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Jan 10, 2003, 11:45 AM
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GWS P-51: Brushless candidate?

I just picked up a GWS P-51 and would like to install a brushless motor setup in it. I'm thinking a Mega 1615 series motor or Model Motor 1215 series motor.

Is this a good candidate for a small brushless setup or does it perform just as well on the stock setup?

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Jan 10, 2003, 11:58 AM
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You will probably see a lot of mixed opinion on this but I think you should look for gains in flight time with an increase in static thrust with the GWS P-51. As pointed out in another thread, this is a parkflyer and is not really designed to fly faster than it does stock, and in my opinion looses it's scale appearance if flown much faster than stock.

So I would look for a light brushless setup that will allow you to spin a similar sized prop (9-10") with lots of thrust. With the right selection you should gain both flight time and static thrust.

Some have had luck with the AF 010 in the GWS gearbox, and for simplicity and cost it certainly is hard to beat. I have yet to install mine, but will eventually when the stock motor begins to wear. has a nice couple of motors and there has been some encouraging reports of their perfromance in the GWS gearbox.

At any rate, I would personally look for a motor that is happy at 6-7A ON A 9-10" prop and will fit with few if any mods. This will allow you to swap in and out easily and the low current draw will let you get by with a lighter cell which only helps perfromance.

Good luck with it and let us know what you choose!

Steve M
Jan 10, 2003, 12:09 PM
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Steve, I have mine setup with a 16/15/6 on an apc 8x6 on 8 cell 600's or 8 he's. AUW of rtf is just over 20oz. It flys very fast and lands very hot, it does not have bad tendecies so far/ I only have 4 flights so far. I am thinking about taking the landing gear off, it should make it faster and easier to land. Best of luck! deeejay
Jan 10, 2003, 12:13 PM
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What is the AUW of the Stang? If it is in the 18-20 oz range and about 32" ws the New MPJet 25/35-20 would be a great match up. For $55 you get motor and gearbow, and it also fit the GWS gearbox if you want to change the ratio. Here's a chart Hoppy posted earlier

Maybe even the new mega 16/7/x would be a good fit too.

Jan 10, 2003, 12:29 PM
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Steve McBride's Avatar
I didn't think there would be any bad tendencies if highly powered. Certainly the P51 could go for some more speed, but you reach a point where the drag will begin to creep up on you. I know switching to AA NiMH cells in mie added enough weight ofer the AAA NiMH cell that it handles entirely differently now (faster landing speeds, a bit less sensitive to control inputs). Just some things to consider. I like to have 'scale' like speeds so I tend to shoot for a slower than average speed in any scale type model.

An example: I have a 'similar' sized Yak which is all glass and will fly well on an AF 010 and 10 cells direct with an APC 5x5 as the airframe is pretty slick. I would not expect similar performance with teh same setup in the GWS P-51 as it is more draggy - at least from appearances.

Hey, I am for whatever works, but I am also lazy So I tend to go for what is easy, and it does not get much easier than the stock gearbox with a brushless motor installed. Shoot, I have a Hacker B20-15L I am contemplating installing in a GWS P-51 for kicks and grins. I am sure there are many combinations that work better than the stock setup. It's all in how you want to fly.

The weight of the GWS P-51s seem to fluctuate between 15-20+ ounces depending on equipment, tolerances, etc.

Have fun!

Jan 10, 2003, 01:13 PM
A Few Sandwiches Shy
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I have to agre with deejay. I have one stock and one I have done as a Reno Racer with a 1215/16 in it. The stock one is easy and relaxing to fly. The brushless one weighs 20.2oz and lands VERY fast. I've taken the landing gear off of both.

It all depends on what you want, both planes fly well.


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