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Plans For Scratchbuilt Foamies

This is a repost since a person decided to delete his thread.
Lets try to keep this for plans only.
If you have a plane you would like to be in the thread simply post it.
Try to put a picture, a link to the thread and the builders name.
I will be trying to clean this thread up over the next few days.

You can also take a look here......
An off site link that has some of these plans listed with photos.
Pretty good site so if you get a chance, take a look.

3D Indoor/Pattern Planes -

3D Foamy
Free Plan Downloads -

Nano Planes Free Downloads - (Look at the bottom of the pages for the plans and manuals)

AZ Astro
AZ Shrike -
(Look at post # 267 for the plans)

Eurofighter -

Illusion -

Bipie -
(Plans are in post # 47)
Harpy Cat - (Plans are in post # 41 and 43)
Twin Boom Cutie -

Chris 3D
Micro Pitts -
Micromoth -

The Hoot -

Flying Wing -
24" SU27/Eagle Duo -
Avro Vulcan -
A couple more -
Ace And Jack of Diamonds -
(plans in post # 1074)

Depron Dave
F-15 Shock Flyer -
(Build Thread)
Plans are loacated here -

derfred -

Lil-F-22 -

Eddie P
Pusher Jet Free Plans "Sticky" Thread -
(It's basically the same set up as this Thread, but for pusher Jets.)

Eflight Wiki
Free Plans and a wealth of info
about this great hobby -

Amos Moses -
Super F-16 - (Look at posts #283 #284 #285)
Extra 300 -
Got Amit Bipe -
Ewolutio -

Sumo 3D -

Combat Plane -

Lanell -
Double Edge -
PurFoamance -

Foamy Factory
Free Plan Downloads -

Gene Bond
Yak 54 -
Blu Beagle -
Blu 51cd -
Gym BluX2 -
Blu DC-3/C-47 Twin -
4F-51 Fat Floppy Foamie -
4-S Bipe - [/color
Gee Blu -
Blu Cub2 -
Gym Blu -

F-16XL Profile Propjet -
F-14 Profile Propjet (The Little Version) -
Profile F-18 Mid-Motor Mount -

goldguy -

His Complete Collection of designs -

FW190D -
P-51D -
Spitfire -

Warlock And Spector and Snow Runner Add-on for both -

Simple Wing -
Hooter -
Simple Corsair -

Fokker DR1 -

Jivaro -

Juscuz OR
Fanfold TBF Avenger (2) 36" -

Regal -

Blu-109 -
Blu-87 Stuka -

Profile 4 Channel Supercub -
BigBluBee and BluBee -
22" F-117 -

comBAT -

Arrow -

StingRay -

Little Go Bipe -
Stephens Akro -
Wicked Witch of the West -

The Wombat -

Midwest Products
Importers of Cell Foam 88 and some Free Airplane Plans -

P-40 Warhawk -

The Mobius -

Mr. Flash
30" Ultimate (ish) -
Infineon -

mr. arthur1234
Kanon vlieger or the wooden shoe -

Twinax V2 -
ParkBipe-Depron Biplane -

Fokker DR1 (Outdoor Version) -
Fokker DR1 (indoor Version "Baby Baron") -
Das Ugl-e-stick -
SU-26 MX 3D Full Fuz -
SE5a Full Fuse 3D -

Hydro-Plane -
Rafale XL -
Depron Duplex Delta -
Hydro-Plane -
Rafale XL -
Depron Duplex Delta -
WingCAT - (Lost Link)
FastCAT -
Mini Tensor 3D -

RCParkflyer's Master list of Free Parkjet Plans
Parkjets -

Miss Hangar One Hydrofoam -
Full Sheet Plans -

Full Fuse Foam P-51 Mustang -

Manta Racer -

Sloper Steve
Mini 3D EPP for CD Brushless -
Downloads form His site -

Silent Mite -

Over 400+ MB of free plans -

Sidewinder Missle -

Bird Dog -
Soma Bipe (converted from ewo's Amos Moses) - (Look at post # 308 and post # 681 for the Final Version)
Fanfold Fun Jet -
Dirty Dees Bi-Plane -
Stewart Little Bi-Plane -
Iluminado -

Revert -

[color=Red][size=4]For a more detailed listing of the tony65x55 designs with links to threads and plans, see the "** Tony65x65 ** Planes & Threads" sticky thread -

** Funky Flier ** -

** The Kline-Fogleman Modified Wing ** -

** RAF SE5a - 32 inch! ** -

** Desert Hawk ** -

** Blu-Baby Primary Trainer ** Plans, Pics and Fun! -
(see Sticky "** Tony65x65 ** Planes and Threads" for a full list of all Blue Baby plans -

** Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave Ag-Plane ** -

** The Pitts Challenger ** -

** Blu-Sail II and the Joy of Monobloc and KFm Wings ** -

** The Mo-109e Fighter ** 1/10 Park Scale Messerschmitt -

** The Blu-Hurri ** - 1/10 Park Scale Hawker Hurricane -

** PIRANHA! ** - 43" KFm4 Aerobat -

** Skyote Biplane ** -

** DHC2 Beaver Mod of the Blu-Baby 33 ** -

** Cute Little Fokker ** -

** Sea BB 42" & 26" Seaplane Mod of Blu-Baby 42 ** -

** Mooney Mite Blu-Baby Mod ** -

** P-40 Blu-Tiger ** 1/10 Park Scale Warhawk -

** Tuffy ** Pusher Type Primary Trainer -

Bi-Night 3D -

Glostick Night Flyer Design -
4Q -

A Hovering Machine - [url]

BlueCor/Fanfold sorta Grumman
Goose - (Plans are in post # 573 & 574)

Nasty -
Big Nasty -
"STS" Seaplane/Airplane -
"ST" AP Plane -

MISC. sites with good stuff to look at: to flight and then plans free paper plane models with 3-views plans in different formats

Logical Psycho's
3 Views of a lot of Planes -
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Old Apr 19, 2008, 09:43 AM
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T3chDad (Bob Templeton)

Download the free plans at

X-41 Deltastorm (Single-Engine) -

X-42 Deltastorm II (Dual-Engine, Vectored-Thrust) -
RCG Plus Member
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Little Go Bipe........ ....plans are in post #1 (20" REAT biplane with stick fuselage)
Stephens Akro........ ..... plans are in post #11 (profile-style aerobatic plane, 36" and 48" wingspan options)
Wicked Witch of the West........ .... plans are in post #18 (a plane that looks like the Wicked Witch of the West. Yes, really.)
Lazy Boy Sailplane..... plans in post #1 (2 meter wingspan powered-electric sailplane that can be made from FFF or Depron)
BYOB - Back Yard Outdoor Biplane... plans inpost #1 (26" Depron RET biplane for small flying spaces; also has a 32.5" version for FFF)
DARK ANGEL... plans inpost #1 (48" lightweight canard glider made from Depron designed to fly with a minimum of a GWS IPS motor, but can be flown with other 1 to 1.5 ounce motors and props up to 10")
POP "Plain Old Plane"... plans in post #1 (a 36" set of plans that is more of a template to make all kinds of inexpensive, quick, planes)

I have reformatted a lot of the "Scratchbuilt Foamies" information with links and pictures at A link that goes directly to the RCGroups Scratchbuilt Foamies plans page is at this link. If anyone would like me to add their planes to that page, please email me, using the feedback box at the bottom of the plans page.

Updated 4/20/08: Added pictures and links.

Updated 5/8/09: Added BYOB biplane link.

Updated 5/21/09: Added Dark Angel link

Updated 7/9/09: Added POP link
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Kosh / Dekan F22
Plan drawn by Firetrappe

Plan in post #1
Old Apr 20, 2008, 02:48 PM
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Christian Steinmann

Fokker D-VII -

in english:

Old Apr 20, 2008, 03:03 PM
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TOG, MyDigitalPardadis, and Others

Printed P-40 Warhawk, P-51 Mustang, Zero, L-19/O1 Bird Dog, FW-190, Avenger, and others -

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heres a must have for everyone....GOLDGUY's.... NUTBALL

plans here .....
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Sopwith Camel's Cousin
Another plane from
Sloper Steve

Slow Flying Object (SFO)

A possible source of plans (may need to log in or something to download):

Made of EPP with the prop mounted in the middle. Very durable:
good for beginners flying in confined areas.
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LP, just a heads Up to the new link to my FoamFly Free Plans gallery ...Thanks !!!
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This is to post the right CHARA Bipie link .


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