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Jan 02, 2003, 11:53 PM
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EPP Adhesives in United Kingdom/Australia

Hello, Guys:

I need some help here. An E-Zone reader in the UK asked me for guidance on an alternative to GOOP. Unfortunately, I no longer have the e-mail files I had collected with this information.

Could our fellow E-Zoners in the UK and Oz help out? I'd like to identify alternatives for GOOP, 3M 77, Dap Weldwood contact cement (as used for applying melamine countertops), and polyurethane glue (such as Pro-Bond polyurethane, Tite-Bond polyurethane, and Gorilla Glue).

All help appreciated, best regards,

Darwin Garrison
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Jan 03, 2003, 12:31 AM
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Bostick clearbond works, but is slow drying. I mainly use hot glue from a cheap low temp gun. Water based latex contact glue may also work but I havent tried it.
These are all available in Oz

Jan 03, 2003, 02:34 PM
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For fixing melamine or Formica to worktops I use Evo-Stick impact adhesive or an equivilent. 3M 77 isn't available in the UK as far as I know, I got some from the States. Probond is available, it's just finding it that's the problem. I think Bison do, or did a product that was the same or similar. It may or may not be called Timber- tix.
I recently put together a SAS EPP Mamba, water based latex (Copydex) adhesive was supplied in the kit to fix the wing panels together and it worked fine.

Jan 05, 2003, 04:06 AM
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Hi Darwin, it's so long since I gave u the info for Oz I'll have to try to remember it all again.

3M77 is available in Oz, as is the other, lesser 3M products. Office supply stores such as Officeworks for the lesser stuff, art supply stores and engineering supply stores have the real stuff. I think Hobby Headquarters in Sydney may also be wholesaling it to the trade (they also have sheets of EPP).

Goop is available in several forms, Pacer Zap A Dap a Goop should be able to be sourced from any LHS that stocks Zap glues. Shoe repair stores also sell various versions of Shoe Goop.

I used a Canadian product called Weldbond instead of polyurathane glue, and it worked very effectively. I think that there is a Selleys brand polyurathane glue available, and that is available in small tubes. There are a number of boatbuilding polyeurathane glues available, one particularly I've used a week or so ago is called Purbond, but it is available in larger containers only, from a limited number of outlets.

Various types of contact glues are available, and if only small quantities are required, there are smaller tubes available under the Selleys brandname.


Peter Haworth
(former Oz E-Flight owner)
Jan 05, 2003, 04:25 AM
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The foaming PU glue known as probond is available in the UK- Nexus Model Supplies carry it for one, and it is available mail order from some of the specialist woodworking suppliers-
such as http://www.axminster.co.uk/default.asp?part=LS7803.

Over here it is called Titebond Polyurethane AFAIK, and comes in a black canister.

I've never used Goop or an equivalent so far as I know, but if it's the stuff that is used for shoe repairs then a word with a local Timpsons shoe repair shop might be able to come up with a similar product- every town had a Timpsons at one time.