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Dec 28, 2002, 01:58 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
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Piccolo Fun is... well... fun!

Hey Guys-

First the thank-you's: I've been lurking around here trying to gather info about my 1st heli purchase. Many thanks to all of you for contributing in ways great and small to educate me in this most mysterious endeavor Thanks to Al for selling me a nice used Piccolo Fun and also thanks to Paul Goelz for his very helpful web site that helped me to fine tune my Pic and also helped me understand the flight characteristics of a small heli.

Picking a 1st heli was a tough decision, I read many threads and sorted through a lot of info, some of it conflicting. I like the looks of the Pic and didn't read anything too scathing about it, so that's what I settled on. Al's Pic came to me with HS-50's and a Piccoboard Pro installed. It's mostly a stock Pic with bearings instead of bushings in the head being the biggest mod. I'm flying it on 2 cell 1020 Kokam packs that I use on some of my planes. I flew it in ground effects for a couple hours the 1st day and managed to bump the tail rotor blade a few times (the Pic was missing that tail rotor strut, I later installed one). I repaired it with C/A and some reinforcing cloth, but the next day after another 15 minutes of playing around I bumped it again and the piece ejected across the garage. After 3 hours of cleaning I had a great looking garage, but still no blade piece!! I ordered another blade and decided to pick up the heading-hold module as well.

They arrived today- woohoo! The heading-hold seemed to make a huge difference, I was pretty much able to fly without messing with yaw much. The Pic seemed a lot more stable than before. I also have been jumping right up out of ground effects which makes things easier. Today was a huge improvement over my 1st 2 days, I was able to fly for 5 or 6 minutes at a stretch, hold a steady unwavering hover fo 30 seconds and land within a foot or so of where I wanted to. It's a blast! And the Pic is durable too! I managed to hit the garage door and send it to the ground on its side from about 3' up. The rotor popped off, but that was it! I've also landed it pretty hard a few times and bumped some other things in the garage, but other than that tail rotor blade, I have had no other damage.

Overall I'm very happy with the Pic as my 1st heli, it's great to play with when it's too windy to fly my planes outside!

I have a couple of questions too:

- I've noticed that when I'm holding a hover, the rotor is tilted to the right. Is this normal or do I possibly have something out of adjustment?

- I've read that some people have installed the Astroflight 010 motor in their Pic's, am I correct in assuming this cannot be used with a Piccoboard since the AF 010 uses a BL ESC? I don't know that I'd ever do this mod on my Pic, but I was curious. I've got 3 of the 010 motors in use on planes.

- Can a FP Pic do loops and/or rolls? Are mods required to give it those capabilities, like the aluminum swash? This is way beyond my current abilities, but perhaps some day

Thank you!
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Dec 28, 2002, 04:33 AM
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The tilt to the right is normal as the heli is trying to counteract the thrust of the tail rotor. I have been running an Astro 010-16T on the Piccolo for a while now. I don't use the Piccoboard though. I use a Pixie 7P on the tail and a GWS gyro. I have gotten up to 17 minutes with the two cell Qualcomm's. The Piccolo weighs 7.5Oz ready to fly.

You can use the Piccoboard along with the Astro 010 BL controller. I thought Paul had directions for this on his site. The older Jeti/Astro controllers had a step in them which made it difficult to maintain hover.

Good luck,

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Dec 28, 2002, 09:44 AM
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I saw Fitz do a loop with an fp corona at DEAF. I have heard its possible with an fp hornet but havn't actually seen it done. I havn't heard about the piccolo though.
Dec 28, 2002, 10:04 AM
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Thats cool Tres you got it running. I was at my dads office complex the other day, he just bought it over 50 acres in Downtown Dallas all paved with concrete Flew my tiny outside and plus the office buildings have LOTS of space for hovering. We need to meet up, i have to get my landing gear fixed.
Dec 28, 2002, 10:39 AM
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Hey Tres,

See this post reguarding looping a FP Piccolo.
Dec 28, 2002, 01:59 PM
Horrible Test Pilot
Congrats Tres!!
I too am learning on a Pic, and having a lot of fun.
It's usually too cold to fly outside.

Dec 28, 2002, 04:18 PM
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I've been also eyeing the Fun Piccolo as my first heli. It'll have to wait until next year though since I ordered a Firefly from Sweden for Christmas

How many channels is the Fun Pic? Will my Hitec Flash 5 handle it?
Dec 28, 2002, 09:48 PM
Live to ride... and fly!
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Thread OP

==I thought Paul had directions for this on his site. ==

Thank you, so he does. I hadn't noticed it before. Thanks also for the rotor info, that's a relief that there's not anything wrong


==he just bought it over 50 acres in Downtown Dallas all paved with concrete ==

Woah, where is that? Over in the West End area?


==See this post reguarding looping a FP Piccolo==

Thanks! I think maybe I saw that before, but didn't know how much trust to put into a quick claim like that


Ah, another carryover from planes It gives us something to do to keep the thumbs working all winter How's yours going?


And another Parkflyer sneaking over to this forum! If you use the Icarus gear (Piccoboard) then you can use your Flash 5 to fly the Pic. I'm using my Eclipse, but I've got it programmed as regular acro. The only thing I've adjusted is the EPA to reduce the sensitivity for learning. I think if you use separate components you have to program your radio for heli, but perhaps someone who knows better than me can clarify that.

I put in some more stick time today, too windy for planes. It gets a little easier each time! The li-polys are great for extended run times, makes it easier to practice when you don't have to sorry about the motor cutting out.
Dec 31, 2002, 02:03 PM
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Hi guys,

I moved over to the Micro Heli scene about 5-6 months ago and became so obsessed with my Piccolo that I have been abscent from the Parkflyers board for some while spending most my time on the Ikarus Piccolo BBS site.

Anyway still have my GWS Cub and TM (although the TM is grounded at the momemeny for som minor repairs) Few my Cub today it's so sedate.

Anyway currently building a Pic Pro and hope to perhaps start a Tiny soon.


Dec 31, 2002, 02:22 PM
Got mine togeter and got my new GWS servos and RX Monday night, man that thing is SMALL!!!! The GWS RX worked fine with my Futaba radio but I had to reverse a few channels. I put it togeter and the AUW is 8 oz with 7 X 720 Nimh cells, I spet a few mins spinning it up and looking for out of trim and noticed also it looked like it wanted to roll right but trimming left roll only made it want to flop left so I messed with the tail trim and it seemed to help. So when it looked like it was going to go straight up in my small build room floor I cleared the end table off the floor in the TV room and put it in the center, throtted it up and up it hopped up, I did this a few times and knocked the rotor off a few times. I finally just gunned it and up it went, headed right for the TV at about 4 feet off the ground, I pulled it back but it had drifted left and struck the wall, . I broke the Hub I suppose its called where the little white bushing goes??? I glued it but I am going to hunt down an aluminum one for it. Next attempts will probably be out side in the yard. Oh well, I have a jet for the contest I have to finish so hopfully I can get it done before the new hub gets here so I can finish my jet,, LOL.
Oh, I also diled in -40 expo in My Futaba radio to make it less twichy but I dont know yet if thats a good idea or not.

Also, My blades are WAY to loose on the head, I made the nylon screws as tight as they would go untill they stripped and still to loose, I had to glue them to keep the nuts on. I could not find the washers that were shown in the manual, is that why they are so loose? I want to replace the nylon with some small metal ones like the ones that secure the flybar, what do you guys use?
Dec 31, 2002, 04:47 PM
Just to clear the air the Pic WILL loop with MS blades and a head stiffener. Not pretty, but it will loop, I've done it more then once.
Jan 02, 2003, 04:55 PM
Live to ride... and fly!
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Thread OP
Hey Jerry-

I noticed you had been away from PF for a while. The Tiny or Tiny X will bring you back though, I'm sure of it


Don't try to fly the Pic outdoors yet, the slightest breeze will make it difficult to control. You need a nice big indoor area, like a 2 stall garage. The problem with trimming a Heli is you just can't do it on the ground with the blades turning or flying in ground effects, you've got to get a couple feet up into clear air before you can tell if it's trimmed or not. Check Paul's site that I posted at the top, he's got some great trimming tips. I tried flying mine over the weekend with a small floor heater running and just the gentle breeze off that heater was enough to make the Pic go squirrelly!

==and knocked the rotor off a few times==

Yeah, get used to that I've knocked mine off many times. I thick C/A'd the bearings on after chasing them all over the garage!

On the blades, you know they're not supposed to be tight don't you? How loose are they? They should be snug, but free to move on their own. When you spin up the rotor they find the "sweet spot" themselves.

Luxor- thanks! Something to look forward to. Of course it appears it'll be years before I master the head-in hover, so loops are way out right now
Jan 03, 2003, 01:38 PM
I just dont have a big enough indoor area to practice in,,, Ill have to think about it and see if I cant sneek into a gym or someting somewhere .
I busted my hub so I have an aluminum one and some ball bearings on the way, Should be here today I hope, then maybe Ill be more willing to practice inside without fear of loosing the bushings or breaking the hub.
My blades are too loose I think, Some times when I start it spinning (I start it as slow as I can) they swing and catch under the flybar paddel and the whole thing jotls and jumps around. Every few flight "tries" I have to turn the screw a few turns to tighten it. I CAed them and its better, but I want to replace the nylon screws with regular ones, howerver, I was surprised I did not find a mod part for this on the site I got the hub and bearings on????
Jan 03, 2003, 01:52 PM
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Where did you buy the hub? Just head down to the hardware store with your rotor head and find something that works... I fly with tight blades but people that fly with loose blades recomend the blades are tight enough that gravity won't fold them, yet loose enough that they can find their right spot. Make sure each blade has the same amount of tightness.

Jan 03, 2003, 02:19 PM
Jordan, I got the stuff from . The stuff was cheap and shipped very fast.
I will go to the the LHWS and find some small screws, mine are defanatly to loose, gravity defanatly will fold them, they keep wacking the flybar at start up and shut down and knock it all off position. I wonder why they are so loose???? Did your kits have the washers for the main blade bolts? Mine did not, I scowered the box and bags for them,,,

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