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Apr 14, 2008, 11:39 AM
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PNP F27C what do I need? Or just get RTF? Plus, is it right for me?

For reference of this post my skill set is I can fly 3 channel planes fine with average landings (sometimes rough, but the planes stay together). I have the FMS simulator and I can fly any plane fine on it (except when the plane is no bigger than 2 pixels and looks like it is looping indefinitely) although I tend to land not where I want (which is similar to what happends when I actually fly). I don't have anytime in the air with ailerons, but this is due to constsnt windy conditions and my trainer (GWS e-stater) not being happy about that. I also am not great with balancing, modification, and understanding how to calculate power systems (I'm still trying to understand prop size selection, but I understand battery selection basically). Hence my selection of the F27...built out of the box means not worrying about selecting the wrong product or overbuilding the plane like my 5 lb GWS A-10 that is now solid carbon fiber (exagerating on the A-10 part, but this is why I didn't want to get a Slinger) and while I know it can be fast, it can handle wind and actually get me flying.

Now my question, I was tossed up between the big slinger and the F27C PNP or the RTF? Can I use any 2200mAh 3S lip for it? If so, how many C's should it have at minimum. I also have a Futaba 7C as the transmitter, but I have the Futaba 7 channel receiver. Is the receiver to big? If so, having to buy a battery and a receiver, is it just better to buy the RTF package? I do have a Lipo Charger, so I wouldn't need that, but it looks like if I need a receiver and a battery, the RTF might be close in price, unless someone says the stock battery sucks. Also, is programming the transmitter for Elevons a pain on a Futaba 7C?

Also on a side note. I got the Futaba 7C since it can be used for both planes and helis and while I am new to the hobby, I figured it would be a good investment. My problem is is that most average heli's are coming with transmitters and I don't see my self getting into anything over 4 channels in planes for a while. Do you think it is worth keeping, or should I sell it. Is the parkzone transmitter good to use on other planes?
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Apr 14, 2008, 01:04 PM
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I got the pnp f-27c with a dx7 and an ar6000 reciever and could not be any happier. If you can fly on fms, and three channel trainers, I don't see why you shouldnt get a stryker. It really is a stable flyer. Some say it is to fast for a newb, but you don't need to fly it fast all the time. I think you should go with a 15c at least if 2200 mah. The rtf version radio does not have the programable features of your 7c so you will not have any expo to calm down the controls. I recommend the pnp.
Apr 15, 2008, 08:22 AM
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Hmm...looking at the prices of batteries, this puts me close to an RTF Stryker.
Apr 15, 2008, 09:17 AM
That Guy Who Flies Wings.
Originally Posted by GetterDragun
Hmm...looking at the prices of batteries, this puts me close to an RTF Stryker.
Don't worry about the battery prices, check out This battery ought to fly it just fine and it only costs $19.99.
They've got other batteries, too. Just take into account that you'll have to wait about 2 weeks for shipping. You can get items in about a week if you use the EMS shipping.
Have fun!
Apr 15, 2008, 01:08 PM
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I have both a Slinger and a Stryker. You'll like the Stryker much more. The Stryker is overall lighter, more maneuverable, and more forgiving. Both planes are tough - I've had crashes on both of them with only minimal damage. But the Slinger does have the issue of the death spiral if you get too slow and stall. Strykers just kind of fall if you stall it which makes it really easy to recover from.

While both handle wind pretty good, in my opinion the Stryker does a better job. Another plus to the Stryker is that it weighs about 22 oz with battery where the Slinger weighs about 26 oz (using a lipo). So you need more power on a Slinger to really have fun with it. However, you can't push a Slinger too hard it it will flap and destroy itself unless you add more re-enforcements to it. The stock Stryker can already handle speeds over 80 mph with no additional re-enforcement.

The Slinger is still not a bad plane - it does have a nice presence in the sky with it's 48" wing span and is a little more graceful in it's movements...

How's that?
Apr 15, 2008, 01:19 PM
Yes, yes I am.
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Oh, and on the transmitters? The stock Stryker C transmitter is ok. But that's all you're getting - a simple 4 channel radio with only the most basic settings (servo reverse, elevon mixing, and dual rates). However, you'll much more appreciate your Futaba for the it's ability to add exponential which really does help. I recently got a Spektrum DX6i and set 20% expo on both my elevator and aleron channels (which make up the elevon mixing) and I really like the extra refined control I'm getting from that... Makes it easier to do very low altitude passes and not worry that a finger twitch could put the plane into the ground... It also helps in strong wind to make corrections without over correcting...

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