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Jan 14, 2008, 11:31 PM
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Soling 1 Meter Build Blog

I just started a Soling 1 Meter build blog if anyone is interested. There's not much there yet as I just received the boat kit on Friday. I would appreciate some of you old Soling 1M sailors stopping by occasionally and making sure that I'm not doing anything stupid.
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Jan 15, 2008, 09:22 AM
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Soling 1M

Have fun with your build. There is plenty of building help on the internet.

When I built mine I found several important things, the most important is use the full size jig and have a true center line inside and outside.
Jan 15, 2008, 02:26 PM
Lost in the Sauce
I will be watching this very closely
Feb 25, 2008, 01:02 AM
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can this boat be built with out a fancy jig?? i wouldnt mind getting one , but would like to keep it as simple as possible..
Feb 26, 2008, 01:37 PM
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pitviper51 - It's not a good idea to build the Soling 1M without the jig. The jig is easy to build if you have access to a table saw. Once built it should be shared with others wanting to build a Soling. The one I built is on it's third boat, soon to be a fourth.

The jig holds the keel in the right position and keeps everything on the center line during construction. Without it, it will be difficult to get the keel and deck in the right place. There is an easier one to build but it doesn't work as well. One of our club members (EMYC) didn't use a jig and it doesn't sail as well as the others in the club.
Feb 26, 2008, 04:56 PM
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I'm not sure what a Jig involves for the S1M, but I found my laser level (shoots a line) to be helpful to line up various components when building my IOM.

Use it to line up the CL of all boat parts, hull, fin box, mast, and rudder.
Feb 26, 2008, 10:49 PM
Aging Metalhead
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Definitely gotta hit the Lowes this weekend, LOL!
Mar 18, 2008, 12:20 AM
Cleveland Ohio

jib is key

i too have been in rc for 40 years, and just got into soling for a change of pace. i am lucky in that there is a new club in cleveland that meets every two weeks at a hobbytown where we build together. nothing like seeing another boat go together. i borrow a jig from the club. we penciled in center illines on hull and bulkheads. also marked leghtens back from the tip for bulkhead placement.

the laser will not help too much in my opinion. it is a false assumption that the top sides of the hull are even. hard to get a level to use.

a key point is the use of fiber glass /epoxy on the bottom and around the kheel box. boat splits apart. i used styreene strips on the side of the hull inforn off and behind the front bulkhead to strenthen the hull.

maybe is figure out how us my digital camera.

good luck.

bill sno
Mar 18, 2008, 08:02 AM
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Great, I move out of the Cleveland area with my Soling in tow and start reading about Cleveland area Soling sailors....figures.

I built mine 15 years ago without the help of this forum or anything else on the net. I didn't use a jig and the hull has never split open. I have had problems with the deck/hull joint, but that's builder issues more than anything.

I've never sailed it in competition, but have sailed it in local lakes, Sandusky Bay, and in 15 knot breezes in Lake Erie, and the boat has always performed well. But I'm sure if it was put up against a 'jigged' boat, the performance wouldn't match. But I'd also bet if it were put into the hands of a championship sailor it would probably compete very well.

My point is, if you are building a Soling for personal enjoyment and not competition, don't get hung up on the jig. I'm sure plenty of good Solings have been built without one. However, if I ever build one again I'll probably try to borrow someone else's jig just because....


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