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Apr 11, 2008, 05:08 PM
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Help! - 6 Channel Rc Helicopter Reciever Help

I just recently purchased an RC heli and its my first one.....there are 4 servos, a speed control, plus a headlock gyro....the reciever is a 6 channel turborix.....i got the heli online and it did not come with any instructions ....go figure.... the remote control has the channels labled as follows: 1: Aileron 2: elevator 3: throttle 4: rudder 6: pitch.......i have no clue which servo to plug into which channel and have resorted to trial and error whcich had very limmited here are some questions if anyone can assist in any way that would be helpfull..

1. Which channel does the right servo(if the helicopter is facing nose out) plug into?

2. Which channel does the left servo plug into?

3. The gyro has an extra single wire coming from the tail servo, which channel if any at all does this single wire plug into?

I have a lot more questions being this is my first RC and i know they are difficult to master....if i didnt give enough information to answer my questions let me know i can try posting pictures if that would help, any feedback would be helpfull, thank you
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Apr 11, 2008, 07:34 PM
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The rt and lt servos are the ail and pit the other is elevator. They can be interchangable (sometimes): I would start with rt (ail?) to chnl #1 and the lt (pit?) chnl #6.

The plug from the gyro with only two leads goes to chnl 5, this is to control gyro gain from the remote.

In the future it helps to tell us what heli, rx, tx you have.

Good luck,
Apr 13, 2008, 01:47 PM
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Ok i will try that....i think i mixed the lt and rt servos with the servo that controls the forward and backward flight, in other words i have my #2 and #1 channels mixed up on the reciever......??? As far as whether it is rx or tx im not sure to be honest i think its a knock off of a Trex, its just a little bigger than a 450 heres what the model was labled online: (6Ch Suprex-3D MP- Pro 500 CCPM RC Helicopter RTF Package) seems to be a nice quality heli from what a local RC shop told me....outrunner brushless motor and all aluminum head with direct to swash connections, speed control head lock gyro and 11.1 lipo were all included.....but they have never seen this model before so they couldnt help with the assembly.....ill try your advice and go from there...

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Apr 13, 2008, 03:31 PM
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Ok so i tried your advice and seemed to actually get somewhere....the right and left lean of the heli seem to be functioning correctly and the forward aft seems to be in good function too.....but now when i push up on the throttle my center servo (the one that controls forward aft flight) moves in the opposite direction(down) while the two side lt and rt servos move up like they are supposed to......this would cause the heli to want to fly backwards as i push higher and higher up on throttle would it not? Shouldn't all three servos connected to the swash plate move up as the throttle is increased? What can i try to fix this?
Apr 13, 2008, 06:57 PM
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I need to know what radio you are using. If it is programable going to the Swash menu and reverse the direction for that chnl (#2) in the collective menu. If it's not programable then we have to work something else out.

BTW - pictures would help.
Apr 14, 2008, 01:20 AM
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It is a Turborix CCPM does have a reverse switch for all the channels and i tried switching the 2nd...elev Channel to just puts things way out of wack and uneven as soon as i far as pictures heres the exact item i purchased they give fairly detailed pictures on this web page:

as far as swash programing i dont think this radio has that feature....if i can send you an attachment for the radio manual(which hasnt helped me so far) maybe it will help....?
Apr 14, 2008, 09:34 AM
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Just to confirm: Looking at the heli from the back forward; moving the right stick to the right tilts the swash down to the right and the converse is true.
Pushing the right stick forward tilts the swash down toward the nose of the Heli.

If so then reversing the servo channels will do you no good.

I assume the servos are all the same brand and all mounted the same (top to bottom)
I also assume they are all plugged into the rx the same way (same color wires all line up)

This is not a programable tx so everything will need to be set up mechanically. If all of these things are set up correctly then I have to assume there is a defect in the rx or tx.
Apr 15, 2008, 02:11 PM
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ya thats all true....all the servos are plugged in correctly and all stick movements are correct accept for when i throttle up......the two side rt and lt servos move up like they should....while the center servo or elev servo moves down....making the heli glide backward on take off.....the center servo works correctly for forward and backward is mounted at the back of the heli or main shaft and moves up for forward flight and down for aft......tilting the swash plate back and forward as it should......just the throttle up is giving me problems.....also i noticed that the motor or speed control was wired back wards because i had to mix the yellow and blue wires(from speed control to motor) to get it to spin in the correct direction while the red wire was wired correctly.......could it be that the reciever is affecting that as well? If yes, then i should probable try to replace the reciever right?

And if i were to replace the reciever do i need to replace the crystal as well?

Can the crystal work with most other recievers if i chose to go with a different brand?

Thanks for the help again maybe ill figure this thing out soon...

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