I am a Dork...or my first flight of the New year! 12:23 am - RC Groups
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Jan 01, 2003, 01:48 AM
Real Men Fly Pink Planes...
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I am a Dork...or my first flight of the New year! 12:23 am

I am sure I am not the first, but the wife is not feeling well, and daughter sleep, so I am stuck at home. Once the boss went to sleep I thought I would try some night flying.

My first flight of the year took off at 12:23 am on my GWS SLow Stick with Curtek lights. Fun stuff, but upon landing the motor wire was loose again and so I had to cut it short. Oh well. Love the night flying stuff and that Curtek system with 4 landing lights is sure easy to see.

So call it being a dork for posting this, but I cant fix the motor wire until I get some more solder and nothing better to do.

Take care and best wishes to All in the coming year! I look forward to meeting and flying with all of you Ezone members this year

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Jan 01, 2003, 02:04 AM
So tired
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Don't feel bad, I couldnt resist either. I took the tiger moth up under the street lights. I can now say I have had a flight spanning 2 years
Jan 01, 2003, 02:18 AM
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Me 3. I just got a new motor & gearbox, basically the same as the stock one but a different company makes it...it was all the LHS had in stock. I also got some carbon fiber, and I used it to make new wing struts...looks very nice. My wife & I took a little drive, then had my TM's first flight of 2003. I also tried a 9x7 prop, I like it better I think...could be because my prop shaft warpage matters less with a smaller prop. (Yes, it's warped already...I stalled & hit my car)
Jan 01, 2003, 02:35 AM
Got helium filled wings?

dorks are getting drunk etc.

you aren't a dork
someone with a plan and the gumption to carry it out no matter the obstacles
hats off to "First registered E-Zone flyer of 2003"
Jan 01, 2003, 07:14 AM
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My wife and I went to bed at 10, I'll get my first flight this morning. Happy New Years! Next year hit Shawn up for one of his zaney contests like flying on New Years Eve wearing a tux or suit and holding a glass of champaign or something like that...
Jan 01, 2003, 07:23 AM
Real Men Fly Pink Planes...
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Cant forget the Josey and the Pussy cat ears....

Jan 01, 2003, 12:33 PM
Mountain Models Wannabe
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We'll I spent most of last night putting together a new MiniFlash to take to the local Frozen Needle funfly. I woke up to snow and high winds so went back to bed. You guys are better men than me!

Jan 01, 2003, 12:45 PM
Pedal Power!
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I had a "2 year" flight with my Aerobird last night. The flag was drooping so up the bird went. Fireworks in the background were a nice touch. I gotta remember that when the wind is from the east the building block the flag from the wind, almost lost it a couple times.
Jan 01, 2003, 01:01 PM
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You're my hero!

Jan 01, 2003, 01:04 PM
Balsa Builder
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I had my helicopter in my car from earlier in the day, and was tempted to fire her up in the street at the house where I was, but TV was calling me, and I'll get to fly later (in fact I'm leaving in a few minutes)

Jan 01, 2003, 01:10 PM
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Very calm this morning. To heck with college football, I'm going flying.
Jan 01, 2003, 01:27 PM
MAAC 6251
HI. The club I belong to is electric only, so we're all kind off nuts. We had a fun fly organized for last night. But here in Canada we can't ignore the weather this time of year. So when the freezing rain started that kind of canceled the whole damn thing.
Next year!?
We also have an annual fun fly next month, all are welcome.
Jan 01, 2003, 03:55 PM
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I put up a flight in the early AM, too. The wind was uncharacteristically almost calm and it wasn't raining, so at about 12:45 AM my RAM lights-equipped TM took to the air in the cul-de-sac (after I got the Tx onto the right model memory ).

I got one loop and lots of cruising around but didn't attempt any touch-and-goes.

A side comment - I've been flying the Gym-E and more recently the Tiny-X in the cul-de-sac. By comparison the TM is, well, rather less nimble and responsive. It felt so heavy and sluggish I was actually surprised. But the last time I'd flown the TM was after dark in Chilliwack in August.....

Gotta put the Curtek lights on the Gym-E (or move the RAM lights) for more night flying in the cul-de-sac .

Doug - If I awoke to snow and wind, I'd go back to bed too. It's raining pretty heavily here right now.....
Jan 01, 2003, 07:02 PM
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Well, its really rainy and windy here in Oregon, I went to the club, about 20 of us gathered for homemade Chili, with 4 of us flying. I put on one flight of my Hawk Helicopter (glow, sorry guys) Did my first roll with it. Did some inverted hovering, loops 520 and 720 stall turns, etc.. In the pouring rain. Thankfully no crashes.

Would that be a bad omen if I crashed on my first flight of the year.

Jan 01, 2003, 10:59 PM
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very neat-2 year flight

I can just hear it now-"Yes officer, I was riding my pink elephant around the neighborhood when I saw this little airplane......"