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Dec 19, 2002, 06:22 PM
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How can I learn to fly an RC jet plane

I'm a begginer in flying RC airplanes and I want to learn how to fly the fastest and loudest RC jet planes. What's the best way to learn how to fly one? Will I need to buy a trainer? To you know a website about RC jetplanes.

You might want to know that I have a spinal cord injurie and can't move my legs. I move arround in a wheelchair.
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Dec 19, 2002, 06:55 PM
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First, I would buy or download an r/c simulator. Try FMS (search Google or Ezone for it) or one of the many others. Get a joystick or transmitter-style controller to familiarize yourself with the flight controls.

Get a SLOW plane first! If you are inexperienceed, you need more time to think about hairy situations and react properly. And WHEN (no, not if) you crash, the damage will be mimimal compared to a heavier (more expensive) plane.

Only fly when the conditions are good. Doesnt have to be perfect, but low winds and plenty of space. I can easily fly my GWS Tigermoth (TM here) in a small parking lot if the winds are calm. A larger plane will probably need more room.

Get an instructor if available (certainly if you get a 40-size glow trainer).

I will highly recommend a GWS Tigermoth for your first trainer. It will be easy to launch from a chair and after you have a few flights on it, you could probably land it in your lap. It flies great, its relatively cheap and good looking IMO

Keep us posted and ask questions!

Dec 19, 2002, 07:05 PM
Thread OP
As a beginner I know I will for sure need a slower one first. But I want to know how much RC jet planes cost. There models that I seen on this site are about 150$ But they have a propeler in front and I won't buy those because it looks weird. Do you know any information about the ones with electic ducted fans? I have 2 flight simulaters. One of them is called PRE-Flight. There's a plane called ME 163 comet. Is that a good jet RC model to learn on? The other flight simulater is called FMS.

To learn how to fly a jet is it possible to learn on a jet trainer?
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Dec 19, 2002, 07:54 PM
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I have a question for you first. Have you flown anything as of yet? If not i would do as far4nugn suggests and get a Tiger moth. To set yourself up with a electric DuctedFan Model you will needa good transmitter you are looking at 250 to 3hundred for that then you need a Brushless motor and a electronic speed control thats 400 for the set. then the airframe and you also need Batteries to power it and each set of 8 is going to cost close to 100 Bucks Canadian. You are looking at close to 11 hundred Bucks to get started.......BUT FIRST you need experiance on slower flying models.You know what might be a better idea is to get PUSHER Prop planes there are a few good ones that go pretty fast Like some of the ones i fly. Such as the PROJETI or the TWINJET. You can get a Projeti flying close to 100MPH if you set it up right.A 16/15/2 mega motor with 8 CP 1300 Battery cells will push that Plane close to 100MPH (in a dive) I Am alsoworking ona projeti size plane that will do over 100MPH in Level flight. We will have to wait to the new year for that though. I Alsoam in a Chair and R/C flying is one of the coolest sports around for guy`s like us. You are on pretty much equal fotting with A.B`s Keep it up and donot get discouraged. Start off with slowmodelsand withing 6 months you will be flying a Brushless powerd Projeti. As long as you have the $$ or the Smarts to build your own you can go anywhere.

Dec 19, 2002, 08:15 PM
Thread OP
A tigermoth is a slower flying model, right? I typed tigermoth in search in and this is one of them: Kyosho Tiger Moth DH82 40 ARF .40-.46,54" Is this what I should start with befor flying jets?

Kushal 22 in your profile how much did the one in your hands cost? Is it a jet and does it go fast?
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Dec 19, 2002, 09:25 PM
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Originally posted by zemuron But I want to know how much RC jet planes cost.
The depth of your wallet is the only consideration when talking about R/C jets. They can run from $200; Kyosho's FV-1000 is a good example, to $25,000+ for a multi-engine turbine (yes, in U.S. ). For an average sport scale EDF you can figure on spending about $800-$1,000; ready to launch, not including the transmitter.
I have 2 flight simulaters. One of them is called PRE-Flight. There's a plane called ME 163 comet. Is that a good jet RC model to learn on? The other flight simulater is called FMS.
I haven't used those, but would highly recommend Great Plane's RealFlight. If you have a halfway decent computer, theirs is very realistic.
To learn how to fly a jet is it possible to learn on a jet trainer?
A jet is a certain kind of airplane that needs a certain technique to fly. This technique not often acquired except as a result of experience.

As a former r/c flight instructor I would recommend getting an good instructor to teach you not only how to fly, but also to point you in the right direction as far as building, test flying models, setting up control and power systems. All of this will help you onto the road of success at a mimimal wasted expense. Then build a few sport models to work your way up in not only flight skills, but building skills.

Mis-alignment and ignorance has crashed many a jet. Or, as I like to say, TLAR usually isn't!

p.s. I think kushal_22 was talking about the GWS Tiger Moth.
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Dec 19, 2002, 10:55 PM
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Right! I think the .40 size Tiger Moth with glow engine power you found on the site is probably NOT a good plane to start with.The GWS Tiger Moth, on the other hand, is a relatively larger electric trainer with
around 48 inch span, I believe, uses very light weight foam construction and light weight battery power. The plane is under $55 US, and inspite of some of these numbers being thrown abiout, you can get a quite decent radio set up for around $90 or less, a few batteries at around $20 to $25, a charger for $35 to $40 and an electronic speed control for $25 or so.
This is definitely grocery money, but it seems to me some guys around want to tell you the highest costs possible to indicate this hobby is one THEY can afford and YOU can't.
There IS an S and B ME 262 jet model from S and B in Australia, and that foam based plane is around $75US. I think it may have a rear electric motor with a prop visible so you might not like it on that account. Actually it MAY be possible to use an Electric powered Ducted Fan unit wwith the Sand B, some of which are available from $50 US up or down, and you WOULD have your jet. A radio, again for $80 or so, a few batteries and a simple charger, etc as noted above, and you'd be in the jet world for 'WAY under some of these prices you've seen. This model is reported to be VERY durable and an excellent flyer.
NOW.......... Do I think you should START with that? NOPE!!! I think you'd have lots of trouble, even with your flight sim experience, getting your model trimmed out, etc. If you are especially handy and a quick learner, it could be done, but.... That plane is probably a better second or third plane.
What ** I ** think would be a tough and durable first plane which comes essentially ready to fly by the time you can get the included battery charged with the included charger is the Sky Scooter, COMPLETE at about $165. It has everything you need, and with some help from an experienced RC pilot, you CAN fly the danged thing!
There are those who don't think the Scooter is a good starter plane since it has the complicating factor of ailerons, but with some guidance you could do it. I was furious this summer with Hitech over my basic SkyScooter which I got in August and was trying to learn on with no help, because they came out with a poor performance folder prop and gearbox combo and mine will STILL only fly marginally on many days. HOWEVER, the package I'm recommending is the Sky Scooter Pro II, with upgraded components and I think strongly it would do the job for you! NOBODY is better to work with you, from a support and replacement approach, than Hitech. If you are having equipment problems or need guidance, Mike Mayberry at Hitech RCD is THE MAN. He will make it right.
I also think buying used is a very good option! For example, I was at the Muncie Indiana swap meet two Saturdays ago where I just missed a very nice looking Zagi, with everything ready to fly less a transmitter and a charger for ** $75.00 **. Batteries, speed control, reciever (seven channel, no less!) servos... ALL of it for $75.00! Another guy walked up while I was looking, and started asking questions, I already HAVE a pretty well beat-yp Zagi, so when I went back in a few minutes, he had bought it.
The Zagi, a flying wing which has a great glide and is very tough, is ALSO one of those planes many people have learned on. THAT plane. with some qualified help, would ALSO get you going on the way to RC flight success. And I could have got it all for $ 75.... :- (
Check out the classifieds here on the Zone, and unless you require all new stuff, I know there will be packages available. Just yesterday, for example, there was the basic Sky Scooter available for $80 shipped; a lady had gotten it for her son for Christmas, and then he decided he wanted an RC car. That particular plane, if it were like mine, could present problems being underpowered and weak in climb-out. It might NOT be that way, though and if so Hitech now has the upgraded motor/gearbox/folder prop at about $35. You'd STILL be in way cheap (the lady paid $140 at Tower Hobbies, I think it was) and it should do the job! I also got our grandsons a basic Sky Scoot in August, and THEIR plane flys fine.
Sorry for the length of this and don't get rushed into anything; take your time and look over your options carefully. Yes, you COULD spend 'way up in the thousands of dollars for a true jet turbine powered F 22 or something, but you would bury that thing in the earth in milliseconds, with possibility of killing yourself or someone else. Those planes and the guys who fly them are at the top of the food chain in RC aviation, and trust me, hardly ANY of us are ready for that level of performance. Good luck, and keep us posted! Glen Priest
Dec 19, 2002, 11:27 PM
Thread OP
In tower I searched every where under "RC airplane kits" and "RC ariplane ARF" and I can't find the pilatus pc 9/A (the one I have). And I also typed:"pilatus pc 9/A", "pilatus" in search and nothing is found. Is it in there somewhere? Can you help me find it? I want to know if it's cheaper to buy my stuff there
Dec 20, 2002, 12:54 AM
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kushal_22's Avatar
You are better to buy your "Stuff" In Canada OR From this site The Biggest reason not to buy from the states is DUTY you pay through the NOSE aircraft-world is in JAPAN but shipping costs only 2 dollars fifty cents U.S. and is here before you would get anything from Tower advice is to buy from them or if you want faster service buyfrom Great hobbies in edmonton
www.greathobbies.comThey have the GWS Tiger moth OR the sky scooter. I too would go find someone to help you learn to fly.THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST HELP YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF. That andthe cheapest you will saveTONS of money by getting someojne to teach you.You will learn faster easier and have a whole lot more fun. Now to answer your question the Wing i am holding in my avitar is Called a" Razor"
And it was Made by the company Called FMA they do not make it anymore but this is just a "Zagi" Knock off There are many companiesthat make this type of flying Wing "Wing warrior" Trick R/C Wind rider Along with MANY Others. All the Prices I quoted are NEW Prices and the Batts are BIG Battery packs made to fly EDF Jets Like glennie says you can get into R/C For alot less.Keep comming hereand asks questions on things you are interested to buy . There arePeople here that can tell you if it is something worth Buying and if you are paying too much for it or are getting a good deal. One more thing If it is the "Looks"that deter you from some of the Jet planes because theyhave a Prop think about this. Once it is up in the air and going it is darn hard to see that Prop.People stop and ask "Is that jet Powerd?" and i have to tell them No it has a Prop "NO WAY!" is the response i get alot.A Pusher Prop Is hard tosee and acts alot like a EDF Model. I too did not like the Looks of the Prop hanging outthere and i still do not like the looks of a Jet Model having the Prop out front. But in the Back? The only time you see it is when it is on the ground sitting still.

Dec 20, 2002, 01:31 AM
Thread OP
Ok I'm changing my mind. I will buy a monster truck instead called: TRX4910 T-Maxx 4WD RTR w/2.5/Radio.

There reason that I decided to buy my pilatus pc9/A is because the hobbies shop in Grand-Prairie where I bought the pilatus had only 2 or 3 kits for a gas monstertrucks and they cost more then the planes. They were about 400$ with no motor and radio. Plus the ones he had didn't look cool. So I dicided to go for the pilatus that cost 240$. But know I just realized that I can order online with more choices of kits. I want gas and not electric because I like big, powerful, fast and loud!!!lol Some information on the monstertruck I want is here:

Kushal 22 said that it would be better to buy at: in edmonton instead of because I will get faster service and it's cheaper. BTW where's towerhobbie?

But I'm wondering if I can order somewhere that is even closer to where I live to get the truck even cheaper. In Grand-Prairie this is where the shop is when I bought the pilatus. But how can I know for sure if there's is a way of ordering in that city(Grand-Prairie)?

Other reasons that I want to buy a monster truck.

It's smaller and can fit on my lap.
Wind is not a problem
I will need to buy lots of airplanes befor I can get to a fast and loud airplane. (with monster truck 1 is enough)
Learning to drive a monster truck is not that hard. I only have to ease off the trottle.

Some of you guys said it might be less rewarding but I'm 20 years old and I can alwas change to a airplane when I'm older
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Dec 20, 2002, 04:43 AM
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A couple words of advice.

I was 20 14 years back and was just comming out of the hospital/ rehabe centerand had a pocket full of cash and wanted things yesterday. It is MUCH MUCH Better to wait a couple of days and get what you want. Instead of finding something that is right there that you will settle for. Also do not Rush out and buy what "Looks" good. You made a GREAT first step by comming here and asking questions on Which Airplane was the best. DO THE SAME OVER IN THE R/C CARS.Go there ask the guys what is best for you as a begginer. They will not steer you wrong(No pun intended) Both ways you are going to spend some $$.

You are right Trucks and cars are harder to break.....but on the other hand they are less thrilling and if you are looking for a adrenalin rush (What guy in a chair ain`t?) I am sorry to say R/C cars are just not going to do it for you. This is from my own personal experiance. .....if R/C Cars and Trucks are the way you REALLY want to go Don`t let what i say stop you. Make SURE it is though as it`s one or the other. Each one is expensive and unless you get more than me ($45 hundred a month) ONE is all you are going to be able to afford......Thats Take home pay NOT what i spend each month on this Sport. I WISH it was 4500 a month. I too would be into Turbin Jets. R/C Trucks Will be fun..for awhile But i really think if you go for the Trucks after awhile you will be looking for something MORE .

BTW Towwerhobies is in the States greathobbies is in Canada (As if you didn`t know where Edmonton was LOL!) AnywaysWhatever one you decide on TAKE YOUR TIME do some research andyou will be Far far Better off because of it. When i say take your time I mean a week or two. Talk to the "experts" in that area. and go from there.

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Dec 20, 2002, 06:56 PM
I agree with kushal. I started out in airplanes about 10 years ago - I was only 20 yrs old at the time. I realized (thought) that it was too expensive at the time (though very fun) - because I didn't make very much money. So, I started racing R/C cars and trucks (by the way you will be very happy with your T-Maxx), then after a few years of doing that, I began to get bored with it (I still keep a monster truck, but aircraft were still calling out to me). I also reallized I'd been spending more money (trying to be competitive - you can play for cheap) than I had been with aircraft. So I switched back to aircraft. You can go whichever way suits your fancy. I loved the cars, but I love aircraft more. You will spend the same amount on either if you love R/C - which is usually whatever is left over after the bills are paid , but if your on a limited budget, you really need to decide which you like best and stick with it.

Get a high wing trainer type aircraft to start, get some airtime on it, then work your way within a couple models to a low-wing sport or pattern plane, and you will be ready for jets. pick something that is tried and true for your first jet, and get lots of advise from the guys on here and dismiss the ones who try to talk you out of it. Be sure and get plenty of help by joining a local club, making a few new friends, and having someone there to help you retrieve a crashed/misslanded model (it will happen - even with your truck).

Good luck on your new hobby.
Dec 20, 2002, 11:55 PM

be carefull on your decision

I'm 28 and have haven't flown or build any planes for nearly 13 years now and I'm just getting back into it. I've been racing 1/10 Scale Touring Cars competitively, both Nitro and Electric for over 3 years now and it's nothing compared to the rush of flying an airplane, even the slow ones. (at least for me anyway).

I know some of the guys that have been spoiled with some of the faster models (like me), tend to forget how much fun even the slow ones are.

"I still take out my trainer every so often, shhhh"

Good Luck!

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