Need help with finding a replacement tail-stepdown-gear-shaft bearing holder... (450) - RC Groups
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Apr 25, 2008, 11:21 PM
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Need help with finding a replacement tail-stepdown-gear-shaft bearing holder... (450)

Well, it's flying season again. And, that means working all of the quirks out of my heli so I can go fly it!

Anyway, last time I flew (around Thanksgiving... ), the thing was making a horrible squealing noise. Figured some important bearing had gone. Had replaced the main shaft bearings quite recently along with the tail blade shaft bearings. That only really left the tail drive gear bearings. But, the darn thing just wouldn't come apart...

So, I took a hammer to the stuff and smacked it all apart. Now, I am left with a bent bearing holder...

I've got a T-Rex 450 with a Heliup frame, but I don't really care about getting an exactly replacement part. Just want it back in the air. That said, anyone happen to know what part exactly it is called and therefore what to order? Also, maybe someone can do some measurements for me? As long as the thing fits between the 2 halves of the frame correctly, I'm fully willing to drill some new holes for mounting it.

Thanks for any/all help!
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Apr 25, 2008, 11:30 PM
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Well, I found the parts on HeliDirect's site eventually... (These are them, in case anyone was wondering.) But, dag... The Heliup one I ruined is designed so much better... Maybe I'll just try and find a way to continue using it anyway...
Apr 26, 2008, 10:51 AM
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For future reference, there's two things you can try to get bearings out of aluminum parts

1) Heat. If they've been loctited or glued in, you need to heat them to weaken the glue bond. A hot air gun should work, or a propane torch if you're careful; of course you'll need to find a way to hold it and remove any nearby plastic parts. Since aluminum expands more than steel, this works pretty well even if it's a tight fit.

2) Poor man's press. Works only with flat parts where you can get to both sides of the bearing. Get a piece of scrap wood, drill a hole in it a little bigger than the bearing. Set the aluminum piece on top with the outer race of the bearing over the hole. Get something (I usually abuse a socket) which can hit only the exposed part of the bearing, and set it on top. Then whack THAT with your hammer.
Apr 26, 2008, 11:06 AM
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Yeah, I tried the heat and didn't have much luck. Then I used a one-way bearing removal tool and a hammer to try and pound it out. Didn't have too much success. So, I moved up to a really large socket. At that point, I did get the stuff out, but I also bowed the piece... So, I did my best to flatten, but it's kind of got this slight "S" shape to it now...
Apr 26, 2008, 04:21 PM
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Have you thought about just going to your LHS and picking a set of the OEM plastic bearing blocks to get you flying immediately? Heck I think I may even have a spare one around the house.
Apr 28, 2008, 03:23 PM
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Yeah... But, I've got a fair amount on my plate until the middle of next week. (Working on all that jazz to get me graduated.) And I'd rather just buy one part and be done with it rather than having extra parts which I never plan to use sitting around. (That is, unless you can just buy those pieces in plastic? I got the impression that you have to buy a complete frame refitting kit to get just one...)

Also, I still need to pull out my Berg 7P and make sure the antenna is soldered on well enough. Was having some range issues and saw a thread about how the antenna will fray right near where it goes into the housing...

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