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Apr 09, 2008, 12:27 PM

Nitro Models P-81 Twin Hull Mustang

Has anyone out there seen one of these or built one? They have been
out of stock for a long time and are now available but I have no
experience with Nitro modles. Thoughts? Comments?

Apr 11, 2008, 08:12 AM
Daniel Krier
Daniel Krier

Re: Nitro Models P-81 Twin Hull Mustang

I've bought and flown both a piper cub and a long ez and they were
great, and a really good quality too.

Apr 11, 2008, 03:09 PM
Registered User
I had a couple of OS70's on the shelf and was going back and forth between the Nitromodels one and the World's. I wish I had gone with the latter, unfortunately the price and the olive drab paint scheme won me over.

The reasons for regretting my decision are varied.

-The fit and assembly of the parts are first rate, I'd even say it was better than some of the World's current ARF's, however the fuselage has been lightened considerably, and is somewhat similar to 3D plane construction. Felt a need to re-inforce the firewall area because of this, while the World's use their stronger fuse from the 40 sized P51.
-The covering looks nice from the factory, but do watch out if you like to seal the edges and or need to remove wrinkles. The stuff has an extremely low shrink point, and some of my invasion stripes are now crooked because of this. Additionally, the top clear layer is much too easily separated from the color one. I found this out too late, and would have recovered everything had I known from the start.
-Landing gear is extremely flimsy. The wire is soft and the point where it mates with the plastic is extremely loose.
-One needs to install blind nuts for the engine mounts, bend and assemble the tailgear hardware, install retracts and the retract wells. No problems here really but it is obvious these are areas where costs where cut. World's typically have the blind nuts and retracts done. Blind nuts were difficult to install because of the tight space.
-Balsa used on the vertical stabs are extremely soft and considering ways to re-inforce.
-Screws for horizontal stab thread into wood. Since I need to break down the plane to fit in my car, I installed blind nuts. I now have to buy a roll of covering to finish this assembly.
-Wires for pushrods are extremely hard and break consistently, ie z-bends are not possible with what is supplied. Also replaced the supplied horns with those made by Worlds.
-This is my second Nitromodel plane. About a 2 months ago I bought a Yak which was missing 2 hinges. Since they were of a non-standard size and thickness, I requested replacements. They unfortunately sent me CA hinges. My second and third requests for the right ones have been ignored. I wonder what would have happened if it where a major part?

I have yet to fly the plane but otherwise it does seem airworthy. I would say go for it if you are feeling lucky, or need to save a few bucks

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