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Jan 06, 2003, 04:03 AM

RappE 50 V2 flies ALL OUT 3D today! Weighed it too...

Yup, its true

2 more flights today. On the second flight today, after adjusting the pitch curves to +9.5/-9.5 and the throttle to 95% on the governor, I just had to let it rip. Consecutive flips forward and backward - didnt bog that I could tell and just kept flipping! Pretty much flies like glow right now! With weight reduction and CCPM, itll outfly a glow Raptor I do believe

Flight time went down to 5:45 - but I was REALLY on it (Al reports a gain of 1-1.5 minute after his "diet" for the RappE - so I could still eek over 7 minutes of 3D on 3000s in the end!!)! Even shot an auto on that flight and it was pretty sweet (Need a driven tail as per Al's new conversion though - if not, my autos tend to float too far away ). I love it!

I havent done anything to lighten it yet, so the ready to fly weight, less canopy and batteries, was 2575 grams - about 5.65 lbs/90 ounces give or take. The 20 cell 3000 packs together weigh 1150 grams - or about 2.5 pounds/40 ounces. Total weight ready to fly was around 8.2 pounds. A little hefty - but there is a good bit of weight to be lost still. The V1 frames versus the V2 frames lose 2 ounces alone and installing the motor in the V1 frames is easier.

All in all Im impressed. I still need to do more gyro set up, tighten the belt, install the canopy, etc but for now it just rocks. I may even try 22 cells next! After the 5:45 flight at 95%, the motor was still barely warm (Less than 130 degrees!) and the ESC was barely warm (Just over 100 degrees). With 22 cells I may have to back way down on the throttle to say 85%, but as long as the motor stays reasonably cool, that may just be the ticket.

This weekend I will also be testing one of Charlie's LiPoly packs. It will weigh 8 ounces less than a 20 cell 3000 pack, provide the voltage of 21-22 cells, and allow for about 7800 mah! It should easily 3D for 15 minutes - maybe upwards of 20! Charlie's next packs (These are still in testing guys - not available yet, but soon! Just gotta be patient...theyll be worth the wait!) will be over 9000 mah! They ought to run cooler, allow even more voltage under load and fly longer. Could push 25-30 minutes of softer flying on a 1-2 hour charge! Will post details and maybe a video next week!

Til then, Im going to clean up the set up as is now, and look forward to installing the new taller mount and driven tail gear. Then hopefully CCPM by the end of the month! After that, things may have reached near the pinnacle of success for this design, but its hard to say - its can keep getting better and better! A nice set of flat graphite side frames could really save weight - but they would also require machined bearings blocks as per the German Raptor conversions.

For those who have started or will soon be starting their RappEs, press on! The result is well worth the effort!

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Jan 06, 2003, 04:28 AM
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Vegas FunFly

I hope you will be flying it at the Vegas funfly, Ill be there looking for a demo.
Jan 06, 2003, 04:36 AM
Yup, I plan to be there with CCPM and all hopefully!

Because it will be such a rare sight (Only electric Raptor at the event I believe?), I do have to charge a small fee for onlookers. I was thinking $1 a specatator, which would help raise funds for more batteries Yeah right, like THAT could ever happen

In all seriousness, the plan is to fly it as close to maxed out as possible (Fully lightened, CCPM, driven tail, etc) on my 3000 packs and Charlie's LiPolymer pack. Heck, I may not even be flying - little Alan Szabo Jr would really be the one to do it justice I'll have to see if he'll be able to fly at least some of the flights with it

Jan 06, 2003, 09:10 AM
Speed Demon
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Re: Vegas FunFly

Originally posted by exowatt
I hope you will be flying it at the Vegas funfly, Ill be there looking for a demo.
When and at what field is the LV meet? Is there a website?
Jan 06, 2003, 12:40 PM
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Las Vegas FF

jan 31 - feb 3

It is beining held a the TOC flying filed in North Vegas or Henderson where ever it is.

Jan 06, 2003, 08:25 PM
Das Universus Elektrikus
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You gonna be flying your CCPM RappE for sure. Perhaps Alan Jr can fling it around a little. But he might get spoiled, these things really rock!

Jan 07, 2003, 03:13 AM
I cant wait for CCPM! I have to agree that Taya got it wrong when he decided not to use it...

Alan will definitely fling it around. He'll make it look as good as it can thats for sure I should get a head button so he can skip across the ground on it inverted. That kid can do anything

He hasnt seen the RappE yet, but I plan to put it in his hands this weekend. Thanks again Al!

Jan 07, 2003, 03:37 AM
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Jason, are you using the 15XL motor? What setup more than that? I am ordering motor/esc/ cells today, ALīs motor mount should allready be in the post office here in Sweden... So soon i will do 3D with mine as well!