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Jan 19, 2008, 10:41 PM
Hit my smoke....
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Pigpen confesses...

From Thanksgiving to Christmas I took 6 business trips, it's good to be busy! The pace has slowed a bit, but I expect I'll make about 20 or so trips this year.

It occurs to me that if I could be better organized, and keep things reasonably tidy, I could get in and out a for 1 or 2 hour sessions, that translates to 4 to 8 hours of shop time during the week instead of, well, watching TV or surfing the web.

Why the concern about shop habits? N872P is why, my next project is a 1:1 scale, RV-8. Been daydreaming for too long, as in 20 yrs! VAF #1 is my nieghbor, and he's the guy that gave me the $$ ride after daydeaming for a few decades. I realize now I could have built three of them by now!

That means I really need to get better about keeping my shop in good shape and clean. I generally build something in a flurry of tools, dust and clutter. At the end of the project I pull out a decent toy, and leave the shop in a disaster until I get the urge to build again.

Does this sound like a confession?

So I found my self in a pile of dust and wood chips and realized that;
A) Too much crap on the bench to hope for a decent bagging job
B) My cores were getting tore up on the surface by bits of dried glue and general mess
C) I need to get the RV-8 tail kit catalaloged and put away.

The solution was a total tear down of the shop. Now I realize how lucky I am to have a shop like this. It's 20' by 12' air conditoned. It was one of the first things I did when I moved here back in '01. The garage has a 12' extension off the typical garage, raised a few inches. So a buddy helped me put up a wall, and I'm the envy of my flying buddies.

Clutter piles up after 6 yrs, so I tore it down and added no less the 8 shelves, something like an additional 100 sq feet of storage space.

See the pics below....

When I made the decision to build the RV, I frankly planned on getting out of RC Soaring, but I had just too much fun at the TNT this year, so I decided I'd have both! I did sell my winch, to my flying partner, as sort of, well, a gesture

Anyway, the Genie will march on. Keith at Pacific Sailplanes will soon have the fuse complete. I plan to get the spar together tomorrow before the playoffs. If I can sustain some progress I ought to have somthing in the bag next weekend... that's the target anyway.

And later next week I'll head down to Avery and pick up a few more metal working tools... and get to banging some metal as soon as the Genie flys...
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