Need a new battery pack for my GWS p51 and Zero What should I get? - RC Groups
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Jan 03, 2003, 12:23 AM
Mad Scientist
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Need a new battery pack for my GWS p51 and Zero What should I get?

hey guys
I just picked up a new GWS p51 and have had my zero since they first came out, I have the stock GWS 300c in both and have been using 7 and 8cell maxcell and rayovac AAA packs, I want a better pack that I can use in them, What do you guys recomend?

Would AA cells be to big?

Also I can not afford to spend alot so if you could please send me links to any places that have really good deals on batteries. I thought about Lithium cells and a charger What would you recomend here and how much do you think the setup would cost, Also would the setup work in my piccolo and light stick?

thanks guys
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Jan 03, 2003, 07:16 AM
Former bpp dude
Hello Jay, AA cells or 2/3A nimh cells would work but will also add a few ounces in weight to your plane. You will see a bit of a performance increase over the AAA's though as they can handle the current better. A 2s2p Pack of Kokam 1020's (2040mah, 7.2v) will also work excellent in the P51 & Zero. They are the same weight as a 7 cell AAA pack with approx. 2.5 times the duration. I also carry inexpensive "starter" chargers that work well with the 7.2v packs. Please contact me at: for more details if you are interested. Thanks

Jan 03, 2003, 07:25 AM
Captain Carnage says......
AirWarriorBelgy's Avatar
they are somewhat expensive but i use the trickrc 500 mah zagi packs in my zero

as for the 51 so far all i have used is the 720 8 cell nimh pack from

and i just picked up a gws 730 for trilas this weekend although i don't reallly expect too much performance from it yet as it has not been cycled a few times at this point

Jan 03, 2003, 03:12 PM
Mad Scientist
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Thanks Guys
I do have a radioshack 9.6v 1000mah AA pack, Do you think this pack would work? I am using a 5 amp esc so If i use this pack should I drop down to a 9x7 prop?

also which AA batteries work good, where can i get these at online?