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May 13, 2008, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Smyk
At one point probably I will try to compare performance of the 10S one with a speed and accuracy of Elprog stuff and how much energy is lost between full charge from FMA charger against swapping energy concept on Elprog balancer.
Now that could be very interesting....any progress on this front LM?
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May 13, 2008, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by PylonRacer
http://www.pfmdistribution.com/ - No Gimmicks!
Due to misinformation,...
Well, they have to take the fact that many pilots are not familiar with electronics at all.

Reports of fire and the price of wasted heaps of lipos, not just the market and money collectors, push them to purchase expensive equipment...
But the business rules are clear - the nicer unit sells more and for higher price, profit is higher.. Not the better devices, no technology advance, not a precision at any great ideas - just the visual beauty and the brand name, supported by proud but empty words.. "we are better than the rest"..?

But I strongly disagree the simplyfied telling "balancing is not necesary".

And I have to say: - Warning - :
If You have read that balancing have to be done at the end of charge, and conclude that You will charge without balancer and connect balancer only after charge finish, stop now, it is completely wrong way.

I made a device that controls charge current based on cell voltages, so that no cell can get above 4.20V. In worst case, there were cells which were not fully charged at the end, and man had to topoff those cells to create perfect balance.
Without such device, unhealthy pack or simply mismatched pack will be damaged during charge, property is lost.. with possible risk of fire and much higher looses.
Attaching balancer after safe charge, is OK. But charge without every cell voltage being all time monitored and kept within limits, is bad (it is too late to try balancing after charge).

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