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Dec 29, 2007, 02:57 AM
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new racing boat hull - what engine, etc ??

Hi everyone,
I am relatively new to boats except for some electric ones, I am more of a plane man. However I have been given a pretty good looking hull and am keen to get it going. The thing is I am not sure of what engine to put in it, or anything about the weight distribution of the boat, what size prop, placement of prop, 1 or 2 props, how many blades on prop, etc. so I am really in need of your help ! any info would be much appreciated as I do not want to bugger up this nice lookin hull I have been given. I want to put a glow plug engine in it, I have a couple of aeroplane ones lying around but from looking on the net it's not worth mucking around with the watercooled head conversion and all that so i think I'l buy a proper marine engine for it, but I would like to use my electric starter for the aeroplane to start it cos I have had nothing but trouble with pull starts in the past. Is it possible to use electric starter on a boat ? Also I see that most boats use a flexible shaft inside metal tubing, is this the best way to go ? what do you use to lubricate the shaft ?

Basically I want to make the boat go fast and have some good fun with it, so if anyone could tell me some good tips for getting it going it would be much appreciated.

Here is the specs for the hull:

length: 88 cm (34.5 ")
width: 31.5 cm (approx 1 ft)
made of fibreglass

have a look at the attached pics and tell me what you reckon would be the best idea to get it running nicely for optimum performance. Also any info on what type of boat ir is would be great.

By the way, as I am after all the running gear for this boat if you have anything that you think would be suitable I would consider any offers to purchase bits and peices from you.

Thanks heaps everyone. Andrew.
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Dec 29, 2007, 07:50 AM
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Hi Andrew, welcome to boats
The boat you have is a FSR-V hull used for Naviga endurance racing. I do not know the manufacturer.
These hulls are designed for a sub surface propeller, rudder under the hull and trim flaps under the stern. At 88cm you are probably looking at a 3,5cc hull.
For all your needs you should contact Dave Marles at prestwich or Ian Folkson at Ians Boats.
You can find an excellent site for these boats here and lots of pictures here.
Dec 29, 2007, 09:13 PM
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thanks for the reply, so I have a hull that is capable of going quite fast ?? I have been looking at some pics and found an arrangement that looks like what you explained (attached pic), is this correct ? So for an 88cm hull what dia and pitch prop would I be looking for ? and please excuse my ignorance but do these boats have a centrifugal clutch ? and can I use my aeroplane electric starter to start the engine ? As I hate pull starts. Is the placement of the engine an fuel tank critical ? (weight distribution). Cheers, Andrew.
Dec 29, 2007, 09:57 PM
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Where are you situated? Help can come from other sources depending where you are.

Guess you didn't check the links I posted No, that is not a sub surface drive, that is a surface drive. This is the drive set up you are looking at

Setup on these boats is critical, prop angle, cg etc. As I said before, get with Ian or Dave and they should be able to help you, they have quite a few World Championships between them for this type of boat.
Dec 29, 2007, 10:48 PM
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indeed I did check out the links but didn't contact either dave or Ian, however I will. I am located in Australia, and I feel a bit guilty asking either of them for a heap of help when I cannot purchase anything from them because of freight costs and exchange rate, it's just not worth it. However I will ask and see what they say. Do you know of anyone in Australia that has similar knowledge that I could purchase from as well ? thanks, Andrew.
Dec 30, 2007, 07:50 AM
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Ok, this type of boat is not that popular in Oz I believe so you are a little on your own I would guess... Try a posting on the Australian forum for local help.

As regards asking for help from Dave or Ian you are going to be buying stuff from them (as suppliers for this type of boat aren't that common) or you will be making a lot of stuff yourself I'm afraid.

Other suppliers
Jan 06, 2008, 06:46 AM
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Hi Shappo

That hull was designed by Alan Trinder back in the 60s, I think it was called the Avenger, usually run a .40 to .46 Engine. I seen that hull in our LHS in taree, ask gary for my Ph No and i will give you all the info you need, It should be set up simular to the picture posted by w3bby, I used to run that type of hull many years ago they are a lot fun set up properly, or pm me.
John Mc Lucas.

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