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Mar 02, 2008, 08:00 PM
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hobby lobby mirage 2000 ESC instructions from RICCS

heres the ESC 25A instruction directly from the manufacturer (RICCS) for the Mirage 2000:

Instruction manual

Model: OK-ESC-25A
Size: 48x23x7mm
Weight: 21g
Current: 25A
[NiCd,NiMh]/Servos: 6/4 8/4 10/2
Li-XX/Servos: 2/4 3/3

The speed controller can be connected to the motor by direct soldering or with high quality connectors. Always use new connectors, which should be soldered carefully to the cables and insulated with Heat shrink.
 Solder controller to the motor wires
 Solder appropriate connectors to the Battery wires
 Insulate all solder connections with Heat Shrink Tubing
 Plug the 3Pin connector into the receiver throttle channel

Installing the controller
Install the speed controller in the model so that it is isolated from vibration and shock, using Velcro or double sided foam tape. Allow space around it for cooling. Make sure that there is sufficient cooling of the motor and speed controller by ducting air through adequate cooling holes from the outside airflow. Main power packs should be connected one attempt.
 Locate the controller to Avoid multiple touches of the connectors when installing a fresh motor battery pack.

Using the controller
 Switch “ON” the transmitter and check the throttle channel settings are +/-100%.Set the throttle to “Closed” or brake position.
 Switch on the speed controller. For speed controllers without BEC, switch on the power to receiver.
 You must hear a ‘beep’. Between switching on the switch and the ‘beep’ the throttle stick must not be moved. If you do not hear a ‘beep’, switch off the switch, disconnect the power connectors, wait for 5 seconds and repeat the procedure of connecting and switching on.
 If you do not hear ‘beep’ again, check the following:
1). Is 3Pin connector plugged in the throttle channel.
2). Is the throttle stick in “closed” position (OFF)?
3). Is the throttle channel in ‘normal’ position?
 You will hear the ‘beep’ during the first switch-on of the controller only. When you switch-off the speed controller without disconnecting the motor battery pack, you will not hear the beep after next switch-on.
 The position of ‘full throttle’ will be adjusted automatically.
 Warning: Once the Motor Battery Pack is connected, handle the model with extreme care! Ensure that you are well clear of the propeller at all times. Rotating propellers are extremely dangerous.
 Always Connect the motor battery pack just before flight and disconnect it immediately after landing the model.
 Warning: Even when the switch is ‘off’ remember the Motor Battery pack may be connected, handle the model with extreme care and stay well clear of the propeller.

Setting the Propeller Brake On or Off
 The speed controller is supplied with the ‘brake’ activated. If you want to turn off the brake, do the following:
1). Switch on the transmitter and move the stick to full throttle.
2). Connect the main power pack and turn on the receiver switch (if used)
3). Wait 5 seconds
4). After 5 seconds you will hear 5 single “beeps”
5). Swiftly move the throttle stick to the closed position; you will hear two “beeps”
6). The brake is now turned off

Setting the Timing Mode
 It is possible to set two timing modes with these speed controllers.
 1). soft timing –for 2, 4, 6, pole motors. Soft timing gives maximum efficiency.
 2). Hard timing only for 6 and more pole motors
 Hard timing increases both the motor revolutions and the current (up to 20%) with the same prop and battery pack when compared to soft timing. This is more suitable for faster flying models.
 Always use soft timing for first flight. If the temperature of the batteries, speed controller and motor are below 50℃ degrees following the first flights it is possible to test the system using the hard timing mode. Do not use hard timing with 2 pole motors.
 Hard timing is recommended for use with Model Motors out runner motors-even for the first flights.
 The Speed controllers are supplied with soft timing-to change the timing:
1). Switch on the transmitter and move the stick to full throttle
2). Connect the main power pack and turn on the receiver switch and wait 5 seconds
3). After 5 seconds you will hear 4 “beeps”
4). After further 5 seconds you will hear 5 “beeps” for soft timing
5). OR 5 double “beeps” for soft timing
6). The required timing is set by moving the throttle stick to the closed throttle position.
7). The new timing is confirmed by a single “beep”(brake on ) or a double “beep”( brake off).
 The timing setting will not change after disconnecting the main power pack.

Notes About Operation
 Reversing the motor directions is achieved by the exchanging the position of any two wires connected to the motor.
 For Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh, Do not exceed the 10 cells or 4-5 servos when using the BEC.
 For Li-XX, when the main power pack voltage falls to 67% of the originally measured voltage, the speed controller will turn-off the motor.
 For Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh, The speed controller wills turn-off the motor when the main power pack voltage falls under 5.3V or reaches 0.7V/cell. It depends on which occurs first.
 temperature overload protection is built into the speed controller, it turns off the motor when the temperature reaches 100℃.
 These speed controllers are equipped with protection function that takes care of correct start and operation of the motor across the whole range of RPM, Current and Voltage.
 Do not connect the speed controller to just ‘any’ kind of power source. Take care to ensure the right polarity of Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh or Li-XX power packs only.
 Do not connect the motor battery to the wrong polarity, the speed controller will be severely damaged.
 Controllers connected to the wrong battery polarity. WILL NOT be covered under the warranty.
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Mar 03, 2008, 09:01 AM
Registered User
Well I am confused. Everytime I plug in the battery I get 5 tones before everything comes alive. The throttle is at idle when I power up. I thought this is normal. Is it not???
May 07, 2008, 06:58 PM
Dirt Torpedo
Brian Click's Avatar
I suspect those instructions are for another controller, based on the PDF from the ESC manufacturer, which has no such menu setting functions (here's the link):


This is verified (at least on my ESC, pulled from a friend's hotrodded Mirage 2000 and transplanted into my Zagi, along with the inrunner) because my ESC has NO brake regardless of "setting" - and the timing does not seem to change, either.

With an EDF, hard timing is implied and a brake is less than useless, so it makes sense that they would leave out the brake FET, for cost reasons. This is a low cost controller after all...

Since timing is a firmware function, maybe it's in there after all and I just need to bone up on my Chineenglish in order to divine the procedure from the OP's instructions...

May 07, 2008, 09:39 PM
Doing it in the Lateral Axis
modfly's Avatar
[NiCd,NiMh]/Servos: 6/4 8/4 10/2
Li-XX/Servos: 2/4 3/3

according to these specs..the controller BEC is only good for 3 servos with 3 cells
edit..I just figured out this plane only has 3 servos. so its within specs for this plane..

 Locate the controller to Avoid multiple touches of the connectors when installing a fresh motor battery pack.

This is contact bounce and can cause the controller to stall and burns out the motor..I have seen it happen I have never seen this warning on a good BL ESC.
Last edited by modfly; May 07, 2008 at 11:01 PM.

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