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Jan 02, 2003, 10:48 PM
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What's the best fully R/C 1/2A engine?

Hi I'm trying to put together an Ace Upstart (aerobatic high wing) plane and was wondering what's the best engine for it?
It says .049 on the box, but could I use a .061?
I'm looking for a lot of power (unlimited vertical) but good long flight times. I've been told Norvel makes the best of these sizes with R/C throttles. Is there any other brand out there that might be better for the price? I've been told a cox queen bee .074 should do the trick, but I'm wondering if they actually ahve the R/c throttle and if they're too heavy.
I might go with norvel .061 if it's not much of a tradeoff over a .049.
I know next to nothing about engines except for what I've seen on ebay and what I've been looking around for so I don't know many acronyms or lingo hehe.
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Jan 07, 2003, 08:26 PM
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The norvel is nice, i've seen them run hard in 1/2A pylon and the control line speed guys use them in there little speed models. I definetley go for the norvel over the cox. Both are noisy but I think the cox is noisier and messier.

Alternatively have a look at the thunder tiger GP07. They are great little motors and are just like a minatures of their bigger brothers, with full exhaust air bleed throttle and take "standard" short reach glow plugs, ie an OS8. (the cox and norvel have their own type of glow plug which may not be as easily accesible if you burn one out). My one seems to run fairly clean. And they have a cool purple anodized head if that tickles your fancy.

With the GP07 you'll get 20minutes run time with a 2ounce tank pretty much flat out.

The norvel will take some running in. I ended up with a sore arm after flicking, and flicking and flicking and flicking, ...... before it would fire. The GP07 on the other hand started up much easier straight out of the box.

The norvel 0.061 is a bit smaller than the GP07. The GP07 will let you beam or backplate mount. The norvel is a beam mount.

If your a newbie to motors the GP07 would be a better choice in my opinion.

Hope this helps