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Dec 31, 2002, 02:17 PM
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DARPA's Micro Air Vehicle has batteries for wings....

In my latest 'Military & Aerospace Electronics' issue - may be of interest for your tachno-battery buffs

The photo in the following link is not correct:

DARPA's Micro Air Vehicle has batteries for wings

Here is some of the text for those on the fence:

"ARLINGTON, Va. Engineers from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., are using multifunctional structure/power materials to build wings that provide lift as well as power for their WASP Micro Air Vehicle (MAV).

The idea behind the DARPA research is to build MAV wings that also function as the batteries, which cut down on aircraft weight and power, DARPA officials say.

The WASP design replaces separate battery and wing structure components with a multifunctional structure/battery material system that supplies electrical energy for propulsion while carrying mechanical and aerodynamic wing loads, says Leo Christodoulou, DARPA program manager. Only one third of the wing is the battery, but more can be added if necessary, Christodoulou says.

The WASP is the first in a series of developmental MAVs designed to show how multifunctional materials could enhance system performance, DARPA officials say. DARPA engineers recently set an endurance flight record during tests this summer with the new design. The WASP flew for one hour 47 minutes more than three times the previous micro air vehicle endurance record of 30 minutes set two years ago."

See the link for the full text and more info.

Steve M.
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