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Jan 25, 2008, 04:16 PM
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Night flying, as getting home while dark. What do I need?

Hey guys,

Now I've started working again I can hardly fly, it's really upsetting me. Only day I can fly is Sunday, all others I'm working...

Now as it's UK weather when I get back around 6pm it's very dark, total darkness pretty much.

I would like to fly over my local field where I normally fly in the daytime. Although I am a little worried about some things...

Blades are expensive, they only do carbons for night flying.

What do I need for the cold lights (which you would need to see the tail right)? Drivers? Do they work off the RX chan outputs? Would I need a external BEC instead of the ESC's? Or is it a whole new separate battery?
I have some esky 7.4v 800mah lipos for my Robins 22, would they work if so?

I was thinking about just the one cold light(for price reasons) wrapped around the tailboom? Along with the night blades I think this should be good?

The blades have there own charger/battery.

Bit worried about trees and buildings around the field and a few other things.

Landings and take offs I think I'll find hard. I use the ground to orientate during all manoeuvres...

My helicopter is the Dragonus 450. I have two (or one) spare RX channels.

What do I need from here?

I'm really not sure if it will be any fun though, I can't stand not flying but I also wouldn't be able to stand paying for crashes especially them expensive carbon ones...

I could fly in the morning but tbh I need to wake up first!

Edit: Also the brightest neon cold light strings? Light blue isn't it? Although would orange be better as it would stand out more? Any comments on this?

Thanks guys very much!
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Jan 25, 2008, 04:26 PM
"How old are you?"
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You either need another job or one of these!! :P



I can luckily take my heli to work and grab some time in the day, or if im busy go to the field on the way home and i get the weekends off too.... It must be a good new job to come between your heli and you like that!
I dont think i could fly with just the night blades etc. on as like you the ground plays a role in my flying, I dunno how many times i would have totalled my heli if i couldnt see the ground coming up to my heli like it does...
Jan 25, 2008, 04:39 PM
LaurenceGough's Avatar
Humm, perhaps... Local hobby store but the hours are just stupid... Not even that good, they stock no 450 helis, Align they have never touched, never heard of anything new etc...

Just takes me so much time to find a new one, and I have to bike as I'm not old enough yet to own a car. (So I also can't take heli to work on bike).

Life sucks without flying my heli...

You know Mike I also don't think I could just fly with night stuff that's why I'm asking you guys. Guess this just confirms it...

Hahahah, nice floodlight idea .

Thanks mate, take care. Gonna hit they hay in a few mins...
Jan 25, 2008, 04:50 PM
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I wouldn't recommend getting the Align night blades. I have a pair and one of them doesent stay lit for more than 10 min (while the other is lit for over an hour.) Some of them come with bad batteries. Mine have always done this even when brand new. They are pretty expensive to take a gamble. I have read many other posts about similar experiences.

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