May 06, 2008, 06:51 AM
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video 2 some circuits and bumps

RC nutball flying disc (2 min 45 sec)
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May 06, 2008, 07:39 AM
London Ontario Canada
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Hummmmmm, Ashford, Kent, eh? Maybe I better pack up my stuff and head on over there... Seems the wind just won't quit around here, or the weather won't heat up either....
However, our Canada Geese sure are noisey this time of morning..
Nice video, nice spot, now, how about sending some of that weather this way??
May 07, 2008, 12:09 PM
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No Chance ......I am hanging onto this good weather...


1 ..I know this design is for RET but has anyone made one with elevons. I was thinking of trying this... with may be a coupling to the rudder ... any thoughts ..or am I just complicating the design
2 ..and how about a 50% KF top improves just about any design

if you havnt noticed this thread the KF info is at
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May 07, 2008, 01:00 PM
Brit in Bahrain
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Hi Dave,

I haven't tried elevons on a NutBall but I did notice when I built a RoundOne (quite similar) that the designer, Paul Cook, included as a stage 2 mod, elevons (just split the elevator in two down the middle) I didn't try it but it looks feasable.

Good luck,

May 07, 2008, 01:43 PM
flyin' fool
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This design was an exercise in getting a 'rudder/elevator only' model to fly like it already has them.

I suppose you could build it flat and add elevons, but then it would be just like many other design out there. It wouldn't have that NB charm and you couldn't show off impressing your FBs and hear them comment "I didn't think you could do that without ailerons".

KF, now that's a different matter. That would be interesting as long as the comparson was 'apples to apples........' I have tried it on a flattie rectangle PBF type and it did make a slight difference in slow flight when placed on the bottom. But, I didn't think it was that noticable to warrent the extra weight and build complexity. IMO, there's no subsitute for a low wing loading.

But, give it a shot and let us know the results.
May 07, 2008, 01:58 PM
RC Connectors dot com
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tips for new NB owner/flyer

Well I did it - built a NutBall in just about 2.5 hrs over the course of two nights.

I'll post pix soon. Tried to fly it last night and just couldn't keep it in the air for more than a few seconds before crashing. After try #4 I ripped out the motor mount so it's glue is drying...

I'm at the recommended weight (4.2 oz), have the 10g brushless motor, CG at 25%, plenty of amps from the battery (two 250mAh 20C 2S in parallel), 6030 prop, everything. (oh yea, original 17" model)

I've put about 2.5 hours of flight time on my Blu-Baby before it was smashed to pieces, thought I'd try a new plane for a little bit.

I know this thing will fly, please advise with a list of newbie suggestions.

Thanks to everyone and especially GoldGuy for such a cool little plane.

Latest blog entry: Horrible "MX" connector on...
May 07, 2008, 02:05 PM
Brit in Bahrain
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Re the KF making a "slight difference in slow flight" ??????? Surely the next step down for a NutBall in slow flight mode is - hover - can't go any slower than that.

I think Paul Cook's elevon mod on a RoundOne meant just that - ie. put elevons on but retain the tip dihedral. Not sure how the combination would work but ultimately there is only one way to find out !

Personally, my Nutball on RE only rolls like a drill on high rates - any faster would be really scary !!!!!

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May 07, 2008, 02:34 PM
Brit in Bahrain
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Before you fly again, do some basic checks, even BOF's like me do them before every maiden !

- Make sure it is laterally balanced, you dont want one side heavier than the other.
- Check that the controls travel in the right direction - before you launch (ask me how I know !)
- Check that the centre of gravity is in the right place - start at 25% (4 1/8" back from the leading edge of the wind) and don't go much further back than that.
- Hopefully you have a computer radio - if you do, turn both rudder and elevator travel right down, you don't need much. (If you don't have a computer radio use the hole nearest the servo and the hole nearest the control surface to start with.)
- Don't use WOT Wide open throttle) stay off the gas - fly it gently initially and get used to it (2 or 3 flights at least) No quick turns.
- Use the trims until it flies straight and level on its own.
- Don't fly in a wind of more than about 5mph till you get used to it.
- Don't try any fancy manouvres initially, just fly gently, keep it the right way up and get used to the way it responds to your contol inputs.
- Stay at least 3 mistakes high, give yourself a chance.
- Assuming you follow all of the above and are flying gently at least 3 mistakes high, take it higher still, fly straight and level crosswind (not into the wind or with the wind behind you) then chop the throttle quickly. If it then noses up, you have too much downthrust. If it noses down you do not have enough downthrust.
-Always, always, always take off and land into the wind.

Just do the checks then fly slowly and carefully for a few flights, no hot dogging....once you have got used to it and gained some confidence then you can slowly start increasing the throws and the speed but slowly means over the course of 3 or 4 flights.

I know that all sounds a bit of a drag but if you try to run before you can walk - more hot glue !

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


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May 07, 2008, 10:15 PM
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Nigel, I did a rudder elevon version of my Squirt. It was less dihedral than an NB. I cut that one down to experiment with. It did allow for different flight, but I found the lack of tight centering on cheap 5g servos not worth it. It was as not worth it as the dehedraleron experiment. Worked, but the nb does all I want it to, simply. I also had a KF step on top. Added too much lift in my opinion. Didn't try on the bottom. It did allow for stiffening so LE spars were not needed. To that end it was a tiny bit simpler than my split bamboo LE. Again, I really enjoy my 17" NB. I have yet to find that perfect thrust prop combo on my larger one. I still am tinkering with it for perfection. It flies fine, just not as perfect as the 17". It remains builder and prop selection to match my style and the motor I put on it, not the design.
May 07, 2008, 11:30 PM
RC Connectors dot com
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Check on everything you mentioned except this:

Throws - I found out that this receiver had been setup for 150% rudder throws due to the last model I had it in (disaster, never made it off the ground). Cut that down to 75% then threw in 50% expo. Then cut the elevator down to 75% and 50% expo.

Flew it tonight thru one and a half packs before a tree came out of nowhere and nabbed it. Battle scar pix are attached. Easily fixable, and I think I'll add some leading-edge reinforcement and some along the bottom center rib, one nose-in gave it a bit of temporary downthrust that needs fixed.

Thanks too for the tip about the downthrust, I've never seen it explained before how to tell if you have it correct.

Latest blog entry: Horrible "MX" connector on...
May 08, 2008, 12:43 AM
Brit in Bahrain
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Hi Glenn2625,

Shame about the tree - but an easy repair and will probably make it even stronger !

Glad that you are up and running,

May 08, 2008, 04:39 AM
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hi glen
All sorts of things just seem to jump out of nowhere.. (mine are mostly goal posts)
that sort of damage can be avoided by wraping 2" tape arround the leading edge. A 1mm CF rod under the tape also speads any impact load. Ive hit a square metal goal only stops the plane dead , caused no damage..

I am just trying to get mine rolling better... it is much too slow even on maximum deflection...I think I will look at my tail shape firstly, then possibly try elevons.. there must be a reason for my slow rolling rate...I cant even get a spin out of it, I get a slow flatish circle..I think ive too big an area on the fixed front part of the tail, in relation to the rudders area.
The KF idea was to get a better nutball prefers some power on, in the approach, it doesnt glide very well.
I am going to mod my nutball with both ideas, as they can easily be reversed, and I will let you know the results...good or bad

I have now chopped the front fixed part of the tail fin, reducing the area by about 45%.. looking at the plans I had used too large an area, when compared to the original.. I will fly this before I try any other mods

I am also now flying with no side thrust....Ive had about 3/4 hr like this and it seems ok to me, but I will let you know when ive had more flights

the day is hot here but the breeze is too much today...bother..may be it will go calm tonight .....dave
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May 08, 2008, 08:11 AM
London Ontario Canada
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Well, looks like more experiment are in the making.. As Frank says, the main thing for this type of model is the ease of building, flying, and so on.. I like mine the way it was intended..... Slow or fast, it's a BALL!
Now, I've revamped my SlowEPoke flyer for the summer and it's all ready, as soon as the winds are...
Good to have to older models back in the air... But, like I said, NB's are the BEST, the way they were intended to be....
May 08, 2008, 08:17 AM
London Ontario Canada
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Originally Posted by artlane
Well, looks like more experiment are in the making.. As Frank says, the main thing for this type of model is the ease of building, flying, and so on.. I like mine the way it was intended..... Slow or fast, it's a BALL!
Now, I've revamped my SlowEPoke flyer for the summer and it's all ready, as soon as the winds are...
Good to have to older models back in the air... But, like I said, NB's are the BEST, the way they were intended to be....
SEPoke pic attached
Yes, I know, I should have extended the wing back over the stab, but heck, it flies, great!
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May 08, 2008, 11:46 AM
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Can I do it w/ this equipment?

Hi all,
Simply fascinated with this thread! Have read about 1/3 of the way thru it.

Want to build one but don't want to buy more stuff. I have 2s 1020 mah lipos
and a feigao 12mm brushless (can either use direct or with a GWS gearbox or I have a Go-Brushless GBv1.1 motor.

Would any of these work or would the lipos be too heavy. Don't wish to invest in
add'l lipos/charger.

What diameter should it be?
Thanks for any advice,

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