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Jun 05, 2001, 04:43 PM
aka ben wilson
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T-52, Hobby Lobby "All Metal Gearbox", 10x6 Folding Prop (Mini-Review)

I was able to get out to the field this past weekend with my T-52, the Hobby Lobby "All Metal" gearbox (with the 3:1 pinion), and a 10x6 Graupner Scimitar Folding Prop.

Well, i can tell you it is quite the improvement over using a Master Airscrew 10x7 fixed propellor and the gearbox, or the stock 6x4 direct drive! No more bent backplates on that gearbox (I want flight after flight after flight, damnit!). I can't say enough good things about the setup I have now (which is powered by a 7 cell 500mah pack). I love having the folding prop on the T-52, and with the fatty wing it sails rather well.

The hand-launch (no running needed) is easy to do with this plane, and it even climbs decently (though to the beginner, warn them that you will not get a 45 degree climb from the launch). Let it get up to speed, do a quick turn, and you should be up at least "one mistake high" by then. With the "stock" configuration of the T-52, which is a direct drive Speed 400 and a 6x4 prop, I found this plane (for the beginner) to not have the climbout necessary, a could cause a number of bent prop-shafts due to close to the ground stalls. But, climbout and decent altitude can be done with that setup. In any case, I would suggest the 10x6 folding prop and a gearbox (2.5:1 or 3:1 is good) for the beginner. The 9x7 prop (I had some extra blades) does well for more speed, but the climb out is a little lacking compared to the 10x6. Anyway, on to the flying.

I was getting 6 minute runtimes easily with this set up, and the climb-out was good. I would get up to a decent altitude into the wind, and then make a powered turn downwind, cut the throttle, and do a little sailing. Then repeat. That gave me at least an 8-10 minute flight time, with some light aerobatics. The T-52 will loop from a shallow dive, and double loop from a steeper one. The wing is VERY resilient, and EXTREMELY strong. I put this little bastard through some real torture in the dive, and it didn't suffer a bit.

The T-52 could do with some lightening though, and carving out a pocket under the wing for the receiver, etc, is a good place to do it (as it is still covered by the fuse doublers.

All in all, I love my T-52, and with the minimum investment I put into this thing, I'm more than happy. My only wish is that it could be a little sportier (now that I'm past the "beginner" phase. The fuse could be lightened a tad, and the wing could be a little thinner, even for the beginner.

All in all, I'm loving this thing to death. It's been dorked QUITE a few times in my early days, but that sure as hell didn't stop it.
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