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Feb 29, 2008, 06:16 AM
Trying To Takeoff
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Pocket Zoom (EP100-EP200) configs/crash stats

I'd like to invite everybody who own any clone or alike of Protech Pocket Zoom to post their list of spare parts ever needed due to crashed one original. This not include planned CNC upgrades, etc. This doesn't count broken and repaired things.
Protech Pocket Zoom;
GAUI EP100(plastic);
GAUI EP200(EP100SEv2);
ELE FireFox;
RCMart Pixy Zap(EP100) and Genius(EP100SEv1)
Walkera 64#C and 64#C-1
Please post one reply and correct it with time.
Here mine:
Initial experience: none/sim
Approximate uptime: 40 hours
Radio: T9CAP
Broken so far:
2 belts (long, made by ELE, softened from oil grease)
4 tail pitch grips (ELE)
3 pair wooden thick blade 175mm (ELE)
5 pairs stiff plastic thin blades 175mm (ELE)
2 pairs GAUI Eppler foam blades - very weak
2 main gear (ELE)
1 landing gears (ELE)
4 "S"-shaped tail pitch guides (ELE)
2 main rotor yoke (ELE, unusual damage, from accidental winding of antenna wire
1 pitch link (from same accident
12 main blade holding 2x10mm machine screws
I hope this may help newcomers to get spares in advance. I got second full frame and it still almost complete.. So idea of getting second frame as spare under doubt for me. Unglued plastic swash saves rotorhead parts for me.
Thank you,
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Feb 29, 2008, 08:54 AM
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Gaui EP200
Initial experience: Walkera coax 5#6,walkera 4g5, Picooz /sim aerofly p.d.
Approximate uptime: 4 hours
Radio: Futaba 6ex-hp

Broken so far:
1 tail pitch bridge
25 m2x10 screws
1 linkage set
5 flybar links
3 plastic blades (3 more damaged but not broken)
4 plastic links from swashplate
1 main shafts
1 landing gear
3 lost screws
1 "blade holder damping set",
1 cnc mixing arms
1 plastic mixing arms
1 flybar
1 mast collar small
1 servo arm

Well I hope gaui reads this and improves their parts, a lot of them are too brakeable and tooooo expensive...

And I have to admit, that the worst crashes I had not due to flying mistakes but real silly stuff like:
- not using loctite for Blade holders and loosing a blade while flying,
- turning on idle mode flying inside, no I will not do that again....
- very dumb was forgetting to fully expand the antenna and although just flying within a 3m range, made it to loose control, gaui jumping on the ceiling, than leaving deep stripes at the walls and than dropping on stone (had tears in my eyes just seeing this happen),
-once I programmed my esc from lipo to nimh battery without noticing that, resulting in 2 crashes with the gaui loosing control and deep charging my batteries. (made me buy a lipo flasher, always good to have a visual feedback about the voltage of the battery)
-breaking a tail pitch bridge by bad rtf gyro setup
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Aug 25, 2008, 05:30 AM
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eeeeh ,,, oooohhh,,,, jaaaaa,,,,, heeeeemmmm,,,,,, heemmmmmm ,,, ja

errrrrh,,,, oh ja . I just wanted to say ............... Mi 2 .

dood everything near my hands get broken or crashed these days .

I will try to keep my hands in front of my face so that i can count from now on........ himmmmm,,,, I dont know if that will effect my flying though .

No but hunestly its actially a good idea. c u later, and Good Luck.....
Sep 24, 2008, 10:04 AM
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firefox ep100, gaui ep100. Same animal.
Broke Plastic rotor head first time out. There is no feathering spindle and I built from kit. Guess the screws attaching the blade grips were too short.
Jul 12, 2011, 07:17 PM
"staring at you"
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I like these kind of statistics

so i just ordered my firefox ep 200 from hobbyking and waiting it to arrive... by reading the statistics can sumone pinpoint the upgrade part for this heli? from nose to tail from upper most part to lowest most part... only hardware stuff not the electric/electronic part...

for example:
cnc metal rotor head
cnc tail rotor set "full set mounting, linkages, hub, etc etc"
fiber body and skids
what gear set?
what is the best blade? main and tail...

those kinda stuff... i hope you guys understand... i'm not a stunt 3d pilot kinda stuff "normal flyer"... and i don;t have a big pocket to buy expensive heli or to maintain crashes heli cost... just need a lil advice on which upgrade part that make ur heli more resistant and last longer
Jul 12, 2011, 09:17 PM
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I for one really want to know how this works out for you. I have had my eye on the EP200 for months but have been afraid to pull the trigger. Mostly because I hear they do not last long, and that parts are always on backorder. I emailed a guy at elemodel.com and he said even if parts on their website say they are not in stock to let him know, he can try to get them. service@elerc.com

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