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Dec 22, 2002, 09:10 PM
RC Outlaw
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Our company X-Mas RC indoor combat party!

Friday we had a little party in one of our hangars (about 180x75x30) and what a great time! We're a jet charter company and alot of our pilots and mechanics fly R/C. We had 4 GWS Cubs, 1 GWS stick, 1 GWS Beaver, 1 Varmint, and 2 Cox PT-19 control line planes.....and LOTS OF BOOZE! I was the only one to bring my Varmint and Cub home in one peice! My Cub is well worn but flies great (M-250/Kokams) so I figured I'd retire it by flying a clockwise circle among the 2 PT-19 .049 control line planes flying counter-clockwise! Well...the PT-19s crashed due to the confusion...surprise for all! The best was the Varmint shooting around the hangar! I'm used to the plane so I did OK with the constant hard turns to keep from hitting stuff....but when I let my boss (an old school pylon competitor) give it a shot, he did good for about 2 1/2 laps before slamming a ceiling girder. The M-100 Varmint didn't break though! Anywho...just wanted to share----Dennis
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