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Mar 21, 2008, 09:47 PM
Pedal Power!
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WoW! Remember that guy that killed a bunch of people doing a burnout last year?

They are going after him, big time:

Drag Racer Charged in Parade Deaths

A professional drag racer whose car plowed into a parade crowd last summer, killing six people and injuring 22 others, surrendered to authorities Thursday on multiple felony charges.Troy Critchley, 38, is charged with six counts of vehicular homicide due to recklessness and 22 counts of reckless aggravated assault,

I'll hafta dig up that old thread from when it first happened........

Here it is:
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Mar 21, 2008, 10:32 PM
Balsa is for doll houses
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Drag Racing Crash Tragedy (1 min 1 sec)
Mar 21, 2008, 10:35 PM
Crash test pilot trainee
38?!!! Where are his parents? Why wasn't he home by dinner?! KIDS! lol Seriously though. 38?! When is a good time to grow up?
Mar 22, 2008, 07:44 AM
Closed Account
The story still isn't as good as the Maryland people getting killed by stepping out into the road during an illegal drag race at night and getting hit from behind by a car.

ACCOKEEK, Md. A car plowed into a group of street-racing fans obscured by a cloud of tire smoke on a highway Saturday, killing eight people and scattering bodies in the early morning darkness.

At least five others were injured in the gruesome wreck along a flat, isolated stretch of highway about 20 miles south of Washington known for illegal races.

About 50 people were gathered before dawn along Route 210 as two cars spun their wheels, kicked up smoke and sped off, said Prince George's County police Cpl. Clinton Copeland.

Fans had spilled onto the smoky, dark road to watch the cars drive away when a white Ford Crown Victoria unexpectedly came up from behind and smashed into them.

"There were just bodies everywhere; it was horrible," said Crystal Gaines, 27, of Indian Head, whose father was killed.

Police interviewed the Crown Victoria driver, but no charges were pending, Copeland said. Authorities were looking for the drivers of the two cars involved in the race.

The combination of the smoke and the dark morning likely meant the unsuspecting driver could not see the crowd, police said. A tractor-trailer that came by shortly afterward may also have struck someone on the roadside as it tried to avoid the crash scene, according to investigators.

The Crown Victoria, which had a crumpled hood and a partially collapsed roof, ended up down an embankment with one of the victims lodged inside.

Bodies covered by white sheets lay in the road and on the shoulder across a 50-foot stretch of the road later Saturday morning before they were removed by the medical examiner.

Shoes were strewn about in the grass, and a pair of dark skid marks scarred the highway.

"It's probably one of the worst scenes I've seen," Copeland said. "This is a situation that could have been avoided, and it's a very tragic situation."

About 50 people were watching the race, Gaines said, and she saw the Crown Victoria approach without its lights on. She grabbed her daughter, pulling the girl to safety. But her father, William Gaines Sr., 61, had a broken leg, and was not able to get away in time. Afterward, she found his body on the road.

"He wasn't breathing; he wasn't moving," Gaines said. "His body was in pieces."

Her brother, William Gaines Jr., was also there. The car came through so fast that "it just ripped people apart," he said.

"I didn't even see the car. All I heard was stuff breaking," he said.

Police could not confirm whether the car that struck the crowd had its lights on.

The victims' ages ranged from their 20s to 60s, police said. Seven people were pronounced dead at the scene, and an eighth died later at a hospital. Police said a body found in the car was one of the spectators and not a passenger, as they had previously assumed.

Route 210 is a thoroughfare with two lanes in each direction and few traffic lights along the stretch where the accident occurred. The road is flanked by some businesses but has little traffic in the early morning, Copeland said. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

John Courtney said his brother, Mark, 33, of St. Mary's County, also was among the dead. He identified his brother from a digital image police had taken.

"He liked going to the race track, watching races," Courtney said. "It's going to take a toll on my family for a long time."

Marion Neal feared her 42-year-old brother was among the dead and was awaiting images from the police.

"It's a tragedy," she said. "I don't like racing, but that was his hobby."

Police said that street races are not uncommon on the stretch of road, but that most occur in the summer and involve motorcycles. But relatives said some of the victims often went to see races held late at night on isolated stretches of road.

"It's a problem," said Denee Hines, whose mother owns a hair salon only a few hundred feet from the site of the accident. "Everyone knows about it, but I've never heard of it getting this bad."
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Mar 22, 2008, 08:47 AM
supreme being of leisure
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not enough info, we need to know age and sex of the victims in order to tally the driver's score.....

Mar 22, 2008, 10:23 AM
Hi ya! Car ride!?
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"There were just bodies everywhere; it was horrible," said Crystal Gaines, 27, of Indian Head, whose father was killed.
The father of a 27 year old out cheering on drag races at dawn. I guess some people never have the common sense to grow the heck up. Amazingly dumb.
Mar 22, 2008, 10:35 AM
Registered User
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Originally Posted by Sport Flyer
The father of a 27 year old out cheering on drag races at dawn. I guess some people never have the common sense to grow the heck up. Amazingly dumb.
"dumb" ? when the alternative is to, say, read a book ?
Mar 22, 2008, 12:03 PM
Closed Account
Police said a body found in the car was one of the spectators and not a passenger, as they had previously assumed.

...... ......
Mar 23, 2008, 04:38 AM
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With drag racing being as popular as it is, I am very surprised at the scarcity of 1/4mile tracks around large metropolitan areas.

I only know of 2 places in DFW. One is a 1/8th mil track and only open on weekends. The other is a 1/4th mile track and I don't think is open to the public very much.

They are both far away.

Look, fast cars get shoved in peoples faces and glorified. Heck the new Z06 advertises 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. They build insanely fast cars and then people have nowhere to go reem them out. Lets say you are bored mid Saturday afternoon and a new Z06 is sitting in your driveway... ant exactly head down to the track for several quick quarter miles.... Thats when people head out to illegal street races ( WHICH GENERATE CROWDS!) and go do this sort of thing.

I blame insurance companies and our laws and lawyers. It's the laws and DB lawyers that hinder people from opening tracks to facilitate letting people get that stuff out of their system in a controlled environment. Guy races on a track, wrecks and dies while racing a high performance car and the family sues the track owner. IF we didnt have crazy lawsuits like that, there would be tracks everywhere running cars in the quarter every night... but that isn't the case because of LIABILITY.

Sorry, I feel bad for the victims, but if you are going to go through life being ignorant of risk, trusting that other people will make sure you are safe and seek out dangerous things in dangerous environments, bad things can will and DO happen.

BUt hey, we gotta hang someone for this right ? I mean it cant just be an accident caused by the bad judgment of many people.. The city for letting it go on, the charity tat promoted it, the manager of the racing team, the racing team its self, the event organizer, the parent who let their kids go, the police on the scene, advertisers and everyone else that knows a 4000+ hp car has no business on that road with the equivilant of a tin can in between it and spectators.....

Nope, its all the evil drivers fault..GET THE ROPE, we will all feel better soon!

I feel worse for that driver than anyone else.... Heres why:

He is probably a fun loving guy, didn't want to hurt anyone despite his lack of judgment. He has to live with what he probably blames 100% on himself. On top of the immense amount of pure GUILT he is probably feeling, he is now in the sites of countless people to be the Fall guy for something that is the fault of MANY parties( IMHO INCLUDING THE SPECTATORS) He will more than likely be convicted and spend a great deal of time in jail which is somehow supposed to make the victims feel better ( which it wont) and teach him a lesson.... However his punishment is built in.. he will go a lifetime with broken confidence and a guilty soul that will probably haunt him till he dies.
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Mar 23, 2008, 06:19 AM
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Heck the new Z06 advertises 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.
3.6 if you take the wiper blades off.

he will go a lifetime with broken confidence and a guilty soul that will probably haunt him till he dies.

I felt the same way upon graduating college with an Art degree.
Mar 23, 2008, 06:26 AM
sensitive artsy type
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Usta, you been adjusting to convalescence fairly well there.
Mar 23, 2008, 11:55 AM
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Drag tracks are like airports: noisy, wastes of land that could be put to better, more profitable use by covering the land with more McMansions. At least, that's what our dear politicians think. Then they wonder why the kids go street racing....

Mar 23, 2008, 06:54 PM
Rehab is for quitters
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An even worse thing than these high power output vehicles is the new breed of sport bikes. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda. All of them produce a sport bike 1/4 the cost of a harley cruiser that can do well over 100 mph without even breathing hard. I know of a few guys with hayabusas that have modded up the bikes in that the bike will do over 200 mph.
Majority of the bike fatalities where I live are from young guys riding sport bikes.
3 miles from where I live, guy on sport bike. Doing over 100 mph. Van pulls out.
He veers to the left. Just nicks the rear bumper of van. He goes down and winds up a road tomato. A truck coming the other way runs him over.
There are numerous accidents like this every year and its from riders going at a high rate of speed. Its plain crazy!
And my all time favorite...young guy on sport bike, has shorts on, no helmet, undershirt, and sandals with no socks. You even fall doing 5 mph and your skin will peel off like an orange when you hit the road.
I own a cruiser myself. However, I don't ride like an idiot. I have taken the MSF course and I ride my bike alot different than I do in a car/truck. You have to. Too many fools in SUV's and other vehicles that pay more attention to their cell phone than the road.


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