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Jan 08, 2003, 06:02 PM
d. o. darnell
d. o. darnell

[RCSE] Ten Rules of Thumb for RCSE Readers (long, semi-off topic)


If you don’t like competition, then don’t go to contests. Never tell me
“You shoulda been here yesterday”….. I had to fix the toilet gasket and
really don't want to hear about it, OK?

If your computer doesn't have that feature, get it, or kwitcher
bitchin. Video cards and memory are CHEAP. Sure Windows 95 is OK,
but…….. Yeah, I know you still using a 4-ch ATTACK but that’s different!

If you can’t sell something on RCSE, just repeat the ad until someone yells
at you, OR lower the price. Better yet, try EBAY! People on it will buy

Don’t try to sell me on Brand X if you can’t get parts for it. It will
eventually break, just like a Mercedes. Beano’s paradox says “if the
dealer has 10,000 of the parts in stock, yours won’t ever break.”

Don’t buy expensive servos unless there is a good reason to, regardless of
what some pundits might tell you. Just liking the color other than black
isn't enough. If you need help on this, consider who makes 95% of the
assembled semiconductor electronics devices in the world. Keep a couple of
spares. At ½ the price, they'll probably last twice as long. (Think about
that, for a minute.)

When you want to argue your point (on this forum), there is no need to
quote and re-quote the sender who quoted the quoter of the re-quoter….. you
get the idea. Click, wipe, delete prior to SENDing. While you’re at it,
turn off HTML.in your email program. (Fat Chance!)

The topic of your message should be included in the subject of an email
message. Often the thread changes genders, colors and flavors and someone
who got in at the middle is no longer interested. “I wanted the time and
they’re telling me how to build a watch.”

Humbly accept the fact that you can’t see as well as you used to.
(Disregard this if you're under 35). Do get your eyes checked and be sure
to use UV protection for both eyes and skin. Most of us are ugly enough
and being blind with skin cancer just isn’t worth it.

Keep away from PCs (PDA’s,Macs, Decs, IBMs, any flavor) as much as you
can. It’s much more fun to play with model airplanes dogs, or girls. (At
my age, things have that hierarchy) Like right now, you could be out
flying instead of sitting in front of this stupid box…….As a matter of
fact, I think I’ll just slip outta here


The anal and observant amongst you are now reading what you think is the
tenth and final rule. However, it would be presumptuous of me to try to hog
all ten for myself. Subsequently, I’ll leave that up to any of you who
might wish to extend this silliness. Just remember rule #6!

If it were left up to me (as it just might be) I would think that the last
would be:
"Think prior to responding to something that forty-sever others will
probably respond to. "
Remember who said “Your Grasp of the Obvious is Precise!” ( I don’t
remember; WHO?)

Happy New Year

P.S. Sorry if use of this amount of “bandwidth” offends you. I just felt
silly today.
(No, bandwidth ISN’T the height of the top seam on your Jocky shorts...

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