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Apr 10, 2008, 02:50 PM
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need suggestions for power set-up for 100mph scale plane to match an OS 25 fx for 1/12 scale WWII fighters for competition...I've tried a big outrunner swinging a big prop on 4 cells on a FW 190 works okay...I know an inrunner direct drive should give me the high rpm I'm looking for....AUW should be 2.5, like to go with 3 cell 2200 mAh packs paralled...but have some 4 cell packs too...actually anywhere between 80-100mph is more realistic...never too much power tho...nice to be able to run the other guy down.....thanks...............
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Apr 10, 2008, 03:51 PM
The Kid
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Hey twisted, i see your from idaho, i haven't heard of any combat fliers from idaho, at least none that come to mind

I don't know if you follow the site and the discussion forum, but there are a few guys running electrics in RCCA combat. One of them goes by the tag Knife Liddle on rcgroups if you wanted to pm him.

But the setup he uses is a Ammo 36-50-1500, which has a kv of 1500. And then he runs that with 5s2p 4500 (2250s in parellel) packs. He gets like 21000 rpm with an 8x4 and draws about 50a and can get a whole flight

Thats the highest performance E-setup i have seen to date, and it was if not as fast, close to as fast as the other planes.
As a side note, that was an open plane, that weighed close to 4lbs. So if you're going to try and keep it light for a small 1/12 plane, that setup probably wouldn't work
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Apr 10, 2008, 05:56 PM
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yeah I've seen Lee Liddle's progress..I'm here in Idaho...we're probably the only ones left flying 2610 and we do Open B also..happen to combat against a couple of the top fliers in the US...thru RCCA's hard to beat the 25FX...never puffed a battery or fried an ESC yet with the FX.....
Apr 10, 2008, 06:49 PM
The Kid
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You don't happen to fly with the mile high guys?

Well theres another guy on here that goes by the tag c/f. He flies an old hergets (spelling?) mustang with an arc 28-47-1.5 that he claims to be faster then the same plane on a webra .32. I think he runs it on 5s

In MI we're some of the last die hard 2610 pilots, but alas, the one meet we run a year even got canceled, everyone is interested in open! It might be for the best that 2610 has gone the way of the wind, because our Mike Fredericks fulmers have become flying advertisments for PU glue!

sorry i couldn't help.

are you looking to compete with this setup? or just sport fly it?

The Kid
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Apr 11, 2008, 05:01 AM
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You propbaly need 400W or so to compete here. And a very steep pitched prop if speed is what you want rather than climbrate.

Possibly something like a mega 22-30 is the place to start.. and 8 inch pitch prop at 10k RPM has 75mph something like 8" pitch at 15000 RPM. You MIGHT be able to swing an 8x8 at 15K RPM on less than 600W..not sure.

My motocalc is on the other machine. Anyway that gives you some sort of target point on motor selection.

Oh well. I stagered into the 'den' and fired up Motocalc.Mgea 22/30/3 on 4s running around 600W (40-50A) will net you a shade over 15k RPM on an APC8x8E. Estimated top flatout speed on a 45" warbird something like 90mph, but my guess is it would be a tad faster than that.
Apr 11, 2008, 10:31 AM
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thanks for the info guys..yeah I flown with some of the "mile high" Scharnell crew at a meet in Utah last year..haven't made it to one of their meets tho...we have a dozen or so 2610 diehards here in Idaho...we all fly open too...6 rounds each...12 rounds per meet...doesn't get much better than that...I get to go head to head with Wayne Mayo ( from Idaho) in scale and he's very good...we have some really good 1 on 1 dogfightin' , not many guys make it 6 rounds in scale so it's usually me and him solo for a few rounds...I scratchbuild my scale planes from fiberglass and kevlar...58 rounds on my KI-64,12 mid-airs....blows right thru most of the planes(balsa and light fiberglass) and keeps on flying..another 30 rounds on the Mig-3, multible's the only way to do 2610..these planes have been flying for 3 years...hard to believe in combat....I would like to have an EP scale to try in a meet....probably just thinking out loud tho

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