise.
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Apr 28, 2008, 04:09 PM
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before anything else, you say you moved the rear servo to level ? do you mean you leveled the tail servo if you did, this could be the reasonfor some of your other problems !
Apr 28, 2008, 04:29 PM
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Yeah instead of being level on the tail boom it was off to the side a bit. It was a little loose and I assumed this was something that needed to be fixed.

I moved the servo back to where it was, which now that I look at it seems correct since the pushrod needs to be in a straight line. I checked for binding, etc..seems ok.

Still pulls though and the servo (or gyro) still makes a weird noise when powered up.
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Apr 28, 2008, 05:04 PM
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There is a ton of online video bud, go to youtube and search. Best bet is to go with the 'HoneyBee King' setup vids as they are popular and will be similar to your wasp, not the exact same, but similar. you my find a vid ofsomeone setting up a Wasp you never know, just start searching at YouTube.
The heli wanting to go to the side could be a normal reaction to the torque of the rotor, it is really hard to tell by just an explanation.
Now if you can hold it in a hover for 10 seconds, then you can start to determine if it is a trim adjustment or simply a 'quirk' of the heli.
Are you familar with how to go about trimming a heli to fly 'hands free'(will never really be hands free, but you can let the sticks go for a second or two and it should remain in a stable hover, that is what you are shooting for at least.
So do you know how the trims work and all that, how you go about leveling the swash if needed ?
Apr 28, 2008, 06:38 PM
me want 3D
demise, if you happen to disassamble it can you measure the main shaft and holes location on it coz i want to make wasp v3 with HBFP head, as its going to be much cheaper then compy FP
good resolution picture would be very very nice
Apr 28, 2008, 06:39 PM
Just Say No To GMO
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I hear ya.

If it pulls while hovering I'm going to adjust (I don't know the name for it) the little adjustment things a few turns to the other side. I get the idea about leveling the swashplate and I assume that's probably what it is.

If I can figure out how to get the training gear mounted onto the landing struts I'm going to take this bad boy out into this 95F Los Angeles day. I don't have any loctite so will keep it short and low.

OH..and what about the paddles above the blades? Should they be more or less level with each other and equidistant on each side?

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