AWESOME! Walkera 4#3s, CB100, 4G6, 5#6, 52, Novus, EP, MCX, 120 UPGRADES-MODS-HOW TO - RC Groups
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Mar 31, 2008, 09:13 PM
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AWESOME! Walkera 4#3s, CB100, 4G6, 5#6, 52, Novus, EP, MCX, 120 UPGRADES-MODS-HOW TO

05/19/09 Edited to include:
This thread also applies to the Novus CX, Novus FP and Novus CP line of helis which are basically repackaged Walkera helicopters.


10/18/08 Edited to include:

Thread Contents

If you don't want to go through the whole thread, look at the subject titles associated with the specific page link below.


Brushless Options for the MIA G10 PS Frame
Suggested Brushless Motor Combo

Tips: Improving Flight Characeristics
Power Connections
Wire I am using on the Walkera MIA Boom Upgrade.

Losi Motor Mounting Hole to Hole Distance
MIA Mosca 2005 Palm SIze (TM) Comparison to 4#3
Walkera 4#3 MIA Canopy and Decal Options

MIA 2006 Helis Videos includes MIA Mosca Early Palm Size Heli
MIA 4#3 Complete Makeover
MIA Upgraded Walkera 4#3 Weight

4#3 Upgrades
MIA G10 Frame Assembly Videos

Walkera 4#3 and Micron G10 Frame Compatibility

Up and Flying with MIA Frameset!
MIA Micron retro frame
Tail Drifting Tips
Semi-Autostable Rotor Setup on the Walkera 4#3

MIA Uniflybar for the Walkera 5G6 Aluminum heads.
MIA Walkera 4#3 Videos 1
Typical Flybar Vs Semi or Fully Autostabilized.

2.4ghz v2
MIA Semi-Automatic Setup Videos Parts 1 and 2
John Wood's MIA Framed walkera 4#3's

Micron V2 vs. MIA 4#3 photos
Geared Tail on MIA frame
Boom Length - Moment Arm, Weight, Speeds and Torque

Tail Drift Tip
Gyro Initalization
MIA Carbon Frames. 4.0 grams !!!
MIA Carbon Frame for the Walkera 4#3. Premiminary Photo
Marrying 4#3 Red Metal Parts with MIA Frames
Love my Walkera 4#3 G10 Frame

Trimming Walkera Tail Blades
G10 Frames and Carbon Frames (KITS)

MIA Flex Frames Design Photo

NEW MIA FRAME KIT Assembly Instructions Videos (G10 and Carbon)

MIA Carbon Frame Kits for the 4#3
G10 Frame
G10 -eEectrics In

MIA Direct Drive for the 4#3
New MIA Carbon Frames

How Do They Fly?

MIA Moto-Cool-er Custom Heat Sink - Palm Size-Hot Rod Series.

Rubber Band Sizes

MIA Carbon 4-3 Frame photos
CP heli early look at possible CP Configuration on MIA frames.

Carbon Flex vs. G10 Ridged Frames
Weight Loss Tip
New Li-po for MIA frame
plug polarity

MIA "Phantom" Canopies NEW ITEM!
NEW 4#3B (metal version) 2.4ghz
Losi li-po Connector
4#3, 4#3a, 4#3b
MIA 45 Degree Semi-Auto Stabilizer
MIA Falcon Canopy Assembly and Decals

Walkera 4#3B V2 Parts Photo
4#3 Head Damping

MIA Training Gear for the 4#3 helis

The Perfect Li-Po UpGrade For the MIA Frames

MIA Walkera 4#3 Collective Pitch Sim Tests.
Troubleshooting TBE Toilet Bowl Effect - Lack of counter Torque Control
Tail Wag

How to get your heli to fly more stable
Using the Walkera Coaxial 5#6 Controller with the 4#3.
Option for having Gyro and more tail control on the 4#3.
PLUSES OF USING THE 5#6 Controller on the 4#3.
MIA TIP for a more parallel flybar to head links.
Smoother pivoting rotor head and crispier control.
Caution on using Springs and Rubber Bands to Take up Vertical Slack of SP on the 4#3
Making the Rotor Head work Smoother with Flybar Links
Dogbone Mod Observations Pros and Cons

A fleet of helis by a simple change of clothes?

MIA Upgrades for the Walkera Coaxial 5#6 Coming!
More MIA 4#3 RF Extreme Flights
Dead Spots on tail Motor -Troubleshooting

MIA Carbon Frame for the 4#3 with Losi motor and Longer Battery.
Servo Getting Hot - Tip
Servo Options
Micro-Flight Body of work

MIA Early Torque Rod Tail Drive vs. 2008 Hirobo quark, same idea.
Why Direct Drive is better with the right motor/prop combo.

Option for MIA 2001 House FLY CP Head Flybarless on the 4#3 .

Tail Boon Fix
MIA Frames for Walkera helis in general. Update
I highly recommend the stock basic 4#3
Why FM?

Blue Tube Lights on the 4#3 with MIA Frame

r0shi's 4#3 with MIA G10 Ugrade Frame and Losi Motor

Dead Spots on tail Motor -Troubleshooting .. Continued
Walkera 52 MIA UPgrades.
Is the 52 better quality than the 4#3?

Micron v1 and V2 questions
Fully brushless Micron V2 video
Checking Gear Mesh - Paper technique.

MIA Micron frames
MOTOR HEAT - How to cope with such and keep your Heli Running longer.
POOR SOLDER JOINTS? - How it afffects your electronics current flow and power.
Upgrades for 5-6 and 52 Coming!
52# with MIA frames and brushless . EP Metal head Option

MIA 4#3 in ALaska
MIA TUFF (TM) Strut Landing Gear Retrofit for Gaui or similar SUb-Micro Helis
MIA Metal Flybars, Canopies, Antenna and Battery Mounting Kits

More on skids and LG options for varoious Walkera size helis. EP100.

CA GLUES - Uses of the Right One for the Specific Application

Suggested RC Equipment for Miniature Helicopters.
Mario's new stuff

My Jahawk version of the G10 MIA frame
walkera 52#/vemon nr3d micro
Medusa Powered Venom/52

52# Heli - Stunts

A Short video of my medusa powered venom/52#
Thinner main blades

brushless conversion for 52#/venom
feigao 6A esc
MIA Upgrades Walkera 52 - MIA PHantom (TM) Sub-Micro Heli Kit

Medusa Powered W52#
52# BL conversion

Franken-MIA" CNC conversion

Boom Support - Alu and Titanium Options
A Set of Struts only vs. a Complete Frame Kit
Great Photos of MIA Carbon Frame Assembly

Diamond's Video of the MIA upgraded 4#3
New Long Can Motor
Sebastian Video of the 52# Brushless

Medusa Power for 52# & Venom nrg micro

MIA Phantom Sub-Micro Heli - Frames
I think I boba'd my FET!!!

Walkera 52# MIA Phantom Custom Upgrades
Boom Strikes on the 52# - How to prevent them

MIA Phanthom Frame for the Walkera 52#
MIA Struts and Skids for the EP 100 Option

Indestructible Heli FUN!
MIA Phantom Upgrade Frame Highlights - Frame , LG . Reason and Video

MIA TUFF (TM) Struts for ALL Types or RC models.
Red 2005 MIA Mosca Photo

Gain Control on the 52#

More on MIA frames
More Options for various heli assemblies, retrofits and configurations

Diamond's 4#3B with MIA Carbon Frame.
Walkera 4#3 B Personal Observations and Suggestions.

MIA Walkera 52 Frame - Instructions Info
MIA 4#3B Prior to Full MIA Carbon Frame Upgrade Photos
4#3s Canopy Options - with specific weight info

MIA TUFF Strut LG for Walkera 4#3s
How to give the Walkera 4#3's Rock Solid Stability

Fun with decal and the color bodies for the 4#3's.
Realyze 4#3 with MIA upgrades Video.

MIA Phantom Upgrade Frame for the 52#, Videos are up!

Rotor Head Damping O-Rings
More on MIA upgrades for the 4#3B

MIA New Upgrades for the 4#3s

Update MIA Frames for the 4#3.
Update on the 5-6 Coaxial
More Cool photos of 4#3 Upgraded with MIA Frames.

More Options with MIA Frames - Stuts - Skids.
More cool Photos. 1Hammer 4#3B helis stock and modified.

Norway's Condor's 4#3b wiht MIA Frame,MIA Canopy and MIA Skull Decals.

RcHobbyhelicopter Slightly Modded 4#3A V2

More MIA Canopy Creative Ideas for the 4#3s
Updated Walkera 4#3 for clearview, and FMS

Losi Connectors
How to do Geared Tail Drive for the 4#3 using MIA G10 parts
CHeck out Xrated cool green paintes MIA G10 finson his 4#3

MIA Frames for all 4#3s have now the boom block reinforcement plates
1Hammer Awesome Photos of his 4#3 Upgraded with MIA Upgrades.

Cool Lipol Options for the 4#3 with Weight. Photos

Finaly! I got a break! CA TIP!
More 1Hammer Photos of his 4#3 Custom Heli with MIA Upgrades.

MIA Frames Update
Jasonjetski's Custom 4#3B, check it!

takiss Stock and Modified 4#3B photos.
More on the MIA TUFF LG for the 4#3s
MIA Blade TIp Extenders or DIY
Some very tiny servos

Ultra Precision Screwdriver for the 4#3
MIA Phantom Kits - Upgrade for Walkera 52#
MIA Phantom-Walkera 52 - Continued...

MIA UPgrades - Walkera #52
More Tips: Swashplate and Rotor Head
Swashplate, links with MIA Standoff Shaft Collar
Rotor Head C-clips and workarounds to make the head more precise
To make a c-clip from a used N20 motor endbell
MIA 4#3 Collective Pitch Options

1 Cell Brushless System - For Walkera 4#3 MIA MD 500E
MIA MD 500 Scale Body and Frame
5 Good Reasons for using the original 4#3
Walkera 52# Upgrades - MIA Phantom Helicopter and Options
1) Stock with MIA Flat Bottom Airfoil Wood Blades:
2)Brusheless with MIA Flat Bottom Airfoil Wood Blades

52# Dip Switch Settings
MIA UPGRADE LG FOR Walkera 5G6 Coaxials
MIA Scale MD500E - 5-Bladed Head

Additional Progress on Resurrecting and older 5-6.
Option 1 (Vertical Strut Style)
Option 2 (Angled Strut Style), also happens to be my favorite:
Resurrecting the old 5-6 - In Flight Pictures.

More Tips and Performance Info on Coaxial Helicopters
Super Facelift Video for Converting an older 5-6.
MIA TUFF Training Gear Video

MIA Upgrade Frames continued- CP Ultra Micro Realm - DEX - 4G3
REVIEW: The MIA Frame conversion on the Walkera 52
MIA Upgrade Frames - Mods for the 52# ... Continued

2 Legged EP-100 Mods
2 legged EP-100 Photos ... continued.
Trimming and Detailing Canopies and Scale Bodies
MIA UPgrades on the Blade MCX

MIA Horizontal tail stabilizer on thee Blade MCX coaxial, in action -Video
Tiny Helis Require Patience and Finesse - Keep this in Mind

4#3B Slop Issues and Solutions - Tip
Dealing with tiny connector problems - Tip

Pilots for the MIA 4#3/MCX Racing Canopies.


One of the Best things about the Walkera 4#3 Tiny Rc micro helicopter is that it flies Great!. If you are a decent pilot, this is a fun little choper but if you are just learning, you will probably have to go through the gains and pains, as everyone else does, that enjoys flying , repairing and simply having fun with these little wonders.

However, the toyish look was bothering me and some parts that kept breaking, while I was trying to push the flight envelope on this little tiny helicopter. So I decided, I liked this heli enough, to develop some cool little upgrades for it.

This thread is about how I enjoy my Walkera 4#3 Helicopter and how I customized it to trick me into thinking I am actually flying a more serious RC helicopter, at a fraction of the size.

For me, design aesthetics, proportions, details, are justs as important, as is performance. So I improved on the Walkera 4#3 design, to remove the toyish and size-to-components disproportional look. I wish we had smaller servos because the helicopter would look even better.

For real heli, reference, I resized a picture of one of my other "bought" helis, the Honey Bee King Belt Cp, and used this, as the focal point for this project.

I love the Honey Bee CP Canopy, and so I made a tiny one, to resemble this heli, but the frame and LG is all my original design, based on similar helis, I have designed, in the past, but this new palm-size setup is made to work with the Walkera components.

If only the servos were 1/4 the size of the original ones! WOW! Can we imagine that!, we would have some very cool helis then !. In the future...


These are my mods to the Walkera 4#3 Tiny Helicopter.

1) Aluminum Head Machined from aluminum bar using a Micro Mill and Lathe.
2) Direct Drive (No need to Fiddle with the tail tiny gears.
3) Stronger Boom to go along with New Design MIA G10 Frame/ LG Retrofit
4) Cool MIA G10 Frame/LG/ FINS Retrofit (Looks like a real Helicopter now!)
5) Uses MIA 10 Tooth Stainless Steel Tail Rotor Pinion from Previos MIA Bumble Bee Helicopter to provide added speed for longer MIA Wood Blades.
6) New MIA Woodies for Palm Size Helicopters, Longer better head speed more lift and better handling.
7 New MIA Canopy to match new MIA GT10 Frame/LG Retrofit.
Newer Battery: More compact skinier, 250 mah, less capacity but it takes less space and keeps the helicopter lighter.

Walkera 4#3 Unchanged Parts (Stock Setup):

Transmitter. I LOVE THESE LITTLE TRANSMITTERS! Great job Walkera!
Electronics, Swashplate, links, servos, Rotor Head and Flybar. No Change of Motors either.
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Mar 31, 2008, 09:23 PM
Registered User
Vario3's Avatar
Could you please post in the Walkera 4#3 mods thread, so we don't miss any of this information??
Mar 31, 2008, 10:07 PM
BeeZaur 480
BowerR64's Avatar
I always like how your pictures are just small enough and poor quality that you cant tell whats going on mechanicly with your stuff.
Mar 31, 2008, 10:21 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by BowerR64
I always like how your pictures are just small enough and poor quality that you cant tell whats going on mechanicly with your stuff.
Is there a point you are trying to make, or just generally being a TROLL.

I'm not familiar with all the history with Mario, I know there is some, but give the guy a break for petes sake.

I like the looks of your mods Mario. The 4#3 is on the list, or a MIA BB, of choppers to get eventually. And that is not lip service, Ive loved the little BB ever since I first started getting into this end of the hobby.
Once I learn to fly a bit better f course, then I will be able to fly around the house without the risk of serious damage or injury.
Mar 31, 2008, 10:22 PM
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MarioIArguello's Avatar
Originally Posted by BowerR64
I always like how your pictures are just small enough and poor quality that you cant tell whats going on mechanicly with your stuff.
Well, not all pictures, sometimes I do post some high res, but to save bandwidth they get shrunken down. I'll try to post some high res pics, as I take more photos of this project.
Mar 31, 2008, 10:41 PM
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MarioIArguello's Avatar
The second picture, has a sketch of a layout I was playing with. I repositioned the motor in various ways, to get a better CG and fit of equiment.

One of the Options was to go with the motor offset to the side so that I could move the controllers near the CG and relocate the battery towards the front and hide it under the canopy, but this still made the nose too long.
The solution was to keep the the original setup but lower the Controller a bit more and mount the battery under the front LG Struts.

About the Original 400mah Single Cell Battery:

Have you ever wondered why this battery is so darn big? that it takes most of the bottom section of the heli?

Well, the answer to that question is that because this heli needs a very powerful little motor, at a nominal 3.5 VDC, this little bugger pulls close to 1/2 amp no load. So obviously Walkera decided to go with a this size battery to give the heli some decent flying time. A great size battery for a great little heli but the size can be smaller, so not to take away from the looks of the heli and the heli can be kept lighter too.

I had some 250 and 300 mah narrow batteries and these look more appealing but at a reduction in flight time. Something to consider if you are looking to make your Walkera heli more aesthetically pleasing.
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Mar 31, 2008, 10:54 PM
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MarioIArguello's Avatar
Originally Posted by Graiskye
I like the looks of your mods Mario. The 4#3 is on the list, or a MIA BB, of choppers to get eventually. And that is not lip service, Ive loved the little BB ever since I first started getting into this end of the hobby.
Once I learn to fly a bit better f course, then I will be able to fly around the house without the risk of serious damage or injury.

Thanks. There are so many cool little choppers out there these days. THe BB still remains rather unique because it is a Kit, that you have to build. If you like this sort of thing. But recommend the 2008 February Issue of Model Aviation, there is a review about it, you might want to read up on it to get more familiar with the kit. I also have a page in my web site.

If you are planning on purchasing a Walkera 4#3, well you got my support on that one also. There is a cool little aluminum head for it that someone else did. Here is mine. Just a piece of alu rod that I milled and slotted and to fit over the existing antirotation arm of the hub when it broke at the same place it normally breaks.
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Mar 31, 2008, 11:03 PM
Registered User

OK Mario, when can I get it

I've had and still have several of your Bumblebee helicopters, and I still enjoy them. You started this sub-micro craze, and now the electronics have caught up (well, you point out).

When will you have this upgrade kit paypal is drooling.

Stan in Dodge City
Mar 31, 2008, 11:12 PM
Registered User
pretty cool. i'll take one too!
Mar 31, 2008, 11:23 PM
Suspended Account
MarioIArguello's Avatar
Stan John, I am working on the page where you can order it via Paypal. Should be up tomorrow.
Apr 01, 2008, 12:07 AM
Minibichus's Avatar
How much is it weight?

Apr 01, 2008, 01:13 AM
Registered User
send me a pm when they are ready to ship.
i may make a large order.
maybe you can use the 2s cell from a micron?
and go brushless too.
Apr 01, 2008, 03:38 AM
Suspended Account
MarioIArguello's Avatar
The fist frame I made. With tiny screws, The hardware added 2 grams above the 4 grms for the stock frame. So on the Black frame I din't use the screws, although screws look cool, you don't need them and they get hidden when you populate the frame with the servos and components.
Apr 01, 2008, 07:31 AM
master 4#3
nice work. can you please make a version for losi xcelorin brushless motor and that will be awesome.
Apr 01, 2008, 08:21 AM
Fly, fix, repeat
oobly's Avatar
Hi Mario,

I like the look of the frame a lot. It really does have that "big heli" look. I would try to use a Micron V2 head and swash instead. Much better quality and design. In my opinion this is the worst designed part on the 4#3.

The geared tail works much better than direct drive.

I wish Spektrum would make the AR6300 and AR6100 1s compatible. Then a Losi 10250kv brushless motor, 1s ESC, Esky HH gyro, tiny brushed ESC for the tail, 250mAh Fullriver battery and this frame would make a nice little heli assuming the tail was changed to geared.


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